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20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

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Below is a piece inspired by WebMD, who interviewed me this week for an upcoming article "20 Things Every Owner Should Know About Their Vagina, which will be live online in about a month. In preparing for the interview, I decided to write my own list (very different than what you'll see on WebMD, as you can imagine!) So, of course. I had to share with you Pinkies as well. As with my upcoming book, What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, my intention with this piece is to open up dialogue, educate women, and encourage us all to know, love, and celebrate our bodies. Enjoy the info, and please, pass it on!

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20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina


  1. While men do pee out of the penis, women do not pee out of the vagina. Know your anatomy. There are three holes and countless other sexy structures. Find your way around on the Pretty Pink Pussy Tour. Get a hand mirror and go to town.
  2. The vagina doesn’t connect to your lung. If you lose something in there, don’t worry. Reach in all the way and pull it out. Do not- I repeat- do not, go hunting for whatever you’ve lost with a pair of plyers. If you think you put something in there and you can’t find it, chances are good that it’s simply not there. Think of your vagina as being like a sock. If you lose a banana in a sock…it stays in the sock.
  3. Yes, it’s true- your vagina can fall out. Not to belabor the sock metaphor, but it can turn inside out just like a worn out sweat sock and hang between your legs as you get older. But don’t fret- this condition- called pelvic prolapse- can be fixed.
  4. There’s no such thing as being revirginized. Once you lose it, it’s gone. Just so you know.
  5. You can catch sexually transmitted diseases even if you use a condom. Sorry to break it to you, but skin of the vulva can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum- and BAM! Warts. Herpes. Molluscum contagiosum. So pick your partners carefully.
  6. The vagina is like a bicep. Use it or lose it. If you don’t have a partner, pick up a battery-operated boyfriend to help keep things healthy as you age. But don't worry- it's usually not an issue until after menopause, when fragile vaginal tissue can scar and shrink. If properly tended, your vagina will be able to pleasure you until the day you leave this life.
  7. Every vulva is different and special. Some lips hang down. Some are tucked up neatly inside. All are beautiful. Don’t even think about labiaplasty or “vaginal rejuvenation surgery.” You’re perfect just the way you are.
  8. Most women don’t have orgasms from intercourse alone. The clitoris is where the action is. Most women who do orgasm during sex have figured out how to hit with sweet spot, either from positioning or from directly stimulation of the clitoris with fingers.
  9. If you’re hunting for your G Spot, be patient. Stimulating this area usually requires more time and deeper stimulation than most people think. Try using a finger in a “come hither” motion to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, where the G spot lives. If you can’t find it, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many can’t- and it's definitely not critical to having a a fulfilling romp in the hay.
  10. Pleasurable sex is your birthright, and painful sex is NOT normal. 20 million women suffer from painful sex and most never seek help. (If you're one of these women, get help here.)
  11. The vagina doesn’t need to be douched. As Eve Ensler says, “My vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Don’t try to decorate. Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals when it’s supposed to smell like pussy. That’s what they’re doing – trying to clean it up, make it smell like bathroom spray or a garden. All those douche sprays – floral, berry, rain. I don’t want my pussy to smell like rain. All cleaned up like washing a fish after you cook it. I want to taste the fish. That’s why I ordered it.” Amen, sister.
  12. The only cancer a Pap smear screens for is cervical cancer. It doesn’t check your ovaries, your uterus, or your colon.
  13. How much vaginal discharge you make varies widely. Some normal, healthy women spew loads of discharge and need to wear panty liners every day. Others are bone dry. As long as you are not at risk of STD's and you have no itching, burning, or odor, you're probably just fine. If in doubt, see your gynecologist.
  14. Menstrual blood is supposed to clot, so don’t freak out. Usually, what you think are clots are just pieces of uterine lining. As long as you’re not losing too much blood, small clots during your period need not concern you. Clots are just nature's way of keeping you from bleeding too much. Blood is supposed to clot. It's when the clots are large or you start to hemorrhage that we start to worry.
  15. Lots of vaginas need help lubing up during sex, especially as you get older. Don’t be afraid to slick on some lubricant like K-Y Jelly or Astroglide (coconut oil is a great natural lubricant, but don't blame me if you find yourself hankering for a post-coital macaroon).
  16. Vaginal farts (some call them “queefs” or “varts”) happen to almost all women at one time or another, especially during sex or other forms of exercise. Don’t be embarrassed. You’re perfectly normal.
  17. Vaginas stretch out when you have babies vaginally. It’s natural but it can leave you feeling a bit loosey goosey. Kegel exercises (contracting the muscles of the vagina) really do help. To do them, practice stopping the stream of urine when you pee. There- that's the muscle! Now contract and relax it 10 X for three or more sets several times per day.
  18. Some women do ejaculate during orgasm, but you’re normal if you don’t. The controversial “female ejaculation” most likely represents 2 different phenomena. If it’s a small amount of milky fluid, it likely comes from the paraurethral glands inside the urethra. If it’s a cup, it’s probably pee. Many times, it may be a little bit of both. But don't stress out about peeing on yourself. Put a towel under you and surrender to the experience.
  19. Sex shouldn't hurt, but it does for many women. If you're one of those women, see your doctor. So many women are too embarrassed to say anything, so they suffer in silence. There are things we can do to help.
  20. Safe sex (or even just orgasm alone) is good for you. Benefits include lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke,[i] reducing your risk of breast cancer,[ii] blostering your immune system,[iii] helping you sleep,[iv] making you appear more youthful,[v] improving your fitness,[vi] Regulating menstrual cycles, [vii][viii] relieving menstrual cramps,[ix] relieving chronic pain,[x][xi][xii] reducing the risk of depression,[xiii]lowering stress levels,[xiv][xv] and improving self esteem.[xvi] So go at it, girlfriends!

