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See Yourself As Creator: The Divine Lies Within Us All

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Dear Pinkies, please welcome Pink Goddess Elisabeth Manning, Founder of Conscious Conception Fertility Coaching. Elizabeth helps those who want to be parents find "peace, certainty and partnership with your baby in the creation process." How beautiful - and how Pink?? This woman exudes peace and positive energy. Needless to say she has had quite an impact on me, and on Owning Pink. The below post by Elisabeth was actually a comment on my post the other day about creating versus procreating. We couldn't keep the words of this wise and wonderful Pinkie to ourselves any longer. And so, without further ado, please give a warm welcome from your Pink hearts to this incredible Pinkie ... one from whom we'll surely be hearing more!

I cannot begin to tell you the swell of love and appreciation I feel for each open heart in this forum sharing their experience, strength and hope with her Pink family. I am overwhelmed by the love I had no idea was waiting for ME, here, my new Pink "home." This will be what I get to OWN, and powerfully, so thank YOU. I cannot wait to see what we can create together...

I find my own heart already knowing you, yet longing to connect to each and every one of you individually to hold your heart and tell you, "it is all so perfect; our stories, our journeys, our outcomes, and there is and never was anything 'wrong.'" Never. All is perfect where we are, we are enough now, in this moment, and exactly where we are supposed to be...

The way I see it? When we get down to it, we came to this "earth school" to:

  1. Live the illusion of separation so we can find our way back to the truth that there is no separation (like drops of water we are, then to drop yourself into the ocean, what are you then? Individual unique expressions of the One, so celebrating and loving the unique chemical combination of YOU as creator, as aspect of creator, is of utmost importance!)
  2. Learn to create and see our creations manifest into physical form. This is what many of us are powerfully discovering n the Law of Attraction, etc but in my book it is imperative we learn how to connect with Source to do this with integrity/ethic and for the highest good)
  3. Along the way we make agreements with other aspects of the One (family, friends, co-workers, strangers whose lives we touch and who touch us) so they can help us take steps. The challenge? So many agreements can appear ugly yet they are our greatest teacher because they help us wake up). Much of our healing is to overcome this, and discern our "stuff" from others'.
  4. We also have agreements with Creator and ourselves that, if we are not clear on, can forget and "listen" to the outside noise, programs, etc thinking it is our own. This is where we get to do the inner work: Who am I? What do I love, how do I find my way back to myself? This is my favorite part when I coach others.
  5. To have experiences. Which helps us remember: it is never about right/wrong, good/bad (third chakra) it is only about "which experience do I want to have?"

Seeing ourselves as Creator

When we are clear that we want to experience ourselves AS CREATOR this definitely is a step in the right direction. Problem I see is, we are limiting ourselves wayyyy too much. Creator at its very essence is LIMITLESS, therefore the first step is to get out of our own way and touch in with that. Meditations to run the limiting pictures and give you an experience of what it feels like to be limitless can begin powerfully here.

I believe we get into trouble when we are missing out on seeing the beauty and respect for ourselves as powerful creators. That can be easily taken for granted. Then when something shows up that we "didn't want," we fall victim to the illusion that we are victims "I didn't ask for that" (but ahhh, if we take on the idea that we attract everything that happens to us-- then at some level you did-- so let us find that thread to get your power back!), when in reality we are just unconsciously creating. NO need for guilt, blame, that is a waste of precious energy. Just OWN it...

So yes, much unwinding to do if we are to get "right" with our creations. It is all about releasing that which is NOT us, that limits us. These can be very very deep, but I see it loosen and fall away all the time at the energetic level (much more accelerated and we do not have to re-enact our drama to overcome it-otherwise I never would have gotten this far!)

Misunderstood/misaligned creation energy often shows up energetically in a distorted second and fifth chakras. More on this in a later post, as I really can't stop myself from this subject! It is my life's work to understand creation and manifestation and there is SO much richness to be explored and discovered, ladies.

My Own Story

The fact that I choose not to have children at 40 is also a part of my story. I made a very conscious choice to give birth to ideas, and to be a midwife for others creations and births in this world. Once I found the core of myself as Creator, and my "Primary Postulate" (life purpose) to "Be in service to the Highest Good: To bring light to the world and positively affect others that we all may be elevated into the greater human potential," I can DO ANYTHING with this. It was then I got scared, because I actually saw how big that was. =) That is a healthy fear and I have since seen how my creations were leading me to more and yet more creations. Now I am creating a television show - who knew??? But am I scared now? Not a bit. I am a vibrational match to my creations now. It is as though the idea "of course, why NOT?" is now a fun playmate of mine!

To ALL our amazing, beautiful creations in this amazing and beautiful world ... I have sooo much gratitude for all of you.

Seeing the Creator in you,

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