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Are You Forced To Work To Pay The Bills And Keep The Benefits?

Discover your purpose

My heart SINKS every time I hear a woman talk about how or why she feels she must defer her dreams.

Just last week I talked with a woman over a Discover Your Purpose Strategy Session and she shared how she feels “forced to work to pay the bills and keep the benefits.” Even though she knows God has a very different purpose for her, fear of failure keeps her from acting on it.

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Getting Some Rose-Colored Glasses For Your Crystal Ball…

Getting Some Rose-Colored Glasses for your Crystal Ball…

I reckon the future is a very fluid proposition. In the traditional tarot deck, “fate” is symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune, and the idea is that the closer to the centre of the circle you can remain, the less you will be thrown off balance by whatever reality constellates itself. I like to think of the spinning wheel as resembling a super-duper kaleidoscope – you never know exactly what permutation of the color palette’s vast array of options it will fix at until the very last moment.

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10 Yoga Poses That Actually Hurt Your Joints

Yoga poses

By: Churchill Otieno

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, usually used to keep the practitioner in shape and healthy. However, there are dangers when it comes to yoga sessions. Some types of stretches can eventually do more harm than good, though there is some debate about it. Some steps can be taken to prevent yoga related injuries, however many don't even realize what can happen as a result of the injury. For some, their joints are in danger of being stretched, misaligned or otherwise mistreated. It is important to always consider three things before taking on a certain yoga pose. There are always precautions you can take to avoid damaging your joints and bones, however some are positions our bodies are simply not built to perform.

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11 Ways To Live Fully -- And Stop Comparing

live fully

I always cry on my birthday. And I really don’t even know why. And that’s hard to admit as someone as introspective as I am. I like to know myself. And I really can’t put a finger on this one.

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James Gordon Says Mind-Body Medicine No Longer ‘Complementary’

When asked what role mind-body medicine plays in maintaining our mental and physical well-being, the response from Dr. James Gordon is unequivocal: “Fundamental!”

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hiro Boga zen, sand, rocks

Even in the summer, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest can be moody, unpredictable. In the grocery story, in the teller line-up at the bank, people shake their heads and say: “July!” mournfully.

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How To Use Forgiveness To Heal Your Heart, Health, And Spirit

Forgiveness Meditation

Letting go of the past was one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn, yet it is a practice I need to connect back to often. Are you starting to shift in your chair uncomfortably just thinking about forgiveness? When I discuss this stage of healing in lectures or with my individual clients, I hear deep sighs. Then I hear the response I used to give myself, "Yeah, but..."

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Why Everyone Deserves A Little “Me” Time

Me time yoga

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, taking care of children or moving up the corporate ladder, everyone needs a little time away from friends, family, work and even our phones (gasp!). No matter how busy we get or how much we have waiting on our to-do lists, “me” time is incredibly important. Taking the time to relax and recharge can help you on so many levels – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Nurturing ourselves gives us the resources to help others in our lives.

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Losing My Safari Virginity


Martha Beck’s African STAR retreat at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa begins with silence in the back of the Land Rover. The air is thick with a vibration so palpable it moves warm honey through my legs and up into my chest. Martha is entraining us all from the very beginning, and it works. We drop right in, and the animals can sense it. The giraffe is right there, so close we can hear her breathing. I am keenly aware that every giraffe I have ever experienced pales in comparison to this one. She is free to come and go as she pleases. She takes care of herself and doesn’t depend on feeders to nourish her. She is not here for our pleasure; she is just here, being her wild true nature, as all of us are yearning to be.

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Expand Your Light With A Cleaner Diet

clean diet

Before I delve into this topic, let me just say that I'm not a full, "Vegan" by any way stretch, shape or form nor am a certified, Nutritionist.  Might consider becoming a "Vegan" at some point, but not quite there yet.  For now, I enjoy chicken and fish thank you very much.  I also adore coffee (still working on conquering that vice).