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Owning Your Intuition: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Voice of Truth

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pink magic 8 ballI wrote this post a few months back and completely forgot about it! Since I've been writing about my first real intuitive reading with Mojo Mentor intuitive Caroline Bobart, I thought of this old post and dug it out. Caroline have chatted about my thoughts, and I have a whole new feeling about what it means to be intuitive. But I thought I'd lead into my story about my Pink intuitive reading by sharing with you a few thoughts about intuition.

Recently, I met with a group to discuss the topic of intuition, and we all brought something to share related to intuition. Looking for something to bring to our gathering, I walked around my house, waiting for my intuition to guide me. What did I pick up? The Magic 8 Ball I bought my husband as a joke for his 40th birthday. Who needs intuition when you have a Magic 8 Ball?

Laughing at my goofy choice, I decided to ask my Magic 8 Ball a question. “Will I get a publisher for my next book?” Spinning the 8 ball around, I flipped it over and looked for the answer. Would I get “You may rely on it” or “Outlook not so good?” What I discovered, to my chagrin, was an unreadable Magic 8 Ball. Somehow, my 8 ball was broken and the answer was muddy, as if the blue liquid inside had darkened, making the answers indecipherable. Was it a sign? Did that mean NO, that my next book wouldn’t be published?

I had to giggle at myself. Here I was, having this whole conversation with a plastic object filled with murky blue liquid, when I could simply ask my own intuition. Made me think back to a free 15 minute session I had a while back with a business intuitive (a psychic who claims to help your business). She asked me to pose a few questions about my business ventures, so I posed three questions:

1) Should I launch Owning Pink?

2) Should I move to Marin County?

3) Should I join Clear Center of Health?

I had been muddling through all three decisions, feeling indecisive, uncertain, and fearful, so the idea of having a psychic tell me what to do appealed me, in spite of the skeptic within me. When we spoke, she told me, in no uncertain terms, that the spirit guides said I should not move to Marin, I should not join Clear Center, and that Owning Pink was merely a pet project not worthy of my energy right now.

I laughed, because in the moment she said those words, my own intuition screamed at me loud and clear. “NO! She’s WRONG! Don’t listen to her!”

What did I do? I launched Owning Pink, moved to Marin, and joined Clear Center of Health. So why did I even ask for her psychic guidance? Because I didn’t trust my own intuition until my intuition felt threatened and became crystal clear, shining the light on the path I knew I was meant to take.

Not to diss psychics...

I don’t mean to diminish intuitives or psychics. I believe many of them are extremely gifted, not only because they pick up on subtle energies, vibrations, and signals, but because they know how to turn the mirror on us, so we can better hear the voice of our own intuition. But I think, ultimately, you can’t look too far outside yourself for the answers. Nobody’s intuition will ever be better than your own.

Looking back at my object, I smiled. Who needs a functioning Magic 8 Ball? I put down the 8 ball and asked my question again. Will a publisher buy my book? My intuition says, “Yes, definitely.” And that’s good enough for me.

Someone told me recently that the best way to get in touch with your intuition when you’re trying to make a difficult decision is to flip a coin. Ask your question- “Should I go to Hawaii to take this workshop or not?” Then pick- yes is heads, no is tails. Call it. As the coin is up in the air, before it lands, you will know your answer. You will find yourself wishing for a heads or a tail. And then you will know. That’s your authentic self, your deep intuition speaking up. So listen hard. YOU always know the answer, deep within you.

Trying to make a tough decision? How do you find your answers, Pinkies? Do tell…

Living life intuitively,


Follow up: Since I wrote this post, I've somehow attracted intuitives to Owning Pink like bees to honey. I'm still learning what that means, as I learn more and more how intuitive I really am. In the past, I admit to being skeptical of intuitives- and my one and only experience interacting with someone claiming to be psychic merely affirmed my skepticism. But I'm becoming a big believer. Every day, I'm interacting with incredible people with amazing gifts. I'll be posting about my amazingly life-changing reading with Caroline soon, so stay tuned.

Have you experienced magical insights with clairvoyants, intuitives, or psychics? Please share your experiences...


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I love the flipping of the

I love the flipping of the coin idea. Years ago a good friend of mine was trying to decide between 2 men. She literally flipped a coin to decide. I have a feeling she knew before the coin landed. :-)

Love all the comments as well.

