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Mojo Monday: Exercises in Unconditional Self-Love

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"Heart of Healing," artwork by Rita Loyd

Dear Pinkies,

Introducing Rita Loyd, a phenomenally talented painter whose work we stumbled across when we were looking for an image that expressed what Owning Pink is all about. Turns out Rita’s paintings center on (what else?) unconditional self-love. A Pink match made in the ever-loving Universe, or what? You can check out Rita’s delicious artwork on her website. You can also find spirit nurturing exercises, one of which we are happy and honored to share with the Pink community this fine Mojo Monday. Take it away, Rita, and thank you!

Therapeutic Line Drawings

I have created this exercise to help you explore the concepts of unconditional self-love. It is a set of therapeutic line drawings that are like the images of a coloring book. There is no wrong way to use these line drawings. I will make some suggestions on how to use them but if you feel like doing something different than what I have suggested, then by all means, follow your heart because that is what will be right for you.

First print out all ten line drawings. Look at each one and then choose an image that you feel most drawn to. You may be drawn to an image because it reminds you of how you feel or how you want to feel. Or you may choose an image because it’s message is meaningful to you.

Before you begin coloring, consider creating a nurturing environment around yourself. You might want to turn off the phone, play some relaxing music or make your favorite tea. It would also be nice to take a few slow and deep relaxing breaths before you begin.

Color in your line drawing any way you like. You can use colored pencils, ink, magic markers, paint or crayons. You can even add some glitter glue to emphasize something spiritual or healing within the drawing. And, you can add your own words to further personalize the image.

Staying present to what happens

As you color, it may remind you of when you use to color in your coloring books as a child. This alone is a nice feeling and can be therapeutic. Allow yourself to remember the joy you felt as a child and allow yourself to remember the dreams of your childhood.

Also, as you color, you may find yourself merging with the women depicted in the drawing. You may merge with her strength, peace or even her pain. As you connect with her by coloring her in, you are in contact with an aspect of yourself. Allow this experience to become what ever it wants to be. (I believe it is through creative expression that we hear the voice of our spirit the loudest.)

Using Words

There are two line drawings among the ten that are particularly meant for you to write words inside of. These two images are EXPRESSIONS OF SELF LOVE and FREE YOURSELF. In EXPRESSIONS OF SELF LOVE, you are to write words inside the hearts that express messages of love to yourself. Such as: free yourself, center yourself, know yourself, value yourself, speak to yourself with kind words, don't compare yourself to others, listen to your feelings, forgive your mistakes, and slow down. In FREE YOURSELF, write in the space of the ropes the different ways you inflict suffering upon yourself without knowing it. Such as through: self-doubt, worry, guilt, shame, jealousy, impatience, unrealistic expectations, critical self-judgment and unhealthy habits.

Both of these two line drawings will help you to become more consciously aware of how you love yourself and how you hurt yourself. As you become more aware of both, it will expand your ability to love yourselves in a more caring and accepting way. (download the line drawing pdf here)

So what do you think, Pinkies? Are you up to the challenge? This self-love can be scary … it means that the focus gets turned inward, and we take a good long look at the things that separate us from loving ourselves deeply. Remember, though, as you take up these exercises and begin to look into your heart to answer tough questions, that the Pink community is surrounding you in love, light, and support.

Join The Pink Community and Feel the Love!


Sarah's picture

I couldn't color in the line

I couldn't color in the line drawing that matches this pic...there's no way I could do it justice. Beautiful...

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What a great quote, Michele!

What a great quote, Michele! You go, pink sister.

Michele Campbell's picture

I have a religion that really

I have a religion that really works for me. Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. ~Lucille Ball~ This sounds like a great exercise! I can't wait to try it. I LOVE ME!! ~ Michele~

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