How much of this did you already know, Pinkies? How much of this is new to you? Has it changed the way you look at your girly parts? Let's GIRL TALK!

Putting it all out there,
Dr. Lissa

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This blog, and the book on which it is based, is a complement to - not a substitute for - professional advice and intervention, and is not intended to replace the advice of a gynecologist or medical professional, who should be consulted about any health care issues that may affect the individual reader. The information contained in this book is the product of observations made by the author in her practice, as well as her review of relevant literature in her field of expertise. The literature at times reflects conflicting opinions and conclusions. The views expressed herein are the personal views of the author and are not intended to reflect the views of any group or organization with whom the author is affiliated.


What? We Can't Say "Vagina?" | Care2 Healthy & Green Living's picture

[...] Apparently, after this

[...] Apparently, after this infamous tampon ad was banned from three networks, they reshot the ad and replaced “vagina” with “down there.” Even with this change, two networks still wouldn’t run the ad. Which means they made a tampon ad without ever once referencing the female genitalia. I mean…duh, people. That’s like making a beer ad without ever referencing the mouth, lips, or tongue. Vaginas are where tampons GO. [...]

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Ah, thanks darling! We DO

Ah, thanks darling! We DO have this intimacy, don't we? I'm SO glad you're here... Much love Lissa

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Every wo/man on Earth should

Every wo/man on Earth should read this along with the comments. As a woman I feel more united to my body and my sisters (I have none biologically) and it's a lovely intimacy! I see I am in the middle of a very long and loving relationship and to think I once thought I had to be married to feel/receive this.

As for men, they might gain some insights into that 'mystery' that they think we are.

I cannot express how happy I am to have found Owning Pink. :-)

Thank you everyone!!

Heather's picture

Hi Lissa, Thanks for the

Hi Lissa,

Thanks for the link; I'll check it out and definitely will talk to my doctor at my next physical. The pain hasn't gotten in the way of my having a very enjoyable sex life, but it would be nice not to have to work around it anymore.

Thanks so much!

Stacey's picture

Hey there SKG!!! (Said with

Hey there SKG!!! (Said with the BIGGEST smile!!!)

Oh my goodness, your post just made my day!!! I'm so thrilled that you thought to do a google search rather than wait for a book - I didn't even think of that since I was remembering what helped me about 20 years ago when we didn't have the marvels of the internet!

But some things don't change with time - water from a well-placed shower massager is still my absolutely favorite way to give myself pleasure!

Thank you SO much for coming back here and sharing your absolutely fabulous experience. I'm just so thrilled and happy for you...and feeling like a bath myself!!! Much love, s

SKGal's picture

Lissa & Stacey First off:

Lissa & Stacey

First off: Thank you both so very much for your exceptionally prompt reply to my post. Your compassion, your love and your unabashed frankness is very encouraging, refreshing and incredibly empowering for me.

2nd Off: Boy - what a difference a day makes. May I re-cap my last 18 hours?

