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A Feng Shui Perspective on the Autumn Equinox

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Hey Pinkies,
Happy first day of autumn! Here to bless us in the new season is Terumi Leinow, Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant, with some ideas of how we might honor the changing of the seasons. Big pink thanks and love to Terumi!


Happy Autumn Equinox! September 22 is when we officially change seasons. In Feng Shui we shift from the Fire element to Metal. This season is called TUI – Children/Creativity and CHIEN – Helpful People. As Metal is the most condensed of the wood, fire, earth, water elements, it symbolizes our ability to manifest and create. Harvest time.

Last week I enjoyed a few days at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, near Carmel Valley. One year ago, five brave monks stayed behind to engage with the raging forest fires that ravished 162,818 acres of mountainside. The fires came at them from every direction. And each did their “practice” of staying centered in the midst of 30- to 40-foot flames! Thanks to these courageous souls, the Center was saved. It was astonishing to see the resilience of nature. Abundant green growth around the base of scarred, blackened trees. Apparently, wild flowers not seen for some time, carpeted the landscape in early spring.

Tassajara stands as a grand metaphor for the world today. Financial collapse, chaos, unemployment at an all time high. Not one of us has escaped the rippling effects of the devastation around us. TUI calls us to draw on our inner strength and resources to create the life and business we desire. CHIEN, or helpful people, are available to assist.

TUI – Children/Creativity

Mornings at Tassajara began with vigorous wake-up bells ringing at 5:20 a.m. Then at intervals the Gong of the Temple Bells began. In the Zendo (meditation hall) the periodic gong or bell ringing continued throughout the silent meditation period and Morning Service. The striking of “metal” in this time of Tui says, “wake up” “stay alert” “focus on your breath” “come back to your center”.

What activities, negative thought habits keep you asleep? What practices can you activate to help you “wake up – stay alert”? How centered are you within yourself? (Martial arts once helped me learn about staying centered – 110 lb. me, facing a line of attacking 200 lb. black belt men! Fear was a great motivator. Now, however, I prefer to find my center by steeping myself in the practice of feeling gratitude and appreciation!)

Keep clearing clutter – including in your car and trunk. If Tui, Creativity is not flowing in your life, remember that clutter is stuck energy and every part of your home and business reflects an aspect of your life.

CHIEN – Helpful People

During Tassajara morning service, we chanted the names of Ancestors. I have no doubt the Ancestors of this monastery, Helpful People, guided the monks who braved the fires last year.

Remember to keep “asking for help” whether from your business network, community, friends or from the invisible realm of Ancestor, Source Energy.


How do we stay centered and calm no matter what is raging on around us?

Celebrate and Dance to activate “joy” the emotion associated with TUI

There are many opportunities during this season to celebrate. Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving Day. The United Nations has designated September 20-21 as the International Day of Peace. “A day to strengthen the ideals of peace within and among all nations and people”. And how appropriate the theme of Earthdance, September 26 is “Blessing the Children” when “events around the world focus on causes to support children”

Remember that Feng Shui is less about static furniture placement. Rather, Feng Shui is a masterful approach to managing our own personal energy in ways that support each of us to live the life we desire and deserve, with elegance and ease. Please contact me for a consultation if you need help.

“Every cell in your body has a direct relationship with Creative Life Force, and each cell is independently responding. When you feel joy, all the circuits are open and the Life Force or God Force can be fully received. When you feel guilt or blame or fear or anger, the circuits are hindered and the Life Force cannot flow as effectively. Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible. The cells know what to do. They are summoning the Energy.” -- Abraham

Terumi-pic10Pink Blessings of the Season,




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Amen, sisters!

Amen, sisters!

Michelle Gannon's picture

I love matchmaking friends!

I love matchmaking friends! And Twitter is such a wonderful way to do so. Glad to introduce Diana Daffner (Tantric Sex Guru) to Lissa Rankin (Mojo Guru). We all have so much in common! Michelle xo

Lissa Rankin's picture

Thank you for stopping by,

Thank you for stopping by, Diana! I was just hunting today for someone experienced in Tantric sexuality who could help me with my book! And then BOOM. Here you are. The Universe works in mysterious ways, eh?

And wow- wouldn't we all love to hear your Pink Tassajara story! (i know you've got my interest piqued!)

Big love to you, Diana. Lovely to have you among us. xoxo

Diana Daffner, Author, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples's picture

Feng Shui, Tassajara, both

Feng Shui, Tassajara, both topics/places dear to my heart. I once got my mojo back at Tassajara (now THAT's a pink story).

Looks like an interesting site you have here.. and Lissa, I love your upcoming book title!

Lissa Rankin's picture

Lindi, how GORGEOUS! Terumi

Lindi, how GORGEOUS! Terumi and I just met and I instantly knew that this was what we were supposed to post today. I guess it was for you, love! Thank you Universe!

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I've been clearing clutter

I've been clearing clutter since early this morning and baking bread from The Tassajara Bread Book by Edward Espe Brown in an attempt to bring myself back to center. When I started to read this article just now and saw Tassajara, I almost fell from my chair. I love how the universe lets us know we're on track. Thank you Terumi, I truly enjoyed your thoughts.

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