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Owning Relationships

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Can You Keep Your Spiritual Integrity During Divorce?


A year ago, my husband and I decided to break up but try living in the same house for the love of our eight year old daughter. It worked for a while—until it didn’t work anymore. Yesterday, we filed for divorce with our mediation lawyer, and as so often happens during the divorce process, I watched two people who care about each other start volleying for position as we talked about who would get what and how we would divide up the business of me. My Small Self had an inner tantrum. The running dialogue in my head during divorce mediation went something like this (with some of the four letter words removed for the love of my ex):

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Inside Couples Counseling Tips: 10 Ways To Stay Connected

 In couples counseling with us, couples complain that they’ve grown distant. They find themselves living parallel lives under the same roof. Lives are ruled by roles, routines, and deadlines, and they feel no real connection with one another. Lost is the simple joy of being together and even the idea that spending time together might be "fun”. The person who was once their best friend is a stranger or worse an enemy. Sex has been put on the shelf gathering dust like an old trophy. Many numb themselves with alcohol or other substances to avoid dealing with the painful reality of their relationship. 
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Love Machine – The Secret To Being At One With Technology…

Smashed computer monitor

When I studied alchemy a couple of decades ago, we were taught that everything with a physical form has a body, a soul and a spirit. It may be hard to wrap your head around, but I like the idea that inanimate, man-made objects have some kind of consciousness…except one time when, under the influence of marijuana, my psyche for a few seconds became intimate with the consciousness of a door handle. As you might expect, it felt terrifyingly dense, and I was very relieved when my brain morphed back into its infinitely preferable, drug-addled human state. Needless to say, I have steered clear of the more hallucinogenic substances…

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Are You Involved With A Narcissist?

Narcissus or Echo?

I was deep in the heat of a conversation with a guy friend of mine, as we sat across from each other at the dinner table. I felt fire burning inside of me. He said, “Tell me what your Small Self is saying right now?”

I glared at him and said, “My Small Self is saying there are two kinds of men.” I paused for dramatic effect. There was venom in my voice.

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The Importance Of Live Conversations

Resolving conflicts

Have you ever had a conversation, disagreement, or conflict escalate over email or text? Do you sometimes find yourself engaging in difficult or emotional conversations electronically because it seems “easier,” only to regret it later on? If you’re anything like me and most of the people I know and work with, you can probably answer “yes” to both of these questions.

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A Snake Or A Gentleman? You Already Know.

Snake or Gentleman

Ladies, I was recently introduced to a young lady who was engaged to be married. After our short introduction, it was brought to my attention that her fiancé was married previously and had not taken very good care of his first wife. Hmmmmm. I began to think to myself, "How often do women think they can change men?" It's important to understand that a man will show you who he is before you connect with him. We simply need to pay close attention to all of the signs.

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School’s Back, Get Your Sh*t Together: A Love Note To Parents

School's Back

Dearest optimistic, and yeah, I’ll say it—secretly terrified—parent,

Yikes! It’s August. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of another school year creeping in.

But let’s not kid each other. You and I both know, lurking just below the surface of that freshly setup binder, is a ticking time bomb of disorganized, clutterific chaos. 

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How Often Do You Water Your Relationship?

How Often Do You Water Your Relationships?
Samantha and Will thought that they had reached the end of the line.  After six years of marriage they came for a private couples retreat. They had drifted light years apart. A normal conversation had become a Herculean task. “Other than the children, we have absolutely nothing in common any more. I can’t understand how this happened.  It used to be so much fun being together,” Will told us.
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How To Go From Woe Is Me To Being The Best You Can Be

Feeling sorry for myself.

Ugh, this is the WORST part of being me, I think.

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