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Be Who You Dream Of Being - 5 Tips For Forming Good Habits

Be who you dream of being - 5 Tips for forming good habits

We all know a million things we "should do" if we want to improve in some way. There are countless websites, books videos etc. that give amazing advice. The problem is, if we are not motivated to take the advice, nothing happens. We just stay exactly where we are. I know for me, I have only scratched the surface of doing the things I know will take me where I want to be. I've added this photo "stress ends here" because not being who you want to be is stressful. You may not notice the stress directly but when you get on the road to being who you truly want to be, you will notice that you feel lighter and healthier at some level.

So how do we foster motivation to take the advice we know will take us to who we want to be? Well, here is a little more "advice" ;).

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How To Take Care Of Yourself When Everything Is Up In The Air

How to take care of yourself when everything is up in the air by Jennifer Louden

My post on How to Live When Everything is Up In the Air struck a resonant cord with so many readers. Hearing their experiences of being in liminal space - this betwixt/between time when you’ve let go of one person, place, or job and what’s next isn’t here yet - inspired me to think more about how we can best take care of ourselves in these wide open times. I’ve been pondering,

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This Story Does Not Belong To Me


Many of us have childhoods that are at best speckled with fleeting pain and at worst riddled with so many puncture wounds that if you held it up to the light it would resemble a less than elegant lace doily. Very few of us escape growing up in the soil of a past that is not slightly damaging and unholy. We do our best to wiggle around and beyond the sadness attached to our childhoods (our lives?) – the unmet expectations, the confusion, disappointments and mixed messages yet I think most of us would agree that the influence of our past can be felt as sharply as if it all occurred yesterday.

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Sweet Success: It’s Not What You Think

Sweet Success: It’s Not What You Think

This weekend my 9-month-old granddaughter is visiting me, with her parents.

And, for the 12th season, I’m walking alongside forty-eight remarkable, wise and powerful women as they journey through the miracle of discovery and creative exploration that is the program I teach in the spring and fall of each year.

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Today Is About Breaking Rules We Didn't Know We Had

bedside table

I was going to post a selfie, but I couldn't find an angle that didn't leave me looking haggard and cranky, so you get to see my bedside table instead.

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The Galaxy Traveler's Guide To The Spiritual Speedway

Spiritual Speedway by Monica Wilcox

“I want to quit!” He tells me. “I want to shut down the office, close down the accounts, un-social my media, tweet my last tweet and blog my last post. I’m moving to Thailand to sell herbs from a bicycle basket.  I’ll go back to selling floor tiles. I was good at that. I could look at a finished floor and know I had accomplished something.”  My poor friend is on the downside of the spiritual cycle and believes he’s the only one on the racetrack.

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How To Make Your Nails Shinier At Home

Shinier Nails at Home

By: Adonia Dennis

Having wonderful looking nails reflects your beauty and hygiene. Your nails can also tell underlying health conditions, such as infections, skin diseases, and malnutrition. Nails are keratin layers, which are proteins that make up the outer layer of your skin and your hair. If your nails look dull and unhealthy, you may have vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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Body Appreciation Day!

love your body

I know at times it’s tough to appreciate your body for its true brilliance and how much it does it for you.

You may have concerns about how it looks, or you may not like how it performs in certain situations or possibly not like it because of pain you feel from living in it.

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I'm Home

Get Well Flowers

These flowers are from the Brain Trust. Thanks, Jen, Michele, Michael, Eric, and Mark

This will probably be pretty brief as I am still rather woozy, but I didn't want to delay any longer letting everyone know that I'm home and well. If we're friends on Facebook you may have seen some short updates to that effect.

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Are You Kind?

Peace Love Kind

Note to readers: You may or may not have noticed that it has been almost two months since my last blog entry. Since I began blogging in April of 2009, I have never once taken a break from blogging. Blogging has been a way to digest my experience, dive into deep spiritual inquiry, and integrate my spiritual path. But this year, I have found myself with less urgency to blog, not because there isn’t much to write about, but because there has been an inner draw towards stillness and a movement out of the left brain realm of language and into the right brain territory of the heart, where words can sometimes be distracting. I also needed to create an inner spaciousness to digest some of the miraculous experiences that have happened to me, some of which I relay in my upcoming book The Anatomy of a Calling: A Doctor’s Journey from the Head to the Heart and a Prescription for Finding Your Life’s Purpose. (You can preorder it here if it calls to you.) That said, today’s blog has been bubbling around in me. Thank you, as always, for caring about what I write and allowing it to help you better know your own true self. I have a feeling more blog posts will be bubbling forth rather soon, so stay tuned!