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The Haunting of Sexual Abuse


I recently had the opportunity to be alone. By myself. No family. Just me and the house. Wow. What a treat. And then I went to a bar. Ok, I didn't actually go to a bar, I went to a restaurant when it was crowded and they stuck me in the bar for a few minutes until a table opened. But in that time I met a guy who seemed a little tipsy. Under other circumstances I would have thought he was attractive. We'll call him On-the-make Bob, and even though he didn't make a formal pass at me, I felt uneasy with the way he looked at me. I became conscious that I was wearing a low cut top and suddenly felt a little naked. I flashed my wedding ring but he didn't shut up. Other people were at the bar. One woman even seemed to realize Bob was a little creepy and asked about my husband. I was totally safe. Before long I got my table and got away from the guy. He had done and said nothing wrong, but I felt vulnerable for some reason.

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How Doctors Should Treat Women

doctor woman

If you’re one of the many fabulous physicians out there, here’s a great big HIGH FIVE. Bless your heart and keep up the good work. We need you, and what you do matters like nobody’s business. Thank you for sacrificing so much in your own life in order to serve others. (I gush more in my Love Letter To Doctors.)

But if you’re one of the bazillion doctors my readers write to me about, let me relay a few of the things I’ve learned from the women who read What's Up Down There, attend my public speaking events, comment here on Owning Pink, come to my workshops, and send me emails.

Remember doctors -- way too many women have been molested, raped, or otherwise traumatized. Getting naked and giving someone else permission to touch is a big deal for some women, so be respectful.

I asked my readers how they wanted to be treated by their doctors, and here’s what they had to say.

How To Treat A Woman In The Exam Room
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For Victims Of Molestation

Art by Tricia Walman :www.seeyourvisionart.com

I did my Ask The Girlfriend Gyno chat in front of 400 students at Sonoma State University this week, and during my talk, I spoke about how I believe talking about your vagina can be very healing. After all, not only is the vagina where we create life and experience pleasure; it’s also where many traumas happen -- sexual molestation, rape, abortion, childbirth traumas, painful experiences at the gynecologist’s office, and traumatic sex. When we don’t release these traumas, they fester and manifest in ways we might not even associate with the original trauma. They might express as depression, eating disorders, or chronic pelvic pain. But when we talk about our vaginas, when we seek solace in the company of others, we set ourselves free.

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