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They Only Look Like Thunder Thighs To You

"Thunder Thighs!"

You wouldn't believe what I heard back then—I don't believe it either, now. Good thing for me.

What sorts of names were you called as a kid? I imagine there were as many names called back then as there were kids. Perhaps you were a name caller and not a recipient. I was both at times.

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5 Raw Foods That Can Boost Your Mood

Chia Seeds and Spinach

Whether it’s a breakup or bad day at the office, there’s one food that’s become somewhat famous for improving moods: the pint of ice cream. It’s time to put your spoon down and step away from the freezer, though, because there are several other options that have elements scientifically proven to make you feel better — and they’re healthier, too.

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Is Too Much Juggling Causing You Brain Drain?


Do you find yourself multi tasking non-stop and experiencing separation anxiety when your smart devices are not nearby?

I’m asking this question to myself as much as you, to remember to give my brain time outs from multi tasking and my smart devices.

Between the pressure to get more things in a day done than we are sometimes capable of, and the readily access to cool devices to use, we switch our brain frantically between tasks causing an overload of the brain’s processing capacity. The result. We burn out.

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Valuing The “Yeah…Whatever” Voice


The pesky thing about writing on the topic of something as wonderfully light as joy – which I did two blogs ago – is that its shadow side is quite likely to subsequently pop up and bite you on the bum. Let me explain. It seems that as soon as you take a stance on a particular subject, the cosmos, in its infinite wisdom, has this habit of kicking your butt in all the places where you simply are not embodying what you have said. Ouch!

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5 Ways To Fight The Mid-Winter Blues

Sad Person

Winter brings many enjoyable things, including snow, holidays and hot cocoa. However, it also brings shorter days, longer nights and cold, frigid air. Many people at this time of year may feel tired and sluggish, with little motivation to go outside the house. This feeling has many names: the winter blues, winter depression and seasonal affective disorder. Regardless of the name, the feeling is the same — melancholy during the winter months.

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We’re ALL “Cray-Cray”


I have a lot of theories floating around inside this noggin of mine. None of them are backed up by scientific evidence, at least to my knowledge, but they’re hypotheses that I ponder over when I’m plucking my eyebrows or scrubbing last night’s lasagna pan. Some are about how Mat Foley was the best  motivational speaker in history and others are about the percentage of probability of my ever being able to log on to the Obamacare website, despite how much I want to. I also have this one that has been brewing for a good fifteen years.

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How To Clear Bad Ju Ju From A Room, Office, And Yourself

Clear negative energy from a room or yourself

Buying a new house? Have an office that just feels yucky? Just have a hard week and you can still feel it in your home? Negative energy (or “bad ju ju” as I often call it) can linger anywhere – curtains, clothes, and people. Here are my favorite tips for clearin’ out that crappy feeling from whatever it is. Some of these apply only to spaces, but others you can use to clear your own energy too.

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What To Do If You’re Not Feeling Jolly Right Now

Pierre w/ornaments
As I type this I’m sitting in a San Francisco cafe with campy Christmas music on blast. Fresh off the presses is national news about people who recently resorted to fisticuffs over flat screen TVs, and one woman even got tased in a mall.
It may be “the most wonderful” time of the year, but in some ways it’s also the most bizarre.
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What We Can Learn From Our Pets This Time Of Year

Tabby Cat

Just the other day I was feeling my stress level reach its boiling point. An overflowing mountain of laundry awaited my attention, my daughter needed last-minute items for a holiday craft project for school and I was stumped on what to buy people for Christmas. It certainly doesn’t help having a husband who says, “I don’t know – you don’t have to get me anything” when asked what he’d like. I was feeling a lot of pressure and not at all in the Christmas spirit.

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When Life Hurts: Finding Happiness By Facing The Past


For years I protected my parents.

Protected them from the pain and hurt I endured as a child.

I still protect them.

I pretend things are OK, when they aren’t.

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