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Free Hugs Campaign

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free-hugsI SO want to do this! What do you think would happen if I do this in the middle of Chinatown on a busy day in San Francisco? Free Hugs anyone?



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I am so in for hugging it

I am so in for hugging it out. Just name the day!

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Ah, you're sweet. WHEW! (But

Ah, you're sweet. WHEW! (But I have a feeling I AM that out of the loop. And I know for a fact that, Sarah, the Guru of New, is in fact that IN!) But thanks for saying so, Melissa!

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Actually, you're not THAT out

Actually, you're not THAT out of the loop... Sarah is just way IN! I didn't know about it either. I just looked it up!

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This is for real? A real live

This is for real? A real live Free Hugs foundation? How Pink is that! (You can see I've been out of the loop. I was too busy being a doctor and then I had to go to my cave for a few years, so I'm reemerging these days with WIDE EYES!)

Thank you, Melissa. For opening those eyes. And thank you Sarah for the Stand By Me Music Project rec. Just looked it up and will post it soon (in case anyone else was in their cave and missed it too!)

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If you go to

If you go to www.freehugscampaign.org, you can register to be notified when they have an event in your area!

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Free Hugs is one of my

Free Hugs is one of my favorite oldies-but-goodies in the world of viral videos. It launched so many other feel-good videos -- Christian the Lion, the Stand By Me Music Project. Whenever I need a lift, I go click!

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I know! Isn't it the

I know! Isn't it the sweetest. Totally makes me want to do it. What do you think?

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LOOOOOVE this! Shared it on

LOOOOOVE this! Shared it on my facebook page!

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