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Mojo Monday: Start Again in 2010 with a Vision Board

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Leslee Horner's Vision Board for 2009


Towards the end of 2008, I had a realization that despite all my spiritual growth there were still some major pieces missing from my puzzle. And as 2009 approached I wanted change in my life. I’d read and watched The Secret and was well aware of vision boards and their power. I’d made one of my own but the process in which I created it lacked the love and intention necessary for magic to happen. When my friend, life coach Elizabeth Barbour, told me about her New Year’s day retreat called “Design a Divine 2009”, in which the day would center around creating vision boards, I signed up immediately.


It turned out to be an amazing way to start the year. The weeks leading up to the workshop I spent thinking about what I wanted to manifest in my life. First and foremost was love. I’d come to believe that my heart was closed and I wanted something to open it. I wanted to reconnect with my husband and once again experience the passion that had faded since we entered parenthood. Next I thought about my career goals. I wanted to spend my days writing and building on my abilities in that regard.


On the day of the workshop we began with meditation. Afterward we were instructed to look through magazines and choose pictures that would represent our desires in 2009. We were also told to be open to the pictures that would choose us. After an hour or so of picture hunting, I began to construct my vision board using all the images I found. In the center of my board I placed an image of a huge pink flower. It was there to represent my desire to BLOOM. Who knew I was Owning Pink before I’d even heard that phrase?!? I placed a lot of pictures and phrases that represented love and my desire for closeness with friends and family. The corner of the board devoted to career contained a picture of an author I admire, a woman working on a computer, and lots of books. Other pictures represented health, wellness, and spirituality. The images that chose me were a picture of a train traveling down a mountain, a picture of a girl playing guitar, and the phrase “Something big is coming.” When my board was complete I was astounded by the beauty of it and the feelings it invoked within me.


For a year now the board has hung over my dresser in the bedroom. I look at it everyday, at least once. Some of the intentions have manifested and other images have become symbols for emotions or challenges I’ve encountered. On Valentine’s Day my husband and I had a long talk about our desires for our marriage and I can safely say that our relationship now includes as much love and passion as it ever has. I thank my lucky stars everyday for our partnership! I also now find that I am that woman at the computer, writing away. Among the many BIG things that came this year, one of them was starting my blog “Waiting for the Click.” After taking my step into the blogosphere I joined Twitter, connected with Lissa Rankin, and acquainted myself with this beautiful Pink world! My heart has certainly cracked open this year and many friends and spiritual companions have found a place in it. I am forever grateful for the lessons and gifts that 2009 has brought me.

Stepping Forward

On January 1, 2010 I will attend Elizabeth’s 3rd annual retreat. This year she has named it “2010: Begin Again.” I find that my goals this year are quite different then last year. The joy of having this wide open heart is that my highest desire is to see others experience joy, success, love, and peace. Unfortunately most (or all) of you Pinkies reading this will not be able to hang with Elizabeth and me on New Year’s day, but maybe you can hold your own “2010: Begin Again” retreat. You’ll be amazed at what you can invite into your life!

Make Your Own Vision Board

Here is a list of all you need to get started:

  1. Magazines! (If you don’t have a collection on hand, head to your nearest public library where you should find some that can be purchased with spare change.)
  2. Posterboard, scissors, glue
  3. Desires, Intentions, and an open mind!
  4. *Optional* Friends and family to share in the joy of designing your vision for the year!

Happy New Year’s Pinkies! And as a friend of mine on Twitter always says: “See you on the flip side!” When we get there, I hope you will be basking in the joy of your own creations!

Here's to us,


Lissa's Note: Thank you Leslee! You rock, sister. I can't wait to make mine. Funny thing- we had just finished drafting your post, Leslee, when I saw that Pink Goddess Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, posted about Vision Boards too. Check out her fabulous post for more vision board inspiration.

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Elizabeth Barbour's picture

Leslee, What an inspiring

Leslee, What an inspiring article! I'm delighted that you've shared your experiences with everyone. Although i've been leading retreats for 3 years now, I've actually created my own vision board on New Year's Day for NINE years! Wow! My life has changed dramatically (in positive ways!) in that time and I'm delighted to share the experience with other women and encourage people around the world to create their own New Year's Day Retreat experiences! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Best, E.

Leslee Horner's picture

Thank you guys for reading

Thank you guys for reading and responding. Caren - I hope you enjoy making your board. Even the process of creating it is incredible. I remember last year being totally in the zone and all of us yelling "no" when we were told it was time to finish up... I can't wait until Friday to begin again!

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That is awesome Kim! I used

That is awesome Kim! I used the back of my Joy/10-10 Journal to paste pictures of things I want to create. The only problem I ran into was that I don't feel I looked at it often enough to truly manifest those things. But a book-vision board combo would be a sure fire creation! :)

Kim Jenkins's picture

Love the vision board

Love the vision board idea...I've done one for years. I recently switched to a vision "book". I keep a binder of photos and quotes that appeal to me, often for no reason at the time, slip them into page protectors and keep my happy book nearby. It's so fun to review and see that things that have transpired. Thank you for your contribution Leslee. Kim

Megan Monique Harner's picture

Woo Hoo Caren! I love it when

Woo Hoo Caren! I love it when the Universe throws answers in our face. :)

Our Health extravaganza will be a fabulous way to start off the new year as well.

Lots of love to you Pinkie. Hope you feel better soon, Megan

Caren Schmidt's picture

Leslee, All I can say is

Leslee, All I can say is THANK YOU! I am home sick today and the also having a little pity party for myself when I go on Twitter and see the tweet about #Mojo Monday. Just when I doubt myself and the Universe, something shows me the Universe is there all along showing me the way. I could not figure out how to manifest my hopes and dreams for 2010. A vision board is the absolute perfect answer. Voila! The Universe is giving me my answer through you.

I am lucky to have the New Year's weekend off and am planning to do things that will start my New Year off in a positive way. Now I am happy to say that my weekend will include creating my Vision board. What a fun, yet powerful way to seek what I am trying to find in 2010. I really like the term 2010:Begin Again.

Thank you Leslee for the wonderful blog, I am excited to follow your blogs going forward.

Sending you Pink love,


Megan Monique Harner's picture

Leslee- Thank God you


Thank God you created that vision board in 2009, without which you and I might not befriends! I am going to create my vision board this week. Thank you for posting this, it is an inspiration!


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