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“This One? Or That One? What Do YOU Think?” The Misery Of Second-Guessing — And How To Stop It.

This One Or That One?
There was a time in my life when my nickname probably should have been Suzanne “Second-Guess” Gelb.

I remember one particular moment — so vividly — when my mother bought me a new pair of pants to wear to school. Even at a very tender age, my second-guessing-itis had already taken hold.

“Should I wear these pants? I think they look nice. But maybe not. I don’t know. Are they cool? Or stupid-looking? I’ll wait and see if anybody else at school is wearing this style … if somebody else wears them first, then it’s probably fine …”

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What To Do When The People You Love Drive You Bananas

What to Do When the People You Love Drive You Bananas

We’re now in the sandwich space between Thanksgiving (in the US) and Christmas. Opportunities abound to spend time with loved ones. And opportunities abound for those very same ones we love to push our buttons.

Unless you’re living on another planet where feathers never get ruffled by other people, especially the ones you share genetic material with, this season is rife with chances to choose how you respond to said ruffled feathers.

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Our Brain Can't Distinguish The Difference Between Good Habits and Bad Habits

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We have good habits and we have bad habits and at the subconscious level, our brain cannot tell the difference between the two. This means that the brain will not be able to tell us to refrain from performing our bad habits because he cannot tell that what we are doing is our bad habit. All our brain can distinguish is what we are doing is indeed our habit.

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The Difference Between Judgment & Discernment

Judgment versus Discernment

He cheated on his wife with a much younger employee.

She abandoned her newborn baby.

He drinks until he beats his children.

She manipulates her feminine wiles to get what she wants from men.

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The Power Of Simple Questions

disappointed and discouraged

I spent last week sick with a chest cold, exhausted from promoting my new book, Free Yourself, on radio shows, social media, and an East Coast tour this fall. But as I lay sick on my deck, soaking up rays, I noticed a pressure on my heart. Along with deep exhaustion from a busy year of editing, proofreading and promoting, I felt disappointed and discouraged that a few close friends were too busy to help me.

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You Have The Power To Give Blessings...Just Like Any Sainted, Worshipped, Sexy, Powerful Deity.


Be the one who blesses. Generously. Everywhere.

Don’t wait to be pronounced a saint, or ordained and rarified. (You have to die for that to happen anyway.)
Join the priests and the Goddesses, the famed, the canonized and the deified and just… give… blessings.

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Does Women’s Emotional Intelligence Help Us Get Into Leadership?


Emotional Intelligence (a.k.a. “EQ”) is becoming recognized as one of the key differentiators between good and ineffective leaders. On the average, women have naturally high EQs, but there are many areas we can improve to move easily assertively into leadership into today’s organizational cultures. If you’re a woman, don’t assume you got all the EQ you need, and if you’re a man, don’t assume you don’t have natural abilities already.

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In Love And Orgasm We Trust

In Love and Orgasm We Trust

I came across this list years ago. It feels like one of these cosmic, secret-channeled things that you are lucky enough to stumble upon and absorb its wisdom.

My favourite of all the rules, the one that stands out the most to me, is Rule #1:

Find a place you trust and try trusting it for a while.

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Expect To Offend Some People (Be You Anyway)

Be Who You Are
Here are some things I’ve done that have offended people:

a) voiced my political opinions
b) taken a few fries off their plate
c) used the wrong pronoun
d) worn white jeans and sequins when I ‘should’ have been wearing a dark, subtle suit

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Remember That We're All Doing The Best We Can

Doing The Best We Can

I’m sometimes amazed and embarrassed by how critical I can be – both of other people and of myself.  Even though I both teach and practice the power of appreciation (as well as acceptance, compassion, authenticity, and more) when I find myself feeling scared, threatened, or insecure (which happens more often than I’d like it to), I notice that I can be quite judgmental.  Sadly, as I’ve learned throughout my life, being critical and judgmental never works, feels good, or leads me to what I truly want in my relationships and in my life.  Maybe you can relate to this yourself?