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Owning Mental Health

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Forgiveness Frees Us To Feel Joy & Love Again


Forgiveness sounds good. But how do I not react personally to my husband’s depression or my own overweight? How do I not take my spouse’s affair personally? How does my son’s school eviction not reflect badly on me as a parent? How does grandpa’s womanizing around town not shame our whole family?

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Reluctance To Invest In Personal Development

Why People Happily Spend Money on Snacks, Smartphones, and Slot Machines—But Not Coaching or Therapy.

I recently entered my 29th year of practice in the field of emotional health.

Through the decades, I’ve seen a number of things change—hairstyles, clothing trends, music, cars, technology, and communication preferences.

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No Need To Go To A Haunted House This Halloween...Your Mind Is Scary Enough!

Your mind is scary enough

One of the most helpful and profound skills I teach is how to unpack or un-ravel projection. I have written about this before, and it is up again for so many folks that the subject requires another round.

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The Compassion Solution To Stress

Practice Compassion

I have an embarrassing confession. Back when I lived on the hamster wheel, I wasn’t a particularly nice person, although no one really knew this. Even my friends don’t know this because I kept my judgment and rants about others to myself. Mostly. 

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The Power Of Positive Thinking

The idea that how we think can change the way people around us react is nothing new.

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What To Do When Your Dreams Come True

What To Do When Your Dreams Come True

Recently, I spent a day in conversation with a client whose business has quadrupled in the six months since we began working regularly together. A tidal wave of change has swept away the life she had, and brought her one more closely aligned with her dreams.

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How To Love Yourself Through A Career Change


I’ve made 10 career or job changes in the last 20 years. Each has taught me a thing or two about doing it right, wrong, with love and with fear. In my first eight recalibrations, I struggled with doubt and shame.

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How To Take Care Of Yourself When Everything Is Up In The Air

How to take care of yourself when everything is up in the air by Jennifer Louden

My post on How to Live When Everything is Up In the Air struck a resonant cord with so many readers. Hearing their experiences of being in liminal space - this betwixt/between time when you’ve let go of one person, place, or job and what’s next isn’t here yet - inspired me to think more about how we can best take care of ourselves in these wide open times. I’ve been pondering,

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This Story Does Not Belong To Me


Many of us have childhoods that are at best speckled with fleeting pain and at worst riddled with so many puncture wounds that if you held it up to the light it would resemble a less than elegant lace doily. Very few of us escape growing up in the soil of a past that is not slightly damaging and unholy. We do our best to wiggle around and beyond the sadness attached to our childhoods (our lives?) – the unmet expectations, the confusion, disappointments and mixed messages yet I think most of us would agree that the influence of our past can be felt as sharply as if it all occurred yesterday.

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And The Music Goes Round And Round, Oh Oh Oh Oh, And It Comes Out Here

The Music Goes Round and Round

Yes, I went for that walk after my previous post. It was quite lovely, though it was brief because I have bursitis in my hip. Actually, I thought it was bursitis, and it seemed to be on the way out after a steroid injection a month ago, but it keeps flaring up. In other words, it may be bursitis, it may be something else, and dealing with it hasn't, needless to say, been top of mind. 

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