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Owning Creativity

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Finding Meaning In Gems And Stones

gemstone meaning

I wasn’t the healthiest kid, so I spent a lot of time either going to or coming from the doctors or staying at home with my mom. When I was nine, as I was heading home from yet another doctor appointment, my mother handed me a small box and told me to open it. Inside was a metal bracelet with a tiny jade elephant token.

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7 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Brilliantly When You Are Super Busy

Hot pink flowers

If you are stressed… or just swamped… even with great things… it’s very easy to lose sight of self in the mess of stuff.

Everyone’s got a whole lot going on these days.  Being swept away by the current of “busy” though can lead to lots of stress.

It’s not practical to stop in the middle of a storm of things to get a massage, a facial, visit a spa or even do a yoga class, right?

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Destroy Before You Create, So Scary, Sooo Effective

destroy before you create

When I was going through my divorce I was forecasting with a friend what the future might look like for my ex and me in terms of “friendship” or no friendship. That wise sister said, “You just need to let it ALL fall apart before you can put it back together.” Too right.

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Three Creative Ways To Bust Through Stress


I used to lament about how all the stress relievers were beyond my reach. I hated the gym. The monkey in my mind wouldn’t let me mediate. And I couldn’t paint a picture even the most generous mother would be proud of.

“I’m just not creative,” I’ve said this for years. Even though I took art classes I believed I sucked. Yet I yearned for a creative outlet, to cultivate my creativity as Brene Brown says. But it only caused me pain. Painting, photography, pottery, I sucked at all of it. Or so I believed.

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The Chorus (A Poem For Those Of Us Always Trying To Get Ahead.)


The long time of loud striving
the symbols of success
keeping time in my head
always a quarter b-b-beat behind.

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Four Big Steps To Designing Your Dream Life!

writing in concrete
On a grand scale, every single thing we see and experience is an act of creation that we allow every day.  The particles we see as color are only color as they interact with our brain.  The brain is only there because we feed it and we provide it with energy.  If you stop eating or start taking lots of drugs that destroy your brain, you dull your life and ultimately drain it of color.
Everything is a decision and everything is a creation.  This is not me saying so, this is physics and fact.  Given that we are actually so plastic in our construction and so creative in our lives, there are ways to create a world that really makes your own life happen.
Are you ready to have a universe that looks and feels much more like you at your best? 
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Empty Stage: A Prayer To The Muse

Facing Fear

Grace, please quiet my pacing mind and help me stay in one place.

Please bring me back every time I drift.

Help me remember that what I seek is found only on the other side of honest work.


Grace please help me remember to go slow

for it is only when life slows down that I see the details 

It is the details which tell the story


Grace please help me remember - I am not inventing anything.

I am merely a witness who records what she sees.

Help me honor what I see by writing it down.


Thank you for love and fear.

They keep my senses sharp and my soul singing.

Help me honor the mountain of journals which have brought me to this morning.

Grace, please sit with me while I tell my story today.

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10 Ways To Know For Sure That You Are Ready To Make A Big Life Change!

I am all about small changes, progressions of steps and organic growth.

But there are times when you wake up and know that it's time for a really big change.

It's like a seismic boom.

People around you may think you are crazy. You may not understand it yourself… but you know it is time.

And if you fail to trust this feeling, you hand your power away.

Each time you do it – fail to listen to what you know - you become the effect instead of the cause.

Here are 10 ways to know for sure that it is time to make a big change in your life!

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The Truth About Baking A Cake


I've programmed myself to wake up at 6 a.m. so I can write.

I miss this time when I don't claim it.

The rest of the world is asleep now, and I can sneak into my own heart.

Because once everyone wakes up, it belongs to them...and that is exactly how I want it.

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2 Feng Shui Mirror Tricks To Energize Your Home & Life!

In feng shui, your home is a mirror of your life.  If you improve your home, your life will improve.

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