Owning You: Tap into Your Inner Freak

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Leah getting freaky

Leah getting freaky

Dear Pinkies, we are thrilled to welcome to the Pink Posse Leah Shapiro, life coach and Head Rabble Rouser over at DefytheBox.com, a website devoted to helping you "break free from your pre-packaged life." Uh, yes, please! Leah's here today with some truly expert tips for letting your freak flag fly (a popular topic among us Pinkies). Thanks and love to you, Leah, oh guru of freakdom - we look forward to hearing more from you!

People tell me I am interesting all the time.

Mind you, these are typically people who live "normal,” mainstream lives. They have regular jobs and watch a lot of TV and are busy trying to keep up with everyone else. There is lots of the same-old-same-old going on.

I always ask them, “what makes me so interesting?”

I get a similar answer every time. People are interested in my lifestyle, that I am always doing something new, hanging out with people who are exciting and cutting edge. I go to fun and funky events that they wish they got invited to. They find that I hold a unique perspective.

Marching to my own beat

The biggest thing that interests them is that I do what I want in my life. They express a desire for all of fun and excitement that I seem to experience that is unavailable to them.

You know what? This same fun and excitement is available to everyone. I am nothing special. I just know the key to living a thrilling life. I will let you in on the secret:

Get to know your Inner Freak

We all have one. It’s that part of you that craves something different and is sick of trying to fit in. It wants to try all kinds funky of stuff and be a bit wild.

Your inner freak knows what will make your life fun and exciting and it is committed to feeling good. Because of this, it knows where your happiness and success can be found.

Your inner freak brings your own unique perspective to the world and does not care what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

It’s what makes you different, unique and allows you to stand out from the crowd. It is right there waiting for you to release it. All you have to do is be willing to take a chance and step outside of your usual Box.

Ways to release your Inner Freak

It can be something small like wearing a bright purple sweater, or some big sparkly earrings. Put bunny ears on the roof of your car, or dye your hair blue like you have always wanted to. Start talking about your wild and crazy dreams and the cool business ideas you have, even if the people around you think you are crazy.

Your inner-freak does not care what other people think

It does not listen to their fear and doubt. It lives in the world of unlimited possibilities. Where life is fun, exciting and the Universe is conspiring with you to bring lots of Juicy Goodness into your life.

The cool thing is that once you start letting your inner freak out to play and giving it the love it deserves, you will soon discover that you are attracting other people who are on the same path. Embracing your inner freak invites other folks to do the same.

How fun is that??

Rock On!


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"it’s all about flying your

"it’s all about flying your freak flag high and proud. How else will your people find you?"

I just love that!

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Lisa, I am glad that you

Lisa, I am glad that you like the post! It is my pleasure to write for you. In my world,it's all about flying your freak flag high and proud. How else will your people find you?

Big Love! Leah

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Leah! I LOVE this post! Thank

Leah! I LOVE this post! Thank you so much for writing for us. And I LOVE green Leah in the photo. You rock, sister. Beautiful.

Thank you for reminding us that letting our freak flag fly helps us feel really truly ALIVE. Big freaky hugs, Lissa

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Wow..how cool ...here I am on

Wow..how cool ...here I am on the main stage. I am here to be of service to you all as you unfurl your freak flag. Rock On! Leah

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