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How To Take Care Of Yourself When Everything Is Up In The Air

How to take care of yourself when everything is up in the air by Jennifer Louden

My post on How to Live When Everything is Up In the Air struck a resonant cord with so many readers. Hearing their experiences of being in liminal space - this betwixt/between time when you’ve let go of one person, place, or job and what’s next isn’t here yet - inspired me to think more about how we can best take care of ourselves in these wide open times. I’ve been pondering,

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This Story Does Not Belong To Me


Many of us have childhoods that are at best speckled with fleeting pain and at worst riddled with so many puncture wounds that if you held it up to the light it would resemble a less than elegant lace doily. Very few of us escape growing up in the soil of a past that is not slightly damaging and unholy. We do our best to wiggle around and beyond the sadness attached to our childhoods (our lives?) – the unmet expectations, the confusion, disappointments and mixed messages yet I think most of us would agree that the influence of our past can be felt as sharply as if it all occurred yesterday.

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And The Music Goes Round And Round, Oh Oh Oh Oh, And It Comes Out Here

The Music Goes Round and Round

Yes, I went for that walk after my previous post. It was quite lovely, though it was brief because I have bursitis in my hip. Actually, I thought it was bursitis, and it seemed to be on the way out after a steroid injection a month ago, but it keeps flaring up. In other words, it may be bursitis, it may be something else, and dealing with it hasn't, needless to say, been top of mind. 

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

I have been lucky to study with Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, a gifted writer, pediatrician, and one of the most heartfelt people in medicine I have ever known.

During our work together, she gave me a nightly homework assignment that I want to share with you, because, as she says, “Finding greater meaning and satisfaction in your work is often not about doing things differently; it is about seeing familiar things in new ways.”

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This Dirty Secret About Stress Could Be Killing You

Make Stress Your Friend

Stress seems to be everywhere. We work all the time and are "crazy busy". It's no wonder managing stress is the number one topic I am asked to speak about.

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Bucket List Got You Down? Try a Thimble List

Bucket List Got You Down? Try a Thimble List by Jennifer Louden

I do not have a bucket list. On paper, I love the idea of it - a list of things to experience in life - and I can certainly see how such a list could motivate you to open more to wonder.

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Look, Ma, I Forgot To Have An Anxiety Attack!


Last week the coolest thing happened. I forgot to have an anxiety attack.

It was Friday afternoon, and while I was running errands I started to feel the familiar tightening in the solar plexus and racing heart that signify the onset of an anxiety attack.

"Yikes!" I thought. "This feels pretty intense. I wonder if it's real."

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10 Things To Stop Doing Now To Own Your Happiness

Courtesy: Death To Stock
Are you happy? I mean truly, deeply, down in your bones happy?
Do you wake up in the morning excited to start the day?
Do you fall asleep at night feeling satisfied with your day? If you answered no, then there are some things you need to STOP doing right now. 
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3 Reasons You Can Heal Despite Your Childhood

Reasons You Can Heal Despite Your Childhood

It’s easy, even logical, to blame our childhood for anxiety, illness, failure, and ill fates. And there is plenty of science to prove they may in fact, be contributors. But, what contributes to the disarray in your life and what keeps it hanging around are two very different things.

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Breakups, Backaches, The Beatles, The Buddha and The Brain.

Breakups, Backaches, The Beatles, The Buddha and The Brain.

Guess what The Beatles, the Buddha and the Brain have in common. Here are some clues:

It really worked for the Beatles, making them even more successful.
Buddha said if you want to find peace in meditation you should do this with any thought that comes into mind.
Your brain will allow you to reprogram it if you do this when an unwanted or unpleasant emotion or sensation comes up.

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