Following lovely Stacey's advice, and with much trepidation, I poured a glass of my favorite Merlot and curled up on the sofa with my beloved Macbook and visited goodvibes.com. I was stunned to see such a wide variety of 'toys' (as I've learned they're called). The many styles and models was overwhelming. But what really caught my attention were the reviews and testimonials of women and couples who've used these devices. After reading several of these stories, I found myself getting quite aroused!!!

So .... in very untypical SKGal fashion ... I decided to follow Stacey's advice and read up on masturbation. Unfortunately at that point I couldn't wait for Betty Dodson's book to arrive in the mail, so I turned to Google and searched for female masturbation. I was discouraged to find so few results from my search query until I realized that Google's 'Safe Search' was turned on. I turned it off and - OH MY!!!!

Without wishing to turn this post into a 600 page auto-biography, allow me to just say that once I got past all of the porn sites, I followed several very informative and well read links and draw myself a warm, soapy bath. Following the online advice, I simply let the water flowing from the faucet do it's magic. And magic it was!!! I absolutely let myself go, and had the most incredible orgasm of my entire 50 year life.

So, now, on this Sunday morning, I'm actually feeling bold enough to find that mirror and try to discover what exact anatomical delightful wonder, allowed me to have that life changing experience last night.

But first, I think that I shall have another bath.



Lissa Rankin's picture

Oh my SKG, The magic is just

Oh my SKG, The magic is just beginning! You go girl! Stacey is right- I'm just over-the-moon about your comment. Somehow most of us grow up thinking that our girly bits are something to be ashamed of. After all, they could get us in trouble, get us pregnant, turn us into "sluts"- you know the drill.

Certainly, we're not raised to think our coochies are meant to give us any pleasure. But what I've discovered is that to OWN all parts of us, we must accept, love and nurture our sexual urges, as much as we OWN our creativity, spirituality, health, careers, relationships, etc.

For many, OWNing your sexuality means not depending on another person to fulfill your own urges. Learning to know and love your body is extremely empowering.

I"m traveling and on my phone, but check back, SKG- I could write a whole post about this (and probably will have to!)

Let me just say ROCK ON,sister! Go slow, explore gently, give yourself permission to giggle out loud, have fun, don't judge yourself, and approach your body with the curiosity and respect it deserves.

I'm SO proud of you!!!!! Love to you Lissa

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Dear Heather, Another woman

Dear Heather, Another woman in our community sent me this article and I wanted to share it with you here:


I hope it helps! Love Lissa

Stacey's picture

Hello SKG!!! I loved your

Hello SKG!!!

I loved your comment SO much!!! I know Lissa is going to be over-the-moon when she reads it!

There are so many great books on masturbating - Betty Dodson's "Sex for One" is my favorite. You can also view her beautiful drawings of female genitalia online too!

I recommend you go online to goodvibes.com and look over their many books and videos for something that might appeal to you. (Every itema has great employee and reader reviews so you really get a good sense of what you're getting. The shop is completely discreet - your items come in a plain package from "Open Enterprises.")

And please do report back! There is so much love for you here!!! Most of all, be light with all of this and have fun!!! Much love, S

SKGal's picture

Lissa Thank you for such an


Thank you for such an awesome and empowering article. I'm 50 years old, recently widowed, starting menopause (I think) and am struggling with my sexual urges. I simply cannot bring myself to masturbate (I honestly have never done that, and I'm embarrased to admit that I don't even think I know how).

Tonight I've promised myself that I'm going to take your 'Pretty Pink Pussy (I can't believe that I just typed that word) Tour and for the first time, explore my body. May I follow-up with another post to report my findings??

Thanks again - you're such an amazing encourager for me.

Blessings ...


Lissa Rankin's picture

Oh Heather, honey- yes. Your

Oh Heather, honey- yes. Your doctor CAN help. I too suffered from a condition called vulvar vestibulitis, which is just one of many painful sex conditions. And there are things we can do to help. I now am able to enjoy my physical relationship with my husband without suffering.

Blessing to you- and wishes for joyful pain free sex Lissa

Heather's picture

Many women have pain during

Many women have pain during sex? Really? In hindsight it's silly, but I thought it was just me. I usually have pain and sometimes a little bleeding if it's been more than a day or two since I had sex. I have a latex sensitivity, but I've eliminated that as a factor and it still happens.

Could my doctor really help? How?

Lissa Rankin's picture

Oh, and Angelia- don't forget

Oh, and Angelia- don't forget that no matter which parts you might have lost, you're still ALL WOMAN. And you're whole and perfect and beautiful. Here's a Lucille Clifton poem I adore. I even made a painting about it called The Hussy In the Red Dress!

