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Miracles Abound- A Reminder To Ask the Universe For What You Need

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Really. Just ask. Ask for what you need. You'll never believe this ... or maybe you will. Yesterday, I was inspired to post about money because, frankly, we need it right now. After taking a leap of faith and quitting my fancy six-figure doctor job salary three years ago, we’ve been putting sweat equity into our lives- lots of sweat, little short term return (with big long term dreams). But right now, we need to pay the rent. So Pink editor-in-chief Joy and I were doing what we do often- pondering what we need and practicing saying it out loud, witnessed by each other and the Universe.

Ask For What You Need- Say It Out Loud to Someone You Trust

I said, “I need help paying the bills so I can allow Owning Pink to grow.” Then I wrote a post about Owning Abundance, releasing our financial fears, and trusting in the Universe. Joy edited the post, drafted it on the site, and I went in- with a smidgen of hesitation at putting it all out there so openly- and clicked “Publish post.”

Signs From the Universe

Two minutes later, I went on Twitter to tweet the link. And I found a barrage of tweets saying “Check this out @lissarankin! Forbes listed you on the 20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter!” Uh…gulp. I mean, seriously. I had just published my first ever Owning Pink post about money and uh….Forbes? Seriously? I tiptoed around the house looking for lightning rods, Red Seas, and burning bushes.

Ten minutes later, I walked outside and discovered a ginormous rainbow, cascading from one West Marin mountainside to another. A brilliant, sparkly, vibrant bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple rainbow. And what lies at the end of a rainbow? You guessed it…the pot of gold. Okay, God. Deep bow. I’m listening.

The Purple Kangaroo

A few months back, Joy and I were talking about this very thing, when Joy piped up, "Damn, girl. You're this close to just being able to ask for what you need and have it appear right in front of you. Just do it. Say 'Purple Kangaroo.'" I

I giggled, and said, "Purple kangaroo." And then a deer appeared right at my window, staring in at me with big doe eyes.

Joy said, "But it's wearing a purple hat, right? Eating purple flowers?"

Okay, so the purple kangaroo didn't show up right away. But for Christmas, Joy gave me- you guessed it- a plush purple kangaroo. So I told Dana the story, and last month, Dana was meditating and frustrated, so her guides took her to a magic place and told her to ask for anything. She came up with the purple kangaroo (to her surprise). She set an intention to draw to her the purple kangaroo. A week later, in a business meeting having nothing to do with Owning Pink, a friend gave her a toilet calendar and in it was a purple kangaroo on the month of September.

Sebastian Murphy, the Owning Pink mascot

Sebastian Murphy, the Owning Pink mascot

This little purple kangaroo we've now named Sebastian Murphy is a sign and a symbol that we can achieve ANYTHING with Owning Pink. Anything we can imagine we can bring into being on this earth. Our magical eyes, our belief that the angels are here to help us achieve our highest good and the highest good for the whole planet through Owning Pink is absolutely one hundred percent TRUE. It's already here, living in everyone's heart on the earth. We just have to BE the beings to SEE it and to help others SEE it so they can FEEL it so they will BELIEVE it. And once they believe it, they will BE it, too. Our purple kangaroo is tangible proof that WE can bring this reality to the earth plane and plant a little pink spark in everyone we SEE.

We Don’t Need to be Superheroes

Don’t you get it, Pinkies? We don’t need to carry the burden of our lives. We don’t need to plan and scheme and plod through life, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. We need not worry, feel anxious, fret, or otherwise stress out about the challenges in our lives. We don’t need to save the world- or even ourselves. We can take off our red capes and spandex jumpsuits. We don’t have to be superheroes. We can just be ourselves and surrender everything to a greater Superpower. The magic ticket to peace? Letting it all go. Saying it out loud. Turning it over to the Universe. And then trusting the flow of whatever happens next.

It’s Not Just Me

I can hear you Pinkies grumbling. It’s just you, Lissa. I ask for what I need and I never get Signs. I surrender to the Universe but the Universe doesn’t listen. I take Pleaps (Pink leaps of faith) but I fall flat on my face. You’re special, Lissa. You’ve been chosen. These things don’t happen to regular folks.

