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Joe Paterno

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Women, Hold Your Men In The Paterno Fallout

joe paterno

I like to write about sex but lately I’ve been more taken with the gender-related power issues that swirl around sex in our society. Why? Because I think one of the reasons it’s so hard for women to own their sexuality is because of the way sex has been used to keep us out of our power. I’m not going to go into a rant about that here because (a) I’m tired of all that blaming and (b) you’ve heard it all before. But there is a shift in our world going on around men, women, sex, and power and it may be about to hit your father, husband, partner, sons and lots of guys you work with.

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P.S. You: Penn State - The Lessons For The Rest of Us

penn state
Had Paterno or McQueary gone further in reporting the rapes and continued molestation, what do you think may have changed? The university­, local and county law enforcemen­t agencies worked hard to cover this up for 15 years because no one wanted to blow up the dream of PSU football.  I'm asking myself what the lesson is for the rest of us.
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Why We Can NEVER Give Sexual Perpetrators the Benefit Of The Doubt


I'm guessing every writer has a topic within them that is suppressed. This would be mine. I’d rather chat about living green, cowboys and pumpkin pie - anything over this. Frankly, I don’t want to write about pedophiles any more than you want to read about them, but, as we have seen with the Catholic Church and now with Penn State, our unwillingness to discuss and understand this issue is ENABLING it to fester.

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