Here you go: well girl, goodbye, after thirty-eight years. thirty-eight years and you never arrived splendid in your red dress without trouble for me somewhere, somehow.

now it is done, and i feel just like the grandmothers who, after the hussy has gone, sit holding her photograph and sighing, wasn't she beautiful? wasn't she beautiful?

Lissa Rankin's picture

Thank you

Thank you Angelia- Hmmm....the post-hysterectomy vagina. Well. It can be a bit shorter than a pre-hysterectomy vagina because we have to use a bit of its depth to sew up the top of it. But vaginas are stretchy. So as long as it's in regular use (if you get my drift), it can stretch back out to its normal length.

Because some of the ligaments that hold things in place can be compromised, it is at higher risk of- well- drooping. We call it vaginal vault prolapse. So if you feel a sense of fullness or like something's falling out, it could be that.

The biggest question we get is "does hysterectomy affect my sex life?" And the answer is- it can. But studies show that hysterectomy usually makes your sex life better! Why? Because most people who get hysterectomies do so because pain, bleeding or some other girly ailment is keeping their sex life from being as rocking as it could be! Orgasm is still possible- and can be better than ever.

If you got your ovaries removed too, you might notice a lowering of your libido, though. Testosterone supplementation may help.

Does that help, Angelia? Thank you for asking!

Angelia Thompson's picture

Lissa, I can't wait to read

Lissa, I can't wait to read your book! This is a terrific article and your great sense of humor resonates throughout! I must say I was hoping to learn something "NEW" but I guess old age (53) has it's rewards! :o) I do have a question though. Are there any post-hysterectomy vaginal words of advice you can offer? Any changes that naturally occur after total hysterectomy? Thanks, Pinkie Sister!

Lissa Rankin's picture

Oh- and Stacey- Vagina

Oh- and Stacey- Vagina Monologues on Broadway- lucky you!

I saw it with my mom and dad and it was hysterical. My mother just crossed her legs and then kept crossing them tighter and tighter. By the time the Reclaiming Cunt monologue came on and the actress is yelling 'CUNT! CUNT," my mother was a total pretzel. And my dad was asleep. Go figure!

Lissa Rankin's picture

Hi ladies! I was seeing

Hi ladies! I was seeing patients all day yesterday, so I apologize for not being more involved in this oh-so-juicy conversation! First, let me just say KUDOS to you Pinkies! Usually when I post about vaginas and sex, you're all conspicuously quiet. I love that we're talking here! This stuff is nothing to be embarrassed about. And most of you have SO many questions (I know-because you submitted them for my book- and they were just killer questions! Thank you! Without you, I wouldn't have had a book!)

And LH, I just wanted to say that nobody really knows what comes out when women ejaculate. I have talked about this with many patients and they swear it's not pee- and I'm inclined to believe them. Scientific studies (can't you just see it! Some researcher holding a measuring cup under a woman and yelling, 'Now! Squirt me!") are mixed.

But I wouldn't worry about it either way. What's happening is perfectly natural for you and nothing to fret over. The rest of us wish we could squirt right along with you!

Surrender to the experience and just let go...

Stacey's picture

Hmm, I just posted a comment

Hmm, I just posted a comment and it didn't show up. If you see this twice, Lissa, delete this one, but I did want to respond:

The Vagina Monologues, of course! I had the *immense* pleasure of seeing it on Broadway about 10 years ago. Mercedes Ruhl, whom I LOVE, read one of the three parts. I swoon just thinking about it. :-)

LH's picture

Thanks Lissa! Now after

Thanks Lissa! Now after reading all of that I feel much better and we must have been posting our last comments at the same time!

LH's picture

Thanks Stacey, but no, it's

Thanks Stacey, but no, it's unmistakeably me. The funny thing is going back to when it first started my famous words have been "I'm not peeing, I promise." I've never thought it was pee, didn't know what it was, but never thought it was pee.

Also, I have to admit that for some time I simply didn't let myself enjoy sex b/c of the "mess." I have finally embraced it and am having the best time ever. The thought that it's pee makes it less sexy (to say the least).

So really, Lissa, are you sure it's pee?

Lissa Rankin's picture

Oh- and the Eve Ensler quote

Oh- and the Eve Ensler quote if from the most vagina-friendly play ever written- The Vagina Monologues. LOVE it!

