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Owning Relationships

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Are You Just The Parent Or Also A Friend To Your Teenager?

Parent or Pal?

Deciding when to be a parent or a friend to your teen can be perplexing, but you can meet the challenge by following these common sense tips:

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Holding Space For Those Who Seek Comfort

holding space

Since I was a child I had the innate ability to hold space for people to open their hearts, with me, with ease.

It came so natural to me that I wasn’t consciously aware that I was doing it. It was only in my adult years that I started to realize that there was something more to it.

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The Bad Side Of Boy Crazy Part 1

Prom - Boy Crazy

By: Jenni Bevill

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have begun working with a Spiritual Path Healer. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, in this case, she is a woman who is able to connect with angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  CUCKOO. 

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Paying It Forward In S. Africa

Pay it Forward

Here’s the private message which appeared recently on my Facebook business page.

“I need your help.”

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Developing The Most Important Relationship You Have

Relationship with your body

By: Debbie Rosas

“Insatiability is the necessary condition for the right stability of the organism.” ­Sherwin B. Nuland

Often times people separate spirituality from physicality; I believe they are connected. I have spent my whole life exploring spirituality, through my body. At 65, one of the things that keeps me going and able to do everything I do -­ running a business, being a wife, mother, sister, writer, dancer, etc. - is an insatiable appetite for answering the question, “What is it all about?” This question has sent me on a journey into my body. As a result, I feel more spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically connected to everything with no separation.

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Five Signs That You’ve Lost Yourself (And Your Integrity) In Your Relationship

Sense of Self

If you are like me (and most women around my age), the memory of Carrie Bradshaw giving up her entire life to move to Paris with Aleksandr is a bittersweet one.  I was so hopeful when she first arrived in that beautiful hotel in the city of lights to start a new life with Mikhail Baryshnikov.  As I’m sure Carrie was, too.  I was also already worried and the admonitions of Miranda Hobbs echoed in my head.  Then, in the final episode, when Carrie gives up going to the party