I hear you. I SEE you. I understand. And, with all due respect, I lovingly say, “Bullshit!” Trust me, Pinkies. It’s not just me. YOU are special. It DOES happen every day. You DO get Signs. Miracles happen when you see the world with Magical Eyes. It’s so much easier than you think. It’s not something you do. It’s something you UNdo. It’s something you BE. And it’s available to every single one of you.

Trusting the Universe

I promise I won’t get all fundy on you here, Pinkies. I’m not going to jump on my podium, start singing Hail Marys, or threaten the end of days. But I’m not shy about saying that I believe a Higher Power is at work in my life- and in yours. Wherever you’re at on your spiritual journey, I honor you and I respect your beliefs. But I can’t just sit back and act like these things are coincidences. When you see miracles happen, you just can’t help it. You want to shout it from the rooftops and make sure everyone knows WE ARE NOT ALONE. There is purpose in the Universe. It is yours for the owning. And all you need to do is surrender to it.

What’s your purpose, Pinkies? Do you see the signs? Have you had magical experiences with the Universe? Tell us your miracles….

Seeing purple kangaroos everywhere,



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Katherine Awesomesauce! (Joy


Awesomesauce! (Joy likes it when I say that)

That is SUCH good news and thank you so much for reporting back. I, too, am seeing things come through that I've asked for. Sometimes it doesn't really feel as easy as "ask and you shall receive," but then sometimes it does!

So happy for you!

Love, Light and a bigger trailer ~Dana

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Katherine ... hooray hooray!

Katherine ... hooray hooray! While I'm not surprised, I'm still heartened and in awe of the miracles that come when we have faith. I'm so deeply happy for you and all the movement you're experiencing. Thank you for the updates and let us know about your trailer. Rock on ... With love, Joy

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Hi again up date,,, when the

Hi again up date,,, when the universe does it ,,its done right I have a new Job,,(I asked) I am moving to the coast to my new Job,,( I asked)

my ex and I are still communicating,but with me in a different light.. I live in a hippy community that gave me many tools to work with,,and to move to a better place in my life for that i will always be grateful now I just need one more thing from the universe a bigger travel trailer..I am asking.. peace and blessings to you all

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Welcome to your new world.

Welcome to your new world. Seeing things differently can change who we are. You sound like you are doing just that. My best advise ( although you really didn't ask) is take it slow. Lead with your head, you have it within you to know how to make it work. God's blessings!

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I want to thank-you for your

I want to thank-you for your warm welcome,and special word of encouragement. just yesterday i wrote him about my thoughts on asking the universe what we want,,he wrote back(did you write this?) it was a side he said he hadn't seen before, i told him i wasn't just another pretty face, before we connected again,i had a dream about him,its wasn't a good dream and made me question my own mind,how ever it did lead me to contact him,,and I wounder if that dream hadn't taken place would I have ? i had no way of knowing that he had became single again,and was to afraid to call and ask thank-you all so much for this wonderful site

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Katherine ... I'm so glad you

Katherine ... I'm so glad you wrote and revived this conversation. Just last night, I was feeling disconnected from my coaching school - a place I spent a year learning more about myself and the world than I ever have, falling head over heels in love with the community, and feeling at home among my tribe. However, the more time passes, the more I feel like it was just a dream. I miss how grounded I felt in the values of the place. Anyway, last night I realized this and sent a simple request out to the universe ... a desire to connect back in, however that would look like (remaining as un-attached as possible to the outcome). Today, I received two e-mails - one from a teacher offering to coach me, and another from a classmate requesting some coaching from me. Just like that, I'm hooked back into the web, and all it took was that request that I forgot as soon as it was made. I guess that's a very long way of simply acknowledging the power of what you have done, and my confidence that it is going to pan out beautifully for you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey as it unfolds. Thank you for sharing this, and for inspiring me to appreciate the miracles in my own life. Big love, Joy

Dana Theus's picture

Katherine Oh good luck! That


Oh good luck! That is such a heartwarming story even though we don't know the ending yet. That which we keep in our hearts tends to grow and become in one form or another. I'm sure that because you're clearer than you were before, it will support him in making choices as well. Good luck and follow your heart.