Lissa Rankin's picture

Dearest LH, This issue is

Dearest LH, This issue is UBER-controversial in the medical world. Half the researchers out there say female ejaculation doesn't exist at all. I say BUNK- because my patients tell me it happens, and I for one believe them. So for my book, I went to the source- famed sex researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple, who named the G spot. Here's what I wrote about it in my book:

Sometimes, when I’m really turned on, I soak the bed with fluid when I orgasm. Why do I squirt when I orgasm? Is it pee?

Yes, it may be pee. But it may be something else. The elusive and controversial “female ejaculation” elicits loads of speculation. The truth is, nobody seems to know for sure what’s up down there when this happens. What we do know is that you’re not alone in experiencing it.

Belle was having sex with some dude she barely knew when her body decided to pull out its newest parlor trick. In the middle of a doggie-style romp in the hay, she found herself spraying fluid all over the sheets right as a rip-roaring orgasm that left her in tears shook her to the core. When the orgasm passed, she found her partner staring at her, open-mouthed. He said, “What the hell just happened?” She wanted to crawl under the bed and disappear.

She showed up in my office, repeating his question. “What the hell just happened?”

I had to shrug my shoulders and admit that nobody knows for sure what really happens when a woman gushes fluid during orgasm. Some insist these women, in the surrender of ecstasy, are merely incontinent, leaking urine from the urethra during the release of orgasm. Others swear the fluid comes from the paraurethral glands, which are located in the lower part of the urethra. Perhaps both are true. Those who squirt report the expulsion of anywhere from a teaspoon to a cup or two of fluid. You’d think we’d know the answer by now, but sex researchers can’t seem to agree. Biochemical analyses of the fluid show variable results. When studied, some “ejaculated” fluids look like urine, while some don’t. So is female ejaculation fact or fiction? Dr. Beverly Whipple believes it is fact. Her studies of “female ejaculate” show that the fluid released contains glucose, fructose, prostatic acid phosphatase, and PSA, substances not normally present in urine. What confuses matters is that some women are, indeed, incontinent during orgasm. She says that most female ejaculate amounts to only 3-5 cc of fluid that resembles fat-free milk. According to her, if more fluid is released, it’s probably urine.

According to Mary Roach in Bonk, one woman devised a home experiment to test for herself. After swallowing pills that dye urine blue, she inspected her wet spots, which were either colorless or faint blue. Of six laboratory evaluations of ejaculated fluid, two concluded that the fluid was urine. Four found significant differences between the fluid and urine. And so the debate continues.

Regardless, I say if you’re a squirter, embrace it. There’s nothing wrong with you, you don’t need treatment, and wetness is a natural part of sexuality. If gushing makes you feel self-conscious, put a towel under you during sex, but don’t let it inhibit you. Give in, let go, and enjoy the ride.

If you don’t ejaculate, don’t worry. Most of us don’t. Enjoy your sexuality in whatever form it shows up, but don’t compare yourself to others. Just go with the flow…

There you go girls! And LH- you're perfect- just the way you are. Don't worry about your husband reading this. Tell him he's lucky to get someone whose body responds exactly perfectly to his. xoxo Dr. Lissa

Stacey's picture

Thanks so much, Lissa, for

Thanks so much, Lissa, for sharing so much great information in such a candid and fun way!

And I LOVED the Eve Ensler quote - where did you find it?

And, LH, I'll just chime in since Lissa hasn't yet: Is it possible that your husband's ejaculate is contributing to the towel soaking?

My husband and I are both pretty juicy during sex and before we learned of the towel trick we used to joke about who was going to sleep on the (large) wet spot.

In any event I hope you won't be disappointed or worry about your hubby finding the article...you're having sex! I'm sure he's delighted by that fact alone.

LH's picture

I've been a towel soaker for

I've been a towel soaker for many years now and have never felt or thought that it was pee. Is it really pee? It doesn't feel, look, or smell like pee. I'm so disappointed...and I really need to make sure my hubby doesn't stumble on this article.

Amanda Wortman's picture

Thanks for posting this! I'm

Thanks for posting this! I'm 29 and honestly always thought something was wrong with me. It's great information that I will definitely share with my friends!

Alisa DiLorenzo's picture

Loved this article! I so

Loved this article! I so appreciate your candor in talking about vaginas and what women should know about themselves. This is definitely an area where the more that we know the better we are able to take care of ourselves and to know what pleases us.

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