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Lissa: I'm glad you enjoyed


I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Our intuition is so very powerful, and I'm learning more everyday with the assistance of my friend Susan who's a very gifted intuitive. As for my spiritual thriller, it was gifted to my as a movie that I saw in my head and all I had to do was record it happening. (Of course finding the right words to express what I saw was the hardest part.) The Great Awakening will be officially released on January 18th, and until then I can only sell it from my website or in person. So far I'm grateful that readers are loving it.

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Thank you for sharing, Lynn.

Thank you for sharing, Lynn. Amazing story! Best of luck with your book!

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I have a very dear friend

I have a very dear friend Susan who as the result of a plane crash that she barely survived during a trip from the US to Calcutta, India, can now clearly see people’s auras and elevated beings such as angels. She has truly helped me grow my own intuitive skills and told me that I was highly intuitive as she could see it in my aura. She also talked me into doing classes with her.)

Teaching classes with Susan has been a great gift and learning experience for me. This past weekend while working with other intuitive teachers at the Unity by The Sea Church at Gleneden Beach, Oregon, we all provided each other some amazing intuitive insights. We also discovered that while I was moving my hands through the air while performing Reiki, that diving rods would follow my hand movements, or track the energy. This was truly amazing. We made even a more amazing discovery which I have posted on my blog: http://bit.ly/1fASt

Lynn Pierson is the author of the spiritual thriller "The Great Awakening" a reviewer described as "The Da Vinci Code" meets "A Course in Miracles. http://www.thegreatawakeningsaga.com

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SunflowerJ! Thank you so


Thank you so much for the comment about confusion.

To be honest, one of my spiritual teachers taught me that confusion is just a form of resistance - a choice. I didn't totally get what she meant. But that was it!! It's a choosing not to just trust yourself. (And here I am talking about trust! Clearly I need to work on it some more!)

If we take our own intuition to be true, we don't need to be confused about how to follow it and still fit into a 'should'.

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I have recently become more

I have recently become more comfortable with listening to my intuitive self. I think sometimes, when our intuition tells us things that are contrary to what society would dictate or what we think our parents, family, friends would agree with, we act confused when there is no confusion at all!

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Ain't that the truth, Coach

Ain't that the truth, Coach E! Hell YEAH indeed! Thanks for chiming in. What you say about taking care of ourselves is so important. How can hear our intuitive voice if we're wiped out, depressed, swamped, or wasted? We must be clear...

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Love this conversation! If we

Love this conversation! If we all listened to our intuition more, we would make better, clearer choices that are aligned with our authentic selves!

I think when we are in tune with our bodies, we are able to receive our intuitive hits more clearly. When I exercise, sleep well, eat right, take breaks, etc, I am so clear! The intuition just flows in.

One of my favorite spritual teachers, Esther Hicks channeling Abraham says "If it's not a HELL YES, then it's a HELL NO!"


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Wow! I'm overwhelmed by this

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by this outpouring of intuitive wisdom and guidance! It's bizarre, but Owning Pink seems to be attracting intuitives like a magnet. Never in my life have I met a professional intuitive in person, yet I'm met at least a dozen of you since launching Owning Pink in April (against the intuitive guidance of my psychic!) What's with that?

Jean, what you say resonates so deeply with me. That makes perfect sense to me, and having met you in person, I guess I feel even more that what you see is true for me as well. Having you around felt like it opened up my own intuition, which is amazing.

And Colleen- I love what you say about the book. These things are happening more and more to me these days. I'll tell my husband, "I just feel like I"m supposed to (fill in the blank)." He's quit questioning me, because later in the day it will become apparent why I felt the need to do (fill in the blank.)

And Deirdre, Lak'ech.A Lak'en back atcha, sister! Thank you for bringing your intuitive wisdom to our discussion here. Lots of love to you all, Lissa

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Hi Dearest Pinkies and Lissa,

Hi Dearest Pinkies and Lissa,

It doesn't feel so much as an intuitive as that is a natural extension and expression, rather its more that I'm a spiritual cheer coach for my clients with my natural Sagittarius rising, with the deep inner probing of my Scorpio sun, tempered with the nurturing and compassion of my moon child/cancer moon.

