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Crazy Sexy Diet

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Top 15 Crazy Sexy Diet Tips

Kris Carr

Summer is almost here! Check out some of my top tips for supercharged living below, plus my favorite green juice recipe. This handy list is a great reminder when you fall off the wellness wagon. 

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On Healthy Eating: Battling the Comfort Food War Within


I just found an unopened box of Bulgar Wheat that has been in my cupboard for nigh on seven years. In fact, I would venture to say if I had room in my kitchen for every health food item I've purchased but never used, I would be making Top Ramen in a room the size of the Duomo in Milan.

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Can I Eat A Mostly Raw, Somewhat Organic, Vegan Diet - On The Cheap?

Vegan Diet Organic Cheap

Queen Turnips,

Why am I so driven to try alternative therapies? Because I’m a health junkie and a writer. I want first-hand experience, not recycled articles with agendas. In 2008, I had a little downtime so I decided to give oxygen treatments a whirl. I had been reading about their benefits for years, saved some money from my speaking gigs, and dove head first into goodness and madness.

My readers have always commented on the cost of a healthy lifestyle.

These complaints have stuck in my mind. Forget my out-of-the-box treatments; the main problem is the raw, vegan, organic diet, and all the goodie-boosters that go with it. It’s expensive! Some folks get really miffed at me for promoting this way of living – if they can’t afford it then I shouldn’t write about it. Now that’s not fair or constructive. My point is to address problems and find solutions. But clearly I have more work to do.

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Got Mucus?

Got Mucus?

Please welcome dear friend of Owning Pink and best-selling author of the recently published book that is redefining healthy living as we know it, Crazy Sexy Diet -- Kris Carr! We are thrilled to have her. Thanks, Kris!

Whether it’s the holidays or your Mom’s birthday, when you arrive home and need a snack, do you latch on and suckle? EW!!!! When we look at nature do we see animals nursing beyond their youth? The answer is no. Also, do you see a gorilla milking a rabbit? A deer suckling a tiger? Nope. Breast milk of any kind is intended for the specific species and it is only for the early stages of life during the baby’s biggest growth spurt. Cow’s milk grows a 90 pound calf into a 2000 pound cow over the course of 2 years. And we wonder why we’re overweight!

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A Foolproof System For Overcoming Jealousy

Overcoming jealousy

I got an email this week from a reader, who was responding to a Facebook post I wrote about having dinner with Crazy Sexy Diet author Kris Carr at Café Gratitude in San Francisco, where she’s visiting on tour for her New York Times bestselling book. 

The reader wrote:

"I’m so happy for you that you get to hang out with all these people I admire -- Kris Carr, Sheila Kelley, Debbie Rosas, Mama Gena -- but every time I read about you doing something with women I wish I could have as my friends, I get so jealous I can hardly stand it. And then I feel shitty about myself, but I feel like that makes me a bad person. I don’t want you to stop posting about what you do. I love you, and I want you to keep being ALL YOU, ALL THE TIME. But in the spirit of transparency, I just wanted to share with you how I was feeling and see if you have an suggestions for how I might overcome this.”

So this post is dedicated to her -- and anyone else out there who feels the same. Thank you, my friend, for speaking your truth and for being the lovely light you are.

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An Interview With Crazy, Sexy, Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Kris Carr

Introducing….(drum roll please)… Crazy Sexy KRIS CARR!!! (The crowd goes wild). I know many of you know Kris already from her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, her books Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, her killer website CrazySexyLife.com, and her many media appearances, including Oprah. You might have seen Kris on Good Morning America this morning, and you might have been one of the readers who launched her new book Crazy Sexy Diet to #8 on Amazon yesterday! WOOT! Kris is my new BFF and soul sister (GIRL CRUSH ALERT!) and I want you to make sure she’s on your radar. So please welcome Kris on her Owning Pink debut.

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