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Reclaiming Your Power From Chronic Illness

Power Yoga

What does power have to do with creating lasting wellness? 


If you have landed here, my guess is you are feeling powerless in some aspect of your life.  Maybe you are so fatigued you don’t have the energy to enjoy your family or start the business you always dreamed of.  Maybe you were just diagnosed with an “incurable” disease and don’t know where to turn.  Or maybe you have been living with an illness for years and feel like you have tried everything your doctors have told you to, with no success.  If any of these are true for you, you are in serious need of some power.

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20 Health Conditions Most Amenable To Self-Healing

self healing placebo

In this post that proves with scientific data that you can heal yourself, at least a percentage of the time, I made the case that perhaps we should be embracing, rather than dismissing, the placebo effect.

But it begs the question - do all health conditions respond equally to placebo?

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Finding Peace With Chronic Illness

Love your body

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I felt like I was walking in a fog. A thick, stew-like fog. I didn’t know what to do, where to turn. I couldn’t see or think clearly.

But that quickly changed when I had to re-enter the real world of responsibilities, obligations, and demands. All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and make it all go away.

Sound familiar?

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3 Steps To A Healthy Body Image

Weight loss by tape measure
What’s more painful than chronic physical pain?

The pain that lives inside of us, that’s what. Can you imagine being 100 pounds overweight and living with all of the agony that goes along with that? The inability to buy a dress or the fear that goes with flying on an airplane? Now, can you imagine losing that weight and still coming up short? Still feeling deep inside that you are not good enough? Never believing for more than a few moments at a time, that you are beautiful and valuable?

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Reclaim Your Energy in 5 Quick Steps

Do you ever wish you had more energy?  Ha. I know, silly question.  Who doesn’t wish they had more energy? Everyone I talk to, no matter if they are parents or single, working or living a life of leisure, ill or "healthy", they have the same goal: they want more energy.

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