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5 Ways To Survive A Bad Day

Surviving a bad day

Some days are hard. We all have them. But, there are a few keys to getting through them with ease and grace, even if they're full of tears.

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A Call For Greater Compassion


A few weeks ago, I posted a video on Facebook which shared the message of a famous spiritual teacher. Many were touched by and shared the video, but a few wrote disparaging remarks about the video, claiming that the spiritual teacher couldn’t be trusted because he struggled with alcoholism, as if we could never trust anything we might learn about spirituality from an alcoholic.

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Not Everyone Scores At A Red Tag Sale; The High Cost Of The Hidden Price Tag

Nature Never Goes On Sale~Monica Wilcox

If you would be so kind to give me a moment of your time and the key to open your mind. I’d like to challenge your perspective and offer you a new view through a set of green goggles.

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Mentors – How Much Power Should You Give Them?

Mentors – How Much Power Should You Give Them?

Lately I have been pondering exactly what role mentors should have, and how much authority it is healthy to give them in your life. A few years ago I was involved in a spiritual group, which was really nourishing and changed me hugely for the better. But then the shit hit the fan, as it so often does when human egos are involved, no matter how noble people’s intentions may be. The two head honchos in my beloved group had a spectacular falling out, and I had to choose between them.

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Preaching The Health-Inducing Gospel Of Forgiveness

Asked how he became the poster child for what he refers to as “forgiveness therapy,” Forgive For Good author Dr. Fred Luskin says, it all goes back to his desire to have a better understanding of practical spirituality.

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How To Do Super Brain Power Yoga?

brain power yoga

By: Chetana Sagiraju

Have you ever been punished while at school? Have you ever been made to do full squats with your hands crossed along the chest to hold the opposite ear lobes? If you have done this as a child, then it would be easy for you to learn this super brain power yoga. From punishment to health—who would have thought? Or maybe our teachers knew a thing or two about yoga?

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Trusting The Synchronicity Of Life


I just finished Wayne Dyer’s new book I Can See Clearly Now, in which he recounts many of the pivotal moments of his life, the lessons he learned, and how he “can see clearly now” the meaning, purpose, and synchronicity of it all.  I loved the book and got so much out of it.

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Who Are The Friends Of Your Soul?

soul friends

I used to think that friends were the people who unconditionally comforted you when you felt wronged, showed up for you when you felt needy and insecure, joined you in righteous indignation when you felt angry, and validated you when life isn’t going your way. I thought friends would be unconditional cheerleaders, and you would always feel better after being with a friend. But lately, I’ve realized that my most valuable friends are the ones who stand for my soul, even when that means saying something my ego doesn’t want to hear.