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Triggers, Projection, And There's Momma!

When my partner (in this video) gets triggered, some memory and associated emotion has been stimulated and adrenaline floods his system.  Until the chemical recedes there is no point in attempting to reason, defend, explain or say a thing. He has drifted into a trance bringing some snippet of history forward into the present situation.    In his reactive emotional state he is convinced that he is right or that his point of view is correct.   He projects his skewed perception into the scenario and instantly I have turned into a version of his mother.   It is not worth it to attempt to resolve ANYTHING when someone is triggered.  Chances are you will fuel the fire no matter what you say.  Save your breath and energy.

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The Next Time You Get The Cold Shoulder, Say Thanks!

The Next Time You Get the Cold Shoulder, Say Thanks!

How many times have you passed someone in the hall – a person you have seen many times at work, but don’t really know – and said hello?

At 6:45 a.m. on Monday mornings, in a semi-deserted hospital hallway, this happens to me all the time.

The response I get is, shall we say, interesting?

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Why Is It So Hard To Change Your Habits?

What exactly are habits, and why are they so hard to change?

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Healing Autoimmunity Against The Self And Against The Earth

Healing Autoimmunity Against the Self and Against the Earth

I’m writing today about the self attacking the self.  Immersed once again in questions about how to shift my body out of a pattern of autoimmune health problems, and feeling, as usual, trapped and hopeful, desperate and determined, I realized recently that the multiple autoimmune health problems that became common at the end of the 20th century are reflecting, and are metaphors for, the larger human struggle to stop abusing our planet.

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Mistaking Our Genetic Makeup For The Human Spirit

 “You all know this, but it’s worth stating the obvious,” declared Amy McGuire, a genomic bioethicist from Baylor College of Medicine at the start of this year’s TEDMED conference in San Francisco. “Genomic sequencing is not an infallible prophecy of our future.”

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Is It My Intuition Or Is It My Resistance? Here's How To Know The Difference


On the one hand, there’s listening to your body, your inner wisdom, your gut feelings, your intuition, or really whatever you want to call your divine instinct.

And then on the other, there’s resistance.

What’s the difference?

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Truth Telling. A Practice Of Self Love...

truth telling

Today I’d like to talk about a topic that is rather, well, “Cringeworthy”; our need to tell “White Lies”.  I’m talking about exaggerations, half truths, excuses, Yes I’m going there, the whole gamut.

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Rethinking The Busy-ness Of Our Lives


No matter where I am or who I'm with, conversation inevitably turns towards how busy we are. Let’s face it – we’re often on our phones answering texts, or we are thinking about what we need to do or who to call. We’re rarely in the present moment.

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The Cure For All Anxiety


We live in a culture that says that the only way to get what you want is to DO DO DO and then DO some more. Push. Struggle. Make it happen. Put your nose to the grindstone. Work your ass off. Try. And never ever give up.

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The Power Of Conscious Choice

loving compassion

Anxiety woke me abruptly at five o’clock this morning. The frantic voice in my head sounded my alarms, chanting, “You don’t have enough time to do everything!” My adrenals jumped into fight/flight mode, instantly waking me all the way up. But luckily, after 35 years as a body-centered therapist, I knew better than to stay focused on this all-too-familiar-chant. I quickly shifted into asking, “Where do I feel anxiety in my body?” It appeared as a tight knot in my belly. From years of experience, I sent five deep breaths directly into the center of the knot and watched it soften and dissolve into spacious peacefulness.