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Taking Time To Tune Out

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IMG_0537Hiya Pinkies,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm heading to Big Sur this weekend for an internet-free, kid-free holiday weekend. Pink Goddesses Joy and Megan will be running the Pink show for me while I'm gone, and I know the rest of you will maintain the sacred space, as you always do.

It got me thinking. I have been so remiss at taking time for myself while I've been writing my book. That December 1 deadline looms ever-large, so it's tempting to stick my nose to the grindstone and plug away endlessly. After all, if I keep doing and efforting, more will get done, right?

My husband thinks differently. When we lived in Monterey, he used to prescribe a day at Esalen in Big Sur at least once a month. The day would come unplanned, and he would tell me, “It’s time.” I never quite knew if that was a sign that I had become cranky, or if he was secretly asking for some time to himself. But I always took his advice. He swears that I always returned from those days to myself more grounded, more creative, more patient, more invigorated. In essence, a day to myself made me, paradoxically, more efficient, as well as more joyful. It’s as if unplugging recharged me.

But I have been remiss of late. With my book deadline fast approaching, I could fall into a state of anxious inattention. I could pull all-nighters and burn the midnight oil. I could ruminate in self-doubt, sleepless nights, and sheer terror at how much I’m going to be putting myself out there with this book (seriously, Pinkies- you will know more about me and my coochie than you may ever wish to know).

But no. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to turn off for three days and let Big Sur nurture me. I will sit among the redwoods, gaze at the fog creeping in between the ocean cliffs, and watch the condors circling overhead. I will make love with my honey, sip wine on a park bench at sunset, and soak my body in the warm natural hot springs of Mama Earth at Esalen. I will write, only if the spirit calls, and I will meditate. I will laugh with old friends and commune with old trees. I will pray for guidance from the Universe. I will seek answers but live the question. I will rest.

Monday, when I return, I will tackle my manuscript with renewed vigor, bringing to it all that bubbles up for me this weekend. My book will flow more freely as a result of the break I will take. The work that awaits me ain’t going nowhere. It will be right here, waiting for me, when I return, refreshed.

What about you, Pinkies? Do you trust that you can do more by giving yourself a chance to do less from time to time? Can you have faith in the gentle process that invites you to check in with yourself, even when life gets busy? Can you turn off to turn on? I know you can.

Until Monday, Pinkies, ta ta! I love you!

Pushing the reset button with love,



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Leslee, hooray. What a

Leslee, hooray. What a powerful thing to recognize -- your highest self clearly has some things to say on the topic. There is so much power in simply stating the intention, and you have. Continue to take good care of yourself and give you what you need.

Laura, I am totally with you. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend experiment! I'm envisioning a bunch of posse blog postings on "giving ourselves a break." Hmmm ...

Love and thanks to you both ... Joy

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I always think I can do more

I always think I can do more by pushing, pushing, pushing...but it never seems to really change things (I do get things done, but it isn't healthy to have that attitude, at least for me!) - I'm going to try doing less this weekend and see what happens. Maybe it will focus my energy a bit more when I do need to get things done! Enjoy your time!!

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This brought me to tears,

This brought me to tears, which lets me know I need some time like this myself. We're at least spending Thanksgiving in Savannah...

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Ahhh, I was nodding and

Ahhh, I was nodding and tearing up through this entire thing -- especially the images of the condors flying overhead as you soak in the Esalen tubs. Delicious.

It is very true -- many people(myself included) feel such a strong urge to plug away nonstop, as if that's going to make the stress go away, or chop down the to-do list. However, I think that the more we fuel the fire, the stronger it will burn.

I'm actually finding myself in this very moment needing to take my own advice - in the face of having potentially over committed myself to too many projects the other night, I've been working nonstop for the last 36 hours, telling my friends that I'm "grounded until Christmas." Yowch.

Moments to stop, sit, and allow the life we have created to unfold all around us, to take a break from impacting the world and just watching it with awe, is so very necessary. Thank you for this reminder and have a beautiful weekend. xoxo

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