Love, Light and Hope ~Dana

katherine's picture

I so believe in asking the

I so believe in asking the universe for what you need or want.I my self am in the middle of such a situation my ex boyfriend and i split a year ago (my doing) I never dated any-one for that year,( he had) I spent the better part of the year sorting through my stuff..but deep in my heart I always told the universe I still loved him,now a year later we have reconnected,,I am trying to surrender everything over I want this man in my life again as (a dating partner),I want to bridge the gap of our distance. I want him to be clear of his choices,to find the courage to step to another level peace and blessings katherine

Joy's picture

Alright people. Are you

Alright people. Are you feeling this? I mean, can you physically feel this miracle energy the way I can? Today for me felt spectacular ... and I really did nothing of "note." And yet I'm referring to this week and today as "miraclepalooza." Something is happening. I can't explain what, but I have a sense that it's the beginning of a breaking through to a greater truth. We're all starting to sense the power and energy that is available to us from the universe in the form of everyone we know, everything we do, and everything we touch, see, taste, and hear. With every comment added to this post, I feel the power snowballing. We're doing it. Again, I can't say exactly what, but I also know with all my heart that it's The Thing We Came Together To Do. Em, I'm in love with your imagery. The tin cans ... brilliant. Jenn, I'll be retreating to your backyard soon. Trish, keep singing, keep praying, keep harnessing ... Pinkies ... I'm so in love with whatever this is. I ask again ... do you feel it?? Love, love, and more love, Joy

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Lovely tale of abundance in

Lovely tale of abundance in action. I had to reach for abundance this week, but once I let down my barriers to it, I found it in all the love my co-workers give me every day.

Now I too must go and ask for monetary abundance.

Keep up the good work. I can hardly wait to hear about the Wellness Centre. I can see it already....


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Where is your backyard, Jenn?

Where is your backyard, Jenn? I just wanted to be able to specifically visualize it with you...I see it. Just want to be very very clear on your behalf!

A retreat center is a dream I share. How lovely to have a place of peace where people can gather together to heal, rest, and reclaim all that is theirs to own.

Oh yeah..Universe? You listenin'?

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Dear Creative Intention

Dear Creative Intention Setting Miracle women, Wow! Lissa, what a great story. You have already inspired me by your story of opening Owning Pink and now the new clinic - and now more stories of faith in the Universe providing, purple kangaroos and all. I told my Women's Circle today I am taking a Pleap into searching for and owning the Retreat Center of my dreams - to be called Heart's Rest - Centre for Peace, a place for yoga, relaxation, meditation, inspiring DVDs from Words of Peace, and journal writing classes by yours truly. I figure if this is what I want to have in my own life, if I can work at providing it for other women, it's win-win. So now I have made my intention even more Public. Asking for guidance and help to find that perfect spot close to home, where women don't have to drive 5 hours to find a retreat for peace. Peace in my own Backyard :) jenn

Emily Simmer's picture

thank you!!!!!! :) (i also am

thank you!!!!!! :) (i also am a big fan of emoticons)

Lissa Rankin's picture

I'm a big fan of exclamation

I'm a big fan of exclamation points too!!!!! How else can you express unbounded enthusiasm in writing???? Bring it, sisters!

And Beth & Emily, I'm here with the rest of us, holding these intentions in sacred space. The Universe has heard you. We are your witnesses.

Beth Wilson's picture

Emily i love exclamation

Emily i love exclamation points too!!!!!!!!! lol.

I know this stuff is falling into place.. I am embracing my big mouth, my love for talk, wit, sarcasm, humor and spreading the messages i've been blessed with receiving.

This community rocks!!!!!

Emily Simmer's picture

and to clarify above - i am

and to clarify above - i am not thinking that huge goal will be reached by july 2010 - just my energy shift part. (i like to be very clear with the Universe as it can be reckless not to) ok, thanks!

Emily Simmer's picture

Trish - BEAUTIFUL! what great

Trish - BEAUTIFUL! what great story. what an amazing family you are!

Beth - congrats, that is awesome!! I always love hearing these miracle stories.

Lissa - totally with you on this global scale concept. i have been tossing around this very concept in my head (someday i shall expand, hear that U? add it to the queue...) but for now i am inspired to make an intention, may as well do it right here eh? i can't think of a place it would have more power. so here goes: my intention for humanity: that we transform into living sustainably, in harmony with the earth and all our fellow living beings. that i am able to shift a great amount of my personal energy into pursing that goal by july 2010.

