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Rainbow Connection – Letting Yourself Play

Candy Star

It’s interesting to look back at childhood fascinations and see if we can find the precursors of our current creative pursuits. If more of us adults were as free with play as we had been when we were kids, I reckon we would feel a lot more fulfilled, not to mention the fact that there would be an even bigger bounty of fantastic inventions in the world! I am going to talk about one of the favourite pastimes I had as a little girl in order to encourage you to delve back into your own memories of experimentation, and bring your imagination more fully into the present.

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This Story Does Not Belong To Me


Many of us have childhoods that are at best speckled with fleeting pain and at worst riddled with so many puncture wounds that if you held it up to the light it would resemble a less than elegant lace doily. Very few of us escape growing up in the soil of a past that is not slightly damaging and unholy. We do our best to wiggle around and beyond the sadness attached to our childhoods (our lives?) – the unmet expectations, the confusion, disappointments and mixed messages yet I think most of us would agree that the influence of our past can be felt as sharply as if it all occurred yesterday.

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Paper Cranes

On August 6th, 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. An estimated 140,000 people died in the aftermath. Today, the city of Hiroshima leads the movement for world peace. I am proud to be named for this city, which has transformed a legacy of unimaginable suffering into the ongoing work of peace-making. This is my tribute to Hiroshima; to those who died in the world’s first nuclear holocaust, and to those who live there today.

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Dear Women, Enough With The "I'm Sorry"

I'm Sorry

I went to the grocery store a few weeks ago. I needed a package of Almond Joy pieces and some celery. (Don’t judge.)

I had taken one of those little mini carts, just in case I got a hankering in the chocolate aisle, and upon returning it, goods in hand, I was met by a lovely woman unloading her groceries from her own itty bitty cart so she could carry them to her car.  As I approached her, she looked down and muttered, “I’m sorry.”

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It’s A Cliche For A Reason

It’s a Cliche for a Reason

Lately a number of people have expressed to me that they think it’s surprising and strange that their past circumstances contribute to their current reality. More than one person has told me that it literally feels like a “cliche” to them that their relationship with their parents, for example, bears weight on the way that they see the world.

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How To Release Childhood Wounds

Lissa Rankin

I grew up believing that love is conditional. I don’t blame my parents for this - and it turns out it wasn’t true - but I genuinely thought my parents would only love me if:

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Barbie and Body Image

Banned Body Shop Ad

Does the above image offend you?

It offended Mattel, the makers of the infamous Barbie doll. The company pulled rank, sent Body Shop a cease and desist letter, effectively yanking the ad from circulation.

Granted, this all happened about five years ago. But the fact that the image above still appears on Facebook pages asking those who agree with The Body Shop to repost to their own page in a show of support, along with the fact that I got so fired up about the topic, tells us we still have a ways to go before society stops assigning worth based on body size alone.

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When Mother’s Day Is No Cakewalk

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is today, which is a day to celebrate, right? We take Mommies out to brunch and give them flowers. Kids hand-craft macaroni necklaces to adorn Mommy in her Sunday dress. We kiss, hug, send cards, and jam up the phone lines as we remember our own mothers. In a perfect world, Mother’s Day would be a day we could all celebrate.

But, as some of you may know, we don’t live in a perfect world. For some, Mother’s Day is a day people want to dig a hole and crawl in. It’s a day they wish they could fast forward through. It’s a day that makes them cringe as they watch all the happy people bustle about wearing white orchids and smiling with happy children carrying balloons.

I’m Blessed
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Love Letter To Your Inner Child: An Exercise In Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Inner Child

Do you hear voices in your head that hold you back? Is The Gremlin of fear hissing, “You’ll never amount to anything!” or, “When are you gonna learn that ugly girls can’t do things like that?” or, “You’re not smart/pretty/talented/sexy/rich/wise enough!” when you start dreaming big?

Or maybe The Gremlin is spewing “You’ll never belong!” or, “What makes you think anybody would ever care about a book you would write?” or, “Get over yourself and know your place!” or, “Nobody will ever love you.”

So often, those voices stem from childhood. The Gremlin is just repeating things we heard from our parents or things we told ourselves when we were very young and impressionable.

And yet, those voices are powerful forces in our lives, and we may mistake them as truth, when they’re just bitter toxic lies spitting out of our minds like ammunition aimed at the jugular.

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Roundtable - How Do You Connect With Your Inner Child?

Lissa cartwheel

Welcome to the Owning Pink Roundtable, where we pose the same question to several of our bloggers and let 'em have at it. This week, following the festivities of Halloween, we went to the OP staff to find out how they connect with their inner child. Whoopie cushions, anyone? Enjoy!

Halloween celebrations (and the consequent sugar overload) are enough to make anyone dress up, get silly, and have a little fun. But how do you get in touch with your inner child on a daily basis? Do you make time for playtime?
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