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Discernment: A Superpower Worth Developing In Business And Life - You'll Need It.


I love what Iyanla Vanzant says "When you see crazy coming, run to the other side of the street".  Every time I hear this, I burst out laughing, because it's true, we must walk with a discerning spirit not in a judgmental way, but trust and honour our instincts about people.

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How Loss Can Initiate You

Loss as Initiation

I’ve experienced a lot of loss this year. Most of the loss has come as my own choice, which in some ways makes it even harder. I can’t even fall back on feelings of victimhood because I’ve brought all this loss upon myself, not because I’m a masochist, but because I’m being called to align with the integrity of my Inner Pilot Light in radical ways. It’s hard and scary and wildly uncomfortable. And it hurts. My heart feels heavy as big changes have uprooted me. I’ve had to really lean into my spiritual practice to stay grounded, avoid the downward spiral into fear, find peace with uncertainty, and allow loss to grow my soul, rather than shrink it.

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Why Can't I Lose Weight??? Could It Be My Thyroid?

Weight Gain

When I talk with women who are experiencing unexpected weight gain, often one of the first questions I am asked is "Could it be my thyroid?"

Sometimes, my answer is "yes". Our thyroid hormones play a huge role in regulating our metabolism and how our body uses nutrients. And as we age, our thyroid may get more sluggish. Cortisol (which you can read about here and here), can also affect the action of thyroid hormones by blocking the receptors in your body.
Research shows that even small changes in thyroid function can cause weight gain. In fact, many women who have been told their thyroid test results are "normal" may still have a reduced thyroid function (subclinical hypothyroidism) that's enough to cause weight gain and other bothersome symptoms. Unexpected weight gain and difficulty losing weight may be one of the first noticeable signals that something's amiss. 
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A Snake Or A Gentleman? You Already Know.

Snake or Gentleman

Ladies, I was recently introduced to a young lady who was engaged to be married. After our short introduction, it was brought to my attention that her fiancé was married previously and had not taken very good care of his first wife. Hmmmmm. I began to think to myself, "How often do women think they can change men?" It's important to understand that a man will show you who he is before you connect with him. We simply need to pay close attention to all of the signs.

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Paper Cranes

On August 6th, 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. An estimated 140,000 people died in the aftermath. Today, the city of Hiroshima leads the movement for world peace. I am proud to be named for this city, which has transformed a legacy of unimaginable suffering into the ongoing work of peace-making. This is my tribute to Hiroshima; to those who died in the world’s first nuclear holocaust, and to those who live there today.

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School’s Back, Get Your Sh*t Together: A Love Note To Parents

School's Back

Dearest optimistic, and yeah, I’ll say it—secretly terrified—parent,

Yikes! It’s August. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of another school year creeping in.

But let’s not kid each other. You and I both know, lurking just below the surface of that freshly setup binder, is a ticking time bomb of disorganized, clutterific chaos. 

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What Legally Blonde Taught Me About (Not) Being A Brand

Legally Blonde

I recently became completely obsessive with Legally Blonde: Musical. Totally not still in vogue, but the Broadway show was recorded for MTV back in the day so my sister and I stayed up late one night googly-eyed and giggling over Elle, Emit and their better-developed-than-the-movie romance. 

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The Weakness In Strengths-Based Leadership

The Weakness in Strengths-based Leadership

I recently worked with a Vice President who was an up-and-comer in her firm’s global division. She was the “go-to” person on technical issues relating to Asian markets and she was intentionally developing her leadership style to incorporate coach, mentor and develop others in the company to work effectively with foreign partners. This was her primary career strategy until she ran into a buzz saw that threatened to leave her stuck at the VP level. It turns out that while focusing on the technical aspects of global operations, and developing employees to manage them well, she had failed to develop some of her bosses at the same time. Her “managing up” skills were weak at the executive level and she was uncomfortable with the delicate education and persuasion necessary to bring along some of her superiors.

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How To Call In A Cheetah - Part 2

Calling your cheetah

In Part 1 of this blog, I told the story of my cheetah encounter during the Africa STAR retreat with Martha Beck at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. What I hadn’t realized at the time, because we weren’t being intentional about it, is that those of us in the Land Rover who were blessed to have our sacred moment with the cheetah had been doing exactly what Martha teaches about how to bring into being what you desire.

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How To Create The Perfect Meal For A Warp Speed Life


If your life seems to move at warp speed and you’re struggling to eat right, take a deep breath and read on. I’ve got the perfect meal formula for you.

Time is the chief “reason” people give for eating fast food, processed and pre-made meals or not eating at all. Between deadlines, meetings and getting the kids to bed, who has time to prepare a meal much less eat it?