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The Price Of Love

Price of Love

One of the stories people get told about relationships is that the “honeymoon” period doesn’t last. It’s a temporary high, fueled by hormones and neurotransmitters.

It’s just a story though.

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What Would Love Do?

What Would Love Do?

He broke your heart, violated your trust, betrayed your confidence, ignored your needs, and disrespected you. When you tell your friends, they shake their heads, clucking, shaming. You’re better off without him. He doesn’t deserve you. You can do better than him. You make up a story, one that casts him as the villain and you as the victim of his dastardly deeds. It’s a good story, the kind they make movies about. You feel righteous when you kick him to the curb. You did the right thing, they all say. There’s lots more fish in the sea.

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The Power Of Appreciation


Too often, we focus all our attention on acquiring what we want, achieving goals, avoiding what we don’t want, and getting our way. Amidst the hubbub, we forget to include the Power of Appreciation in soothing conflict. As huge, powerful beings, we forget that we created this love relationship to begin with and that we create, or uncreate, it by perpetuating fear, resentment and anger—or choosing appreciation. As a couple’s therapist, I always teach the Power of Appreciation in our first session.

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The Most Important Book I Read In 2014

Book cover

I alluded to the most important book I read in 2014 in my last blog about ending the Story of Separation, the cultural story that has us believing that we are discrete blobs of carbon matter that need to fight for our own self interest in order to survive and thrive, even if it means harming other people or destroying Mother Gaia herself. But I want to be more explicit in sharing with you The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, a book I just finished reading after meeting author/speaker/counterculture revolutionary Charles Eisenstein, who shared a stage with me at the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

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What Kills Relationships Fast

Healing Relationships

Love rarely dies in one fell swoop.

It is usually the accumulation of many slights, unconscious gestures and acts of non-love. 

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Bonding With Your Children In The 21st Century


“Times, they are a-changin’.” Corny lyrics aside, the statement couldn’t be truer for families in the modern day. Family members usually own many personal touch screens, any of which are already competing for attention. Add that in with the Netflix of the world along with the awe-inspiring capability of your laptops and getting even five minutes of your child’s time can be a chore. Here are a few ways you can get your kids to actually want to hang out with you.

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Let's End The Story Of Separation In 2015


As we embark upon the journey of 2015, I am dreaming of a world in which we remember, as the indigenous people do, that our Story of Separation is only an illusion, that we are all connected, not just to other people, but to the plants, the animals, the mountains and rivers and oceans, that we cannot harm one another, we cannot violate nature, without directly harming ourselves. What would a world governed by our certainty of Oneness be like?

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Hate Struggling And Conflict? Here's A Simple And Effective Tool To Better Communication And Getting What You Want: Part 1

Dear Man Letter
Of all the areas in relationships that clients ask most about, communication tops the list. This is especially true during crisis or conflict.
Your solution to better communication and getting what you want in your relationship lies in a simple technique called a DEAR MAN letter.
What is DEAR MAN and how can it help you get what you want?
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What To Do After Swiping Right: 6 Online Dating Safety Tips

Happily Ever After???

By: Sarah Lee

An image appears on screen.

Soft chocolate brown eyes… Tufts of hair falling over his forehead with just the right amount of scruff…

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