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Take a few moments when you first wake up & express gratitude for the joy in your life.


Owning Health

Not only are our bodies our homes, they are also the vessels that allow us to manifest our ideas, dreams and highest beliefs about ourselves and the world. They are the vehicles by which we participate in the world. Without them we couldn’t Own anything else. Caring for our bodies is one of the highest expressions of self-love. Health as we’re redefining it at Owning Pink equals vitality. In this section, hear from Dr. Lissa Rankin and others about how to listen to, nurture, and heal the precious earthly home that is your body.

Owning Spirituality

Whether it is through ritual, meditation, prayer, bonding with nature, or some other vehicle, a belief in something greater than us is a gateway to fulfillment. The Owning Pink community is rife with spiritual leaders, seers, and seekers who for years have been writing, downloading, questioning, and deepening their own practices. So much wisdom can be found here, but often there are more questions than answers – please join the conversation!

Owning Sexuality

How often does your sexual self take a back seat to other priorities in your life? A healthy sex life (with or without a partner) is key to being vital. As a culture, we seem to have a passive-aggressive relationship with the topic. On one level, sex surrounds us. On another, we shy away from it. But you have to love your sexual self to truly love your wholeness. This section of Owning Pink aims to open up dialogue about the subject that is important to all of us. When Owning Sexuality, you take responsibility for meeting your sensual needs, you boost your vitality, and you open channels that let you divinely connect with others.

Owning Creativity

Each of us was born to create. Be it art, a baby, food, a business, or a new idea, we are creative beings. Entirely too often, our obligation-filled lives (or in many more cases, the struggle to simply survive), doesn’t allow for this most essential aspect of our humanness. Here, we offer insight, ideas, and fun creative exercises to those who desire to reclaim the creative spark that is our birthright.

Owning Relationships

In addition to our fellow Pinkies, we walk in this world alongside many other people: family, lovers, friends, colleagues, strangers, those we serve and who serve us. What if we could bring our full, strong, authentic selves to our relationships with each of these beings? What if we could give and receive energy in equal measure, rather than controlling or being overpowered? What if we brought pure love and magical eyes to each encounter we have? Changing the world starts with how we relate to others. 

Owning Success

In our culture, success is usually defined as monetary, and it is most often tied to work. The pursuit of it is seen as the thing that gets in the way of everything else we want to own. But what if we redefined success as a fulfillment of our purpose as creative beings? Is it possible to align our work with our own truth and actually Own Success? Here, converse with Pinkies who are beginning to see their work in the world as neither an excuse nor an obstacle, but rather a significant and valuable part of living an authentic life. 

Owning the Planet

Our home environment is a reflection of who we are on the inside. Mama Earth is home to us all, and it is important that we see her with the Magical Eyes we use to see one another and ourselves. Much like we care for the bodies and rooms that house our Pink spirits, we need to love, respect, and nurture our Mama Earth and all beings that inhabit her. When we do this, we allow her to hold space we need to do our magical work in the world. When Owning the Planet, you give back to the world that feeds you.

Owning YOU

Really, Owning Pink is about Owning YOU – all those facets that comprise your authentic wholeness. When you are Owning You, you are alive with Mojo, filled to the brim with the scintillating life force that makes your skin glow Pink. You walk confidently in your world, immune to the opinions of others (even though most can’t help but be in awe of your dynamism).  You are unswayed by expectations, unfettered by drama. This section is where Pinkies pave the road back toYou by sharing their own experiences, ideas, and insights about the many paths to this one Pink place of wholeness.