This forum topic is sooo speaking to my heart! xoxo

When I began my psychic intuitive practice yrs ago, it was by an amazing Pay-It-Forward experience - one woman called me back and told me she gave a car to a friend for her PIF. Wow, right?! Since then, my fears have evolved around asking for a Fair Energy Exchange (FEE) which were tied into whether I held any value for myself within.

How do we really value ourselves? Is it wrapped around judgements?

Truly, when we open to our TRUTH inside and allow it to blossom, even if we feel fear around it, trusting that we are doing our divine work/being our divine self/in the flow, we then honor the true I AM within.

Pain comes when we go into judgement and fear, self-denial, inner dialogue/negative self talk, etc.

As an holistic practitioner I see everything as my mirror. Do I like what I see? Hmmm, if not, then I have something to look at within, process, love & let free. If I do? What then? Then we are seeing the GOLDEN part of ourselves in others.

Pinkie Lissa, I honor the me in you and the you in me. In Lak'ech ... A Lak'en! (*MAYAN: "You are another myself and I Am you")

And thanks for creating sacred PINK space for us all to share in love and oneness.

Blessings and Namaste,


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LOL! You must have asked to

LOL! You must have asked to learn about intuition and to challenge your skepticism, Lissa.

I agree with Erin that we're all intuitive and that some are just more in tune than others. We're our own best teachers, though, so developing our intuitive abilities can only be helpful.

From my experience as someone who has just put our my shingle as a professional intuitive, I know that it has a lot to do with trusting yourself. For example, when the idea to take a book from my shelf and put it in my purse pops into my head, I've learned to do it. Because I'm going to run into someone who needs it when I go out.

Trust and you shall uncover your intuitive gifts! Man! So many gifts in one person. You're a powerhouse, girl!

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Hi fellow Pinkies, Only now

Hi fellow Pinkies, Only now have I had a moment to jump on the Intuitive Band Wagon!!! I can hear the music, can't you??!!!

Great post Lissa! Here's my 2 cents worth....... I do believe we are all intuitive and it may come to each of us in different ways. For example, my main way is seeing or clairvoyance. Other ways of following intuition may come in the form of hearing or feeling or just a knowing sense. When we can let go of the self-imposed barriers that we have constructed over time, our deepest, intuitive selves will shine. It's that going to the "gut" or the core for your answers and guidance. Does it take practice? Absolutely, though the more that you trust what you're getting, the stronger it will be.

It's an amazing gift we have been given. What I do is really work with the people to help them "see" or "feel" the feelings and emotions and really trust that.

So when you had that reading with that psychic, you knew deep in your "gut" that was not a deal! Right? That is tapping in and "feeling" your answer or the truth that was deep in your core. It's amazing what will be shown to us when we just take the time to be with ourselves---our true higher selves!! It's Divine!

Yes, I see your door is opening wider everyday!! YAY. You've got amazing teachers and guides with you, as does every other man and woman here. Feel their love and TRUST!

All my love to each of you. You are all such bright shiny stars in this amazing Universe. Thank you.

Peace, Jean Kowalski

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What I love about what you

What I love about what you said Alexandra is "My clients value being part of an intuitive team." I think that's key. And how lovely to have two heads to sort things out! Sometimes it's so tempting to seek out a fortune teller who will tell me whether what I believe is true will happen. But then, when it comes right down to it, I realize my belief is often so strong that if someone else thinks differently, I don't want to hear it. It might just discourage me from following my dream!

Alexandra's picture

As a professional fortune

As a professional fortune teller, I agree that trusting one's own gut is key, above all else, even me! However, my clients also value being part of an intuitive team with me, in order to use two heads to tell the difference between a good hunch to follow and wishful thinking!

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Thank you Erin- and thank you

Thank you Erin- and thank you for sharing your gift with us! If you haven't figured it out already, this is a pretty safe community in which to share things you're not used to talking about. We have a kick ass group of women and men who support each other as we get to know who we are and step into our power, in all its many forms. If you haven't already, please join us www.owningpink.com/forum, where disclosure, secrets, and unconditional love are common.

Thank you again for your thoughts on intuition!

