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How To Stop Irritating Thoughts In Seconds

Whole Body Intelligence
7 Steps for stopping negative thinking in its tracks

In order to stop negative thinking on demand, I find it wise to step back and remember that you always have a choice when it comes to your thinking—you can catch and change the direction of your negative thoughts or just let them spin around crazy in your head. As Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it."

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What To Do If You Feel Disrespected

What to do if you feel disrespected

Yes, life would be so much easier and SO much better if everyone would simply conform to my perfect way of doing things.

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How Do You Handle Criticism?

I’ve received some criticism in the past couple of weeks in a few different situations. Read More...
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Do You Have Friends That Vanish?

Dearest One, 

Lately I've been noticing a pattern and I'm curious if you experience it too. One that always knocks me out and blindsides me...

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Get Yourself Into The Flow – Release Fighting, Flailing And Feeling Bad

Go with the flow

About 5 years ago I was smacked right in the face with one of those universal epiphanies that was super hard to swallow but once I did, it saved my life (and I share it with you now):

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One Small Act...

Being Brave

I’ve never considered myself to be a particularly brave person.

Risk taking was certainly not particularly high up on my bucket list. 

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Who Are You BEING As A Leader?


Who we become as leaders comes not from books or training but from paying attention to the small and big choices we make every day. Just last week my 16-year old called me in a panic around 11:30am. She asked if I could come and pick her up from school. Her voice had a sense of urgency in it. She had a major Chemistry test that she hadn’t studied adequately for and was afraid she would get an “F” on it, severely impacting her overall grade. This (she went on to say in one breath) would destroy her G.P.A., her chances of getting into a good college, and her career plans. Basically, she could write off her life. In that moment, I think she actually believed this and wanted to have the weekend to study for the test. Having had plenty of panic attacks about tests, I felt her fear. A part of me felt compassion for her, another part wanted to have her learn to be more responsible, another part wanted to help her get a good grade. Who was I going to be as a mom and a leader in that situation?

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Two Ways To Open The Heart

Open the Heart

Take a moment and do a little exercise with me, if you feel inspired to do so.

Consider someone you really loved and lost. Remember the feel of that person, the joy he or she evoked in you. Pull up a memory of how you felt when you were together. Then find the memory of how it felt to feel them slipping away from you. Maybe a beloved parent or child or spouse died. Maybe you finally met the love of your life, but he couldn’t stay in the presence of such intense intimacy, and he left. Find the grief of losing that person. Really feel it. Locate it in your body. Feel where you contract, the intense pain of the loss. Do you feel it?

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A Solo-Entpreneur's Mantra For Success

Hold the Vision & Trust the Process

There is an inevitable path my mind takes as a solo-entrepreneur walking on my life's path of purpose.  I start to feel lonely, sorry for myself, or worried about finances.  When my mind finally clears, I recognize that fear is masquerading as rational thought.

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Quick Check In And A Video About Gratitude

I shared a video a while back on a blog at Owning Pink, on my own blog, and on Fa Read More...