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The Power Of Intention

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In 2000, William Bengston and David Krinsley published a study that I find fascinating. They reported on the effect of “laying on of hands” with a positive intention on transplanted breast cancer in mice.

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For Peace And Wisdom, Cultivate Middle Mind

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How easy it is to notice and be seduced by extremes. Maybe that’s why we humans sometimes default to a black or white, good or bad view of ourselves and the world, even when long years and experience have proven that life is anything but black and white.

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Waking? Insomnia? Simple Tips To Help You Fall Back To Sleep


If you are reading this we probably have something in common. That's no stock photo heading this article, that's me.  A 2008 study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 42% of respondents woke up at night at least a few times a week. We are not alone in this condition known as "middle of the night insomnia" or "maintenance insomnia".

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How To Activate Your Psychological Immune System

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Spring came early to the Pacific Northwest this year, and with the dawn of Spring came the spread of tree pollen. And that, naturally, got me to thinking about our physical and psychological immune systems.

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Perfectionism And Fear. The Emotion Behind Getting It "Just Right"


By: Paul Brundtland

Many of us know that feeling, that nagging voice inside saying "No, I want it THAT way".  Even when we say "Sure, it's fine!", there might be a little (or a lot of) tension in the gut that says "Why am I agreeing to this? This isn't fine at all!".  

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Healing For Free: 5 DIY Tips For When You're Out Of Cash

Healing For Free:  5 DIY Tips For When You're Out On Cash

When I finally figured out that my energetic and emotional imbalances were a huge part of the chronic illness I’d been experiencing, I was already out of cash from the years of medical treatment I’d been through. But, I was determined to shift my negative thinking and dump my emotional baggage anyway, and I ended up succeeding without spending a dime (although I admit I paid in blood, sweat and tears). In the end it was all beyond worth it. Muddling my way through emotional healing has resulted in a way happier me – mind, body, and spirit. And, the added bonus of getting to help others too!

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If You Drive Me Crazy And You Are A Mirror, Then I Drive Myself Crazy!!!

Savage Chicken

I have written before about projection and attempted to portray it in video . It is not a difficult concept to grasp.  However, when you are in it, that’s a different story! It’s nearly impossible to see beyond it. Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. And indeed, that other person may actually be rude or appear to be, but it is generally exaggerated greatly by the projector.  Projections come from and are based on our personas or early defensive coping strategies developed in childhood.  (Remember The People-Pleaser? She is a good example of a persona.)

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How To Access Your Personal GPS For Making Tough Decisions

How to Access Your Personal GPS for Making Tough Decisions
Life frequently presents us with situations that are baffling. We face decisions involving far more variables than we can sort through in the available time – not to mention the fact that many of those variables involve other human beings and that human beings are notoriously difficult to predict or control. What's a human being to do?
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3 Rules Of Releasing Worry

3 Rules of Releasing Worry

Worry is a form of prayer for something you don’t want. Do you need any better reason to stop worrying? – Bhagavan Das

What’s the Deal With Worry, Anyway?

Worry is a very strong feeling of fear. It’s fear of the unknown or the repercussions of what we think will happen. 

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Mindset Matters: Choose To Respond Not React

Choose to respond instead of reacting

As many of you already know, I enjoy my time daily on Twitter. My bio lists my services, one of which is that I am a professional speaker. To my surprise, a company reached out to me to offer their services.  They specialize in “teaching physicians how to speak proper English.”  They sent me a direct message asking if I was in need of English lessons.

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