Amanda - I think we forget because we are human. it's one of the kinks of living on this physical plane and dragging this heavy bag o'bones around (like the tin cans behind a "just married" car :)). that is why we need OP and each other - because we need to be constantly reminded of this stuff. our brains are crowded places, and - a phrase i adore - "dangerous neighborhoods to hang out in alone."

love all you pinkies and OP itself!! and HUGE CONGRATS Lissa!!! you are doing such important work in the world and it is a beautiful thing to see it publicly recognized. i am honored to be a part of this spectacular community.

xoxoxoxo to all of us!!!

(yeah, i do not have an aversion to exclamation points - i use them with unapologetic abandon!!)

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Love the purple

Love the purple kangaroo.....i love all things purple.. i am like Lissa i know there is something a higher power at work.. I had asked that my dream/vision of taking my messages to the public, and i read one on my radio show and the gentleman who's quote i used "friended" me on FB, wants a copy of the radio show, because another Friend on FB asked him if i could come to a bit of talking at his seminar over 10 days ago.. sooo..something is up that now he's friended me and wants to hear me! I have a project in the works that will bring light to women..and i already envision other works coming out from that one. These visions/dreams and messages arent' coming from nowhere...i heard "its your time" when i got that last message..soooo i'm taking it. I actually started to declutter yesterday (bored to tears in this blizzard) did my bedroom closet! then i find i've bruised and sprained my foot somehow.. so now i'm laid up in bed cus can't put weight on it.. i laughed and said ok maybe i'm not supposed to clean!! lol so bring me a maid! heheheheheeee.. Folks I gotta laugh alot..its just me. So sarcasm and finding the funny thing in a situation is just part of my personality. Soo who's bringing me coffee, some water, green tea, yogurt a banana and cleaning off my little gold car that is buried in this white stuff??? lol..

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Mama, I love you so much!

Mama, I love you so much!

trish's picture

Yesterday I hiked with my

Yesterday I hiked with my daughter along the coastal trail. It got muddy and I was tired so Lissa continued and I sat down on the pathway. I had not formally gone to church on Sunday since we were at a ranch in Park City Utah, so I decided to meditate, focusing on Lissa's needs. I began to sing and closed my eyes as I sang praises to God. The waves lapped in the background as the birds seemed to sing along. The sky was clouded and the wind was strong just as I sang an old song of surrender called, "Just as I am". Suddenly the sun peeked through the clouds and with my eyes still closed the color in my mind's eye changed to a beautiful teal. Someone else might say, sooooo? But I instantly knew it was God smiling and receiving my praise. I continued my singing louder and more passionately, adding some sacred dance motions I knew to "Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet and a Light Unto my Path." ARe there signs? You bet! Just open your heart and mind and accept them when they come. Acknowledge the source. ARe there miracles? You know there are! We see them every day in the opening of a flower, the healing of a broken heart, the birth of a baby, the recovery of a clogged artery. Let's just remember to thank God and be grateful. Magical Eyes!

Lissa Rankin's picture

Do you know what a RELIEF it

Do you know what a RELIEF it is to realize that the Universe doesn't need us to be in charge? Thank God! Really- the Universe has got that covered. You don't even have to figure out the HOW- just the WHAT. We can even do this on a global scale. What do we need for our planet? For humanity? Let's ASK! Collectively, we have the power to heal.

Amanda Fall's picture

Wow. You nearly brought me to

Wow. You nearly brought me to tears. Why is this so hard for me to remember? Whenever I honestly ask for what I need and then let go all expectations, I have never been disappointed...as long as I'm not so focused on how I THINK the answer will look.

For some reason, though, I forget this. I try to carry the world. Why would I ever think that was my job in the first place?

Thanks for this important reminder. Have a fabulous day. :)

Emily Simmer's picture

ps: i so love that your

ps: i so love that your mascot is a toilet!!

