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Mojo Where You Least Expect It

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photo-1Greetings Pinkies!

So now that you’ve committed to Owning Pink, surely you’re piling things onto your itinerary in the coming days and months that will help you Own your Health, your Spirituality, your Creativity, etc. You’ve scheduled doctor’s appointments, signed up for a meditation retreat, you’re answering the three questions in your journal, and you’ve sent out the call to your Pink Posse to gather for a Mojo Monday assignment. (Okay, so maybe that’s a bit ambitious. I don’t want mojo to be yet another thing to add to your To Do list. But I hope you’re at least marinating on the whole idea.) There’s no better way to get your mojo back than to make some firm dates with your inner Pinkie. While you may be determined and eager not to stray from the path to mojo, what about those moments where we’re grabbed by something that’s not on the agenda, but nonetheless speaks directly to your Pink Goddess?

This Memorial Day weekend, I experienced just such a moment. I was off to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco with my family to re-stock on lots of leafy goodness to turn into green juice. At least, that was the plan. On our way into the market, out of the corner of my eye, I saw … this guy. I was intrigued, to say the least, and had to find out more.

Enter Zach Houston

Zach Houston, local street artist and proprietor of “The Poem Store,” will take whatever topic catches your fancy and spin it into a prolific poem on his old-fashioned, powder-blue typewriter, right there where you stand (street corner, art gallery, farmer’s market … wherever he happens to be). And stand I did, for almost an hour, enthralled and fascinated. A whole queue of people waited for Zach to immortalize them with his inspired verse. The farmer’s market and all my good intentions to Own Health were momentarily put on the back burner.

When it was our turn to have Zach paint our poetic portrait, my daughter Siena requested the curious topic, “60 Pages.” I, of course, wanted a poem about Mojo. It was no problem for Zach to accommodate both of our requests into one gorgeous Pink poem:

Here’s the poem Zach wrote:


sixty pages of making mojo later
skin and all content will Siena
while your incantation & name
might maybe mean read the all
bell clock gesture of she
the little pink three
year old back pack
has her more jo
no coffee but
when asked
how old
she is
she answers

How cool is that? After gratefully receiving the masterpiece and chatting a bit with Zach (and promising to give him a shout out on Owning Pink!), my husband alerted me to the fact that we had approximately three minutes left on the parking meter, and if we still wanted some veggies to juice, we had to hustle! I raced through the farmer’s market loading up with kale, sprouts, and nettles, spending just a fraction of the time I had set aside for what I thought would have been the central and inspired activity for the day.

Be Willing to Change Your Agenda

Turns out, though, the inspiration I was in search of didn’t live at the main event. Not this time. Just outside, Zach and the people who would become the subjects of his poetry filled me with a sense of fascination, inspiration, community, and zeal that I’d gone to the farmer’s market to experience. And so, while my body is being fed with delicious green juice this week, my spirit and muse will also be nourished and delighted by this strange and spontaneous encounter.

The lesson? Keep your eyes and minds open, Pinkies! You know what they say about best laid plans. When you walk out your door, intend to experience the essence of Pink and know that there are a number of different ways Pink might happen to you – some might be unexpected, and even odd. Perhaps on your way to a writing retreat in the woods, you get a flat tire where there’s no cell phone reception. Ugh, SO not the plan, right? Well, what if the person who ends up giving you a ride to the service station happens to be a local farmer who tells you about how you can grow organic produce in your back yard? What if it’s a shaman who does vision quests? Look for the Pink in the situation, and follow your intuition. As long as you set out to Own Pink through inspiration, creativity, connection, and celebration, there are no wrong turns along the path. It’s wonderful to have an intention to start out the day or week, but don’t forget how enriching the surprises can be too.

With unexpected waves of Pink Inspiration,



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Ooohh-- yoni. Yes. But I

Ooohh-- yoni. Yes. But I don't quite know what to do with men sometimes! I'm so surrounded by women-between my gynecology practice, my women's workshops, and Owning Pink, that I get a little tongue-tied around them! Thank JABA for Matt, who keeps me grounded. And you know, Melissa, if you open your eyes wide, you might find the most beautiful inspiration even in the most conservative of places....(not that you aren't now, but I tell you. It's all about your perspective. You could be the girl who starts writing poetry on a street corner!)

Melissa Derbyshire's picture

That's such a great

That's such a great encounter! It's stories like this that make me wish I lived somewhere other than the suburbs of an extremely conservative city. But, I must count my blessings!

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Lissa--oh yes, I am sure the

Lissa--oh yes, I am sure the uniqueness of having him create for you while you were standing there was awesome. I'm surprised you didn't ask him to write a poem about Yoni! LOL!

Lissa Rankin's picture

What a brilliant idea! I'll

What a brilliant idea! I'll pass it on to Zach. Although I have to say that there was a beauty to standing in line and watching him create, spur of the moment, from his little blue clickety-clack typewriter.

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Oh cool, I liked this. Zach

Oh cool, I liked this. Zach should start a website where people can give him the poem topic and he can create them online.

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Kittie, I just love your

Kittie, I just love your story! Makes me miss Florida and my childhood canoe days. Good for you. Sounds like a mojo moment to me :)

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So my pink moment was

So my pink moment was yesterday as well when my plans changed on a dime. There I was hanging the sheets on the line when I stopped to notice the awesome weather; lack of rain (we've been getting dumped on for over a week) and thought it would be a great day to go canoeing with Scott. So I went back inside; suggested we do exactly that. He agreed that we should take advantage of the weather; go canoeing on the Econolockahatchee River which was beautiful. Had a fabulous time, got exercise, time with my honey, nature, plus we managed to get in out of the water with canoe on van before the first rain drops started falling:-) Went from there to delicious bbq & ate back most of the calories I'd burnt going canoeing. Okay, yes I should have been doing housework, not to mention getting the sheets off the line before the rain hit, but we had such a wonderful time. It was soooo relaxing that I can't regret a minute of it. Also got to be creative and take some wonderful nature photos. A win win in my book!!

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