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Owning Mental Health

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Bullies And Bullying


Why do I think children become bullies? The opposite of love is indifference and so many children act out to get attention through bullying, aggression and violence. They do not interpret it the way we do because by growing up without being loved they have a different nervous system and are far less sensitive to physical aggression, noise and other sensory stimuli. The messages children receive prior to the age of six affect them in the same way someone under hypnosis is affected by the words of a hypnotist. So when they receive mottoes to die by and other negative messages they will act out in ways which are destructive for themselves and others, such as addictions and violence.

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A Compelling Future

Compelling Future

I was at a conference recently where a woman volunteered to participate in exploring her most compelling future in front of the audience.  She started off with the safe desires or wishes.  The conference speaker probed her deeper.  Then she began to cry and blurted out a heartfelt dream to have enough steady income to pay off her parent’s home.  She surprised herself when she said this, and reflected that it was true, but she had never shared it with anyone else.  It got me questioning myself…”What is the dream you are unwilling to admit to yourself?  Or perhaps you admit it, but can’t or won’t action it….  What is bigger than your pain?  Are you willing to commit to that?”

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Stop Rushing to “Normal”

Stop Rushing to “Normal”

Hey beauty!

I have been going through a lot of transition lately and have subsequently found that I’m attracting clients who are about 3 paces behind me in their own but highly similar transition.  This attraction is an interesting phenomenon and feels intensely on purpose. The magic of course is that I am often ahead by a few emotional miles and am able to offer not only empathetic but practical advice on how to move through with more flow and peace of mind.  (Thank you, Universe!)

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Finding Stillness In The Holiday Swirl

Holiday Swirl
Three super power tools for making sure you don’t give all your energy away this holiday – holiday stress relief that works!

It’s December, so what do us crazy humans do? Run around like energizer bunnies gone mad, running from party to party, store to store, gift wrapping to cooking, baking. Bright lights, big sales and big pressure to see and be everywhere. It is a season that we spend DOING.

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How Much Are You Connecting With, Or Neglecting, Your Whole Body Experience?


The Technological Revolution Has Changed The Way We Live and Work.

In the past decade, with Smart Phones and Tablets we have become full on high-tech human beings. Unfortunately adjusting to the accelerated speed of how we live and work today hasn’t always been an easy transition for some of us.

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Face Your Fears And Trust Your Inner Knowing.

Face your fears

I’d like to share an experience with you that I had some time back. It was when I was on my way to another industry conference that I usually attend. I was sitting inside the plane waiting for take off when I looked out the window and saw the most torrential rain I had ever seen in my life. I then said to the guy who was sitting beside me, “This looks like tornado weather.” He agreed nervously. I then told him that I never experienced riding on a plane with the onset of a tornado and he told me that he also never had. I was scared at the time and was thinking to myself, "Should I go ahead and attend the conference?" The plane began rocking back and forth due to the heavy winds and rain and I asked myself. “Am I doing the right thing?” “What if I am not supposed to go?” I then checked with my Inner Knowing – the part of me, of all of us, that is linked to the Source.

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Forgiveness Frees Us To Feel Joy & Love Again


Forgiveness sounds good. But how do I not react personally to my husband’s depression or my own overweight? How do I not take my spouse’s affair personally? How does my son’s school eviction not reflect badly on me as a parent? How does grandpa’s womanizing around town not shame our whole family?

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Reluctance To Invest In Personal Development

Why People Happily Spend Money on Snacks, Smartphones, and Slot Machines—But Not Coaching or Therapy.

I recently entered my 29th year of practice in the field of emotional health.

Through the decades, I’ve seen a number of things change—hairstyles, clothing trends, music, cars, technology, and communication preferences.

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No Need To Go To A Haunted House This Halloween...Your Mind Is Scary Enough!

Your mind is scary enough

One of the most helpful and profound skills I teach is how to unpack or un-ravel projection. I have written about this before, and it is up again for so many folks that the subject requires another round.

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The Compassion Solution To Stress

Practice Compassion

I have an embarrassing confession. Back when I lived on the hamster wheel, I wasn’t a particularly nice person, although no one really knew this. Even my friends don’t know this because I kept my judgment and rants about others to myself. Mostly. 

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