Emily Simmer's picture

i so love all of this! i was

i so love all of this! i was a big-time doubter of this whole concept for a loooong time. i think it was joy in fact who reintroduced it to me in terms i could finally "own" sometime in 2007... i think right around the time she and i each independently decided to make giant physical cross-country PLEAPs within one month of each other (unfortunately we switched coasts - not sure if we'll ever reside on the same one again, but as we say - if we did that the country would be horribly out of balance. it needs us on its opposite sides to keep it grounded :)

so i guess this is my long-winded way of saying yes you can! to anyone who is still unsure. i wish i could say how i got there or what was holding me back... one of these days - as i am intentioning it be so!! :)

Lissa Rankin's picture

Tee hee... (*smiling*)

Tee hee... (*smiling*)

Maya Hanley's picture

OMG, I have been shivering

OMG, I have been shivering with excitement all through this post! I love Sebastian Murphy. Reminds me a bit of my sister's Hungarian Golden Chicken Award that she started to encourage her recalcitrant boys to clean up after themselves. It reminds me of it because of the humour in the universe! This whole thing is thrilling.

Kim Jenkins's picture

I'm with you Lissa. Even when

I'm with you Lissa. Even when things don't feel like they're happening (like for me over the last year), I can totally and completely look back and feel while things were the way they were. I'm just now, starting to feel some sense of purpose that I can really sink my teeth into and be excited about...which amazingly enough, is bringing even more stuff along with it. Yummy. The key here is being a YES to life. Huge...Gigantic...Key! Say YES more often!!!!

We women...ugh...I don't even know how we can stand our own greatness cuz we friggin' rock as a species.


Caroline D Bobart's picture

Wow...purple kangaroo

Wow...purple kangaroo indeed!

What a wonderful story....I love it... thanks so much for sharing. If I ever had a doubt, now I know all things are possible!

Wishing you the very best of luck approaching Rachel A.

xx Caroline

Lissa Rankin's picture

I'm with Joy!

I'm with Joy! Hoooohhhaaaaaaaa EEEEeeeeehheeeeeheeeeheeee HA! Thanks Jason. And thank you Universe. You gave me a good ol' giggle! (Ah..yes. Miracles abound).

I got more signs today. I'm looking for just the right Pinkie to find me and open the Owning Pink Wellness Center with me- so I sent an email to friends in the medical community, asking for what I need. Within a one hour period of time, 2 different people told me I need to contact the same person- and her name is....(gulp) Rachel.

Now, you have to understand. When I decided to leave my current practice to take my Pleap, I got offered a beautiful job in Santa Cruz with one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Rachel Abrams. But all Signs were telling me I should stay put in Marin...so I had to let go of that dream. Then Dr. Rachel Remen (one of my other favorite people in the world) told me to just set the intention and the right person would walk in the door. (Yes, Rachel the Banana Slug was named after these special women).

And so this person's name is Rachel. Of course. Keep 'em coming, Universe! Gotta go write a letter to Rachel! xoxo Lissa

Joy's picture

Sometime in the last 24 hours

Sometime in the last 24 hours I've abandoned words for maniacal giggling. Heeehehehehehe. Hehehehehe. Eeeeeehehehehehe. I'm sure this is what the Universe is doing too. Really, what Universe that sends a purple kangaroo as its harbinger doesn't have a knee-slapping sense of humor? Of course. Of course. Of course. I love you.

Jason's picture

Hmmmm. Link didn't connect.


Link didn't connect. Here it is:


Jason's picture

Lissa, Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing this post. It's amazing how we often get stuck and forget to ask for what we want.

There is something scary about surrendering and leaning into the universe.

However; what I'm finding more and more is when I can lean in is when life get's so less serious and much more magical.

Here's a little video that reminds of the purple kangaroo and the ridiculous at the same time:

Dana Theus's picture

*big smile* Yes, Sebastian

*big smile*

Yes, Sebastian Murphy is at work everywhere in our lives. Thanks for posting this, Lissa. When we see the magic and miracle in life, more magic and miracle finds us. No matter HOW you believe in it, it works. And you're so right about "being". It's a very hard concept to get your head around because it's not about our heads... it's not even just about our hearts... it's about our spirits, and allowing ourselves to BE spirit - whole and complete and perfect - even as we walk through our lives full of imperfections that upon spiritual reflection are really not that at all. I'm getting all philosophical here, but it's because it's true. Thank you for shining your beautiful light on this oh, so important truth.

Love, Light and Spirit ~Dana

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