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Unlock Your Relationship Through Sex

Unlock Your Relationship

By: Jordan Gray

Sex is the glue that holds your relationship together.

Many relationship experts claim that passion fades over time and that a fall in sex drive is a normal and healthy thing that everyone experiences.

And yet...

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Bucket List Got You Down? Try a Thimble List

Bucket List Got You Down? Try a Thimble List by Jennifer Louden

I do not have a bucket list. On paper, I love the idea of it - a list of things to experience in life - and I can certainly see how such a list could motivate you to open more to wonder.

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3 Proven Ways To Achieve Financial Harmony With Your Partner

Couples and Money Relationships

Money is often a major source of tension in relationships. Far too often couples break up over this. Many relationships could overcome the issue and end up in healthier relationships if they applied simply proven methods to address the problem.

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Date The Partner Who Is Sure They Want To Date You!


I am fortunate enough to speak to, on average, 25 bright, gorgeous, spirited clients a week.  The majority of these clients are woman–close to 90%– and they are exquisite. She is usually good at what she does and wants to be great or stuck in some area of her life and wants to get unstuck. She is intelligent, compassionate, successful and accomplished in many senses of the word yet, deeply afraid of being left behind in romance and partnership.  So much so that she spends exorbitant amounts of energy repressing, and quite honestly, disrespecting what she wants in relationship in order to be who she thinks “he” needs her to be.

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Sacred Skills

Sacred Skills

The summer before my son James began preschool, I would find him in various corners of our Hornby Island home, talking to himself. “I’m getting dressed and having breakfast,” he’d chant out loud. “I’m putting my peanut-butter sandwich and juice in my lunch box. I’m walking to the school bus with Mum. I’m taking the bus to pre-school. I’m making lots and lots of friends. I’m having so much fun playing on the slides and swings. Everyone loves me at preschool. I love preschool.” His big brown eyes shone with happy certainty as he repeated this story, with minor variations, all summer. And when he did go to preschool that September, the story he’d told unfolded just as he’d known it would. He made many good friends, had lots of fun, and everyone loved him.

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10 Crucial Questions Your Doctor Should Ask You (But Probably Doesn’t)


We all know what it’s like to fill out detailed forms about our medical history at the doctor’s office. But is your doctor asking you the questions he or she really needs in order to get a good read on your health? At the Whole Health Medicine Institute, the training program my team runs for doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, energy healers and other health care providers, we teach healers how to ask patients the right questions. But in case your doctor isn’t asking you the questions that might illuminate potential root causes of your illness, try asking yourself these questions.

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Finding Stillness With Stones


If you’re someone who feels the strain of a fast-paced life, there’s an ally in nature who can help you experience a restful pace.  I’m talking about stones and the slowness of ‘stone time.’  If you have scientific leanings, you might prefer to call it ‘geologic time.’  Scientifically speaking, geologic time is a phrase we use to describe the eons of Earth’s history, each one millions of years long.  (You can explore what we know about them at the Smithsonian’s Geologic Time website.)  It can feel mind-bogglingly abstract to try to wrap your head around Earth’s 4.6 billion year history.  I find it easier to personalize this by focusing on how you can connect to what I’ll call stone time, which is the slow depth we can encounter when we give our attention to stones.

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Are You An Achievement Junkie?

Achievement Junkie
Why it’s so hard to stop working so hard.

I was talking to a client the other day on the phone and it happened again. The same thing that has happened to me and to practically every woman I have ever mentored. I call it “Achievers Amnesia.”

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Have The Courage To Be Vulnerable

Have The Courage To Be Vulnerable

Given the focus of my work, especially in the past five years since the release of my book Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken, which is all about authenticity and vulnerability, I’m constantly in situations where I’m talking about, encouraging, and seeing the positive impact of vulnerability.

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The Holy F*ck

Sex weekend

Somehow, I intuited this at an early age, that the f*ck was my salvation.

That if I truly gave myself to it, I would be delivered.