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Why Is It Easy To Be Nice To Other People...But Hard To Be Nice To Ourselves?

be kind to yourself

“When you know better, you do better.”

—Maya Angelou

Have you ever noticed that it’s pretty easy to be nice to other people — to smile, to offer a few words of appreciation, to extend a helping hand, to say “you look beautiful” or “you’re doing an amazing job!” — but much harder to be kind to yourself?

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No Excuse For Bad Behavior

bad behavior

A friend of mine who was a therapist in a half way house described an incident where this big burly nut-bar barged into a group therapy session hollering and waving his arms around. He was like a beefy Hell's Angels guy, and he was having one of his meanie episodes that would have scared the bejeezus out of even most tough cookies.

"Use your manners, would ya?" said the the group leader. "Turn around and come back in quietly."

And in mid-rage, huffing and puffing, buddy just stopped. Calmly. "Oh. Okay then." And he left the room, re-opened the door, walked in and sat down in the nearest empty seat. Quietly.

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