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I think we're all intuitives,

I think we're all intuitives, it's just that some of us have tuned in (consciously or not) to it more than others. For the record, I am one of the tuned out people, but I'm working on relaxing and allowing my mind to notice more. I think I'm afraid, truth be told. I recently became a certified Spiritual Response practioner, but besides doing clearings for my friends who I know believe in that sort of thing, I have kept it entirely to myself. Seriously, this is the first I've mentioned it and I kind of can't believe I'm doing it here on the internet. You connect with your High Self using a pendulum to answer your questions (though future prediction is not the kind of thing I do. It's about finding pain and illness you're carrying around and clearing it so that you can heal). But anyway, I was reminded of it because it's similar to your penny flip technique and when I'm in the zone, I know the answer before the pendulum points to it.

Anyway, great post!

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Oh, and to all your

Oh, and to all your intuitives out there (I know you're there...there seem to be so many of you lately!) Chime in, please! We'd love to hear what your intuitive sense has to say about intuition!

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Thanks Pinkies! See, so many

Thanks Pinkies! See, so many natural intuitives out there! What seemed so odd about the business intuitive is that I felt absolutely no connection, so to have this stranger who didn't seem like she got me at all telling what I "should" and "shouldn't" do felt so bizarre, so foreign. When I spoke to Caroline the other day, none of that happened. She was so- I don't know- intuitive.

Other Pinkie intuitives like Jean Kowalski and Elisabeth Manning and Tara Sutphen and Elizabeth Rose Raphael and Fred Kraziese have mirrored my experience with Caroline, in that they just seemed to know how I was feeling/doing/what I was needing. But it's not like they were trying to predict my future in some fortune cookie/crystal ball sort of way. As a long-time skeptic of psychics, I think I'm a convert (in the right trusted hands).

But most of all, I believe we are all intuitive when it comes to our own lives. When I look back at my life, I realize how often my "gut" spoke to me and how frequently I ignored it because it didn't tell me what I wanted to hear (like, uh, "Don't marry that guy!" as you're walking down the aisle in a white dress...not something you quite want to hear...)

So listen up, Pinkies. Good stuff in that gut...

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Lissa, Awesome post, as


Awesome post, as always. The Coin Flip idea is BRILLIANT! Wish I had been told that sooner. I am also throttled forward to create a conversation with Caroline. I am always craving life altering conversations. :)

Thanks Megan

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I love this post. It made me

I love this post. It made me laugh (w/ appreciation). I get aural info in my left ear, pictures that suggest energy or what someone wants to be perceived as (e.g., a friend's man wanted me to see him looking like Johnny Depp, so much so when I saw his actual picture, it didn't jibe for me to the point of confusion! `"}} ), and then there's my...straight up street smarts. So-called, because no matter where we "live" we all know, don't we? We just have to learn how to be quiet long enough to listen to how it comes to us individually. Love this post.

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That coin toss thing reminded

That coin toss thing reminded me of the Friends episode where Rachel takes the pregnancy test and Phoebe tells her it's negative. Rachel's reaction is to frown and start to cry. Then Phoebe tells her the truth that it's positive and by her own reaction Rachel has realized she really wants to be pregnant. I always loved that episode.

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My intuitive voice comes from

My intuitive voice comes from deep down in my gut. I know when she's speaking, I can feel the place a little under my sternum. I'm slowly learning to trust that voice.

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As a natural born

As a natural born intuitive/medium and other "gifts of the spirit" that come to me thru my family line.. i had to learn to trust mine as well because i was always questioning..i'm 46 and have "come out of the closet" so to speak to the family and boy has that uber religious bunch turned nasty sometimes. My brother thinks i spend all day on the phone with dead ppl! But i am finding the more i rely on intuition/spirit to guide me the happier i am, and more at peace with decisions. Last night was premiere of my online radio show..i had a ball and it came as natural as waking up. its volunteer not paid but who cares i'm spreading the love, laughter and my mojo giver.. MUSIC! i even sent another demo to another station..hmmm lol. i may end up with more than 2 shows a week on the internet radio system. but music is what drives me and my "gut" tells me to always have it on, near me and singing as loud as i can even if i'm outta tune! I also am told to journal daily, whenever i have something that comes up, and needs to come out and making myself an empty cup so to speak, i'm getting more coming in! just wanted to share that on the intuitive front!

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