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It's All About Heart

Heart Disease

By Leslie Vandever

It steals the lives of more women each year than other common diseases, including breast and other cancers. It kills more women than domestic violence, more women than automobile accidents, and more women than injuries and infections. What’s worse, this life-thief frequently strikes without warning.

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The Power Of Intention

doctor, patient, comfort, reassure, intention

In 2000, William Bengston and David Krinsley published a study that I find fascinating. They reported on the effect of “laying on of hands” with a positive intention on transplanted breast cancer in mice.

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The Power Of Conscious Awareness


Jessie sat meditating each morning, labeling her thoughts “thinking” for thirty minutes. But this failed to stop her rage at her partner Tom for disappointing her. Perplexed at how to overcome this, she agreed, in therapy, to set an intention: “I’m willing to see my anger story as a story rather than swallow it as gospel.”

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How To Find The Light Amidst The Struggle...So You Can Rise!

The day before Easter at 5am I awoke to the lunar eclipse, on the full moon, during Passover – talk about super power spiritual energy! And for two hours I watched this phenomenon, sitting on my furry yoga mat, as the light of the moon was covered in darkness so I could barely see the light, and then slowly over those two hours, the shadow began to fade and the light of the moon returned, and with a new rising sun filled up the entire sky with a pastel rainbow of colors that looked like a million easter eggs.

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How To Preserve Your Heart In The Presence Of Dense Energy

Dense Energy

I’m going to handle this topic delicately, because we’re all doing the very best we can as we face the challenges of life.

However, we are all responsible for the energy that we put out into the world and unfortunately, the Universal laws do not take a hiatus, when life kicks the wind out of us.

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An Environmentalist Comes To Georgia

Double bagged groceries

Atlanta grocers possess a deep and unyielding passion for plastic bags. They adore them. I don’t. So naturally we’ve had some interesting altercations at the far side of the scanner.

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Redefining The Mind-Body Connection

Redefining The Mind-Body Connection

As trailblazing as it may seem, the field of mind-body medicine may actually be stuck in the mud, trying in vain to extract itself from the idea that matter is the be-all and end-all of existence.

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What To Do With My Heavy Expectations (+ Making Good Stuff Happen)


If you’ve ever met me (or if you’ve read more than three blog posts) you know I want to make good stuff happen. I want to drink green juice, fit in a good workout, write something mind-blowingly good, catch up with friends, sign a new client, meditate, and give a presentation to a group of smart-hearted women.

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Your Orgasm Tells You Everything

Your Orgasm

Your orgasm is a mini version of you. It’s your DNA, really.  


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For Peace And Wisdom, Cultivate Middle Mind

Photo of balancing rocks

How easy it is to notice and be seduced by extremes. Maybe that’s why we humans sometimes default to a black or white, good or bad view of ourselves and the world, even when long years and experience have proven that life is anything but black and white.