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10 Alternative Careers For Doctors


As a disillusioned physician who felt like I was selling my soul in order to keep the stability of a job within the insurance-based US health care system that demanded that I see 40 patients a day, I longed for a different life. As a young woman, I thought medicine was my calling. For me, medicine was a spiritual practice. You practice medicine like you practice yoga or meditation, like you won’t ever fully master it. As a doctor, I felt grateful to have the opportunity to have a front row seat on life, and as an OB/GYN, I felt particularly blessed to have the opportunity to greet the newly incarnated souls right as they entered the world.

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The Secret To Healing From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Karen Cripps

I meet some of the most amazing people on Twitter and Facebook, and after posting some of the quotes from my upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, many people who have embarked upon self-healing journeys have reached out to tell me their story. I find these stories incredibly inspiring and validating of what I’m writing about. In fact, I’m using some of the stories in the book itself.

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Mental Health: Serotonin is Only Part of the Story

mental  health

When I was on antidepressants, my doctor told me a story that many doctors around the world tell their patients every day: “Taking antidepressants is like a diabetic taking insulin. The insulin helps the diabetic with their problem, so why stop taking it? If you have a chemical imbalance in your brain and the antidepressants are helping to regulate that, then often it doesn’t make sense to stop taking the medication.” The problem with this story is that in many cases, it’s false.

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I Am A Recovering Physician

Lissa Rankin

I’m a doctor, but I call myself a “recovering physician.” As in, “Hi, I’m Lissa Rankin, and I’m a doctor.” (The physician 12-steppers in my made-up rehab respond, “Hi Lissa.”)

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