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Money Fears Can Keep You Broke: Two Simple Changes You Can Make Now

Money Fears Can Keep You Broke: Two Simple Changes You Can Make Now
The Most Important Thing to Know About Money

The most important thing to know about money is that feeling good about it – no matter how much (or little) you currently have – can change everything for you.

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Think You Can’t Make Money Doing What You Love? Here’s Proof You Can.

Doug with his book advance

In my last post I left off the BEST MANIFESTATION STORY YOU EVER HEARD at the point where I started working on “turning around” my negative thoughts about Doug and success.

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Why Is It So Hard To Change Your Habits?

What exactly are habits, and why are they so hard to change?

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Does "Security" Cost Too Much?

Doug and Stacey

In April I celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary with Doug, the amazing man you see in the picture above. We’ve actually been together for 21 years, which, I’m sure you can appreciate, is no small feat.

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Is Doing This Sucking Your Energy? If So, Here Are 4 Simple Steps To Cut It Out


I used to have this thing where I really wanted everyone to think that I had it all together — you know, that I was perfect.

During this same period in my life (because real life is, indeed, often like a novel, full of perfect irony and poetic justice), my credit card debt was mounting. And not only did I not want to know the grand total myself (and therefore avoided adding up my balances), I also didn’t want anyone else to know that I had any debt at all.

I was super afraid of knowing the truth myself and most especially afraid of others knowing it.

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Spending More Now To Save More Later

Spend Money

Every day we’re bombarded with messages about money. Most of these messages fall into one of two categories: advice on saving money, or advertisements urging us to spend money. While it is wise to learn the best practices for saving money, it is equally important to learn when to spend it. Making yourself miserable to avoid spending a dime is just as foolish as buying into every advertisement you see.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams Of Prosperity


Owning your own business is hard. You get to come face to face with your money issues, your beliefs around work and your thoughts on prosperity. It’s not always pretty. So why would someone leave their job? For me it was because I had given up on my dream of prosperity and that was killing me.

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I Owe, I Owe: On Right Relationship With Debt

I Owe, I Owe: On Right Relationship with Debt

One of the students in my Become Your Own Business Adviser program emailed me with this question:

“I recently became aware that I’ve been strangling the life blood out of my business by paying down debt as soon as money appears in my bank account. So I always feel behind, always short, never enough to do what I need to do – such as having a new website designed.

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Your Spending Is A Prayer

spending is a prayer

Every time you swipe your card, every time you lay down the bills, every time your coins clink in the machine or you click Checkout, you are making a statement.

We earn money based on the value we’ve provided in the world.

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How To Make Money: 3 Specific Strategies For Ramping It Up

Okay, so do you know anyone who doesn’t want to make more money? I can’t say that I do.

There are a lot of strategies for creating financial well-being: cultivating our prosperity mindset, getting a handle on our expenses, and paying off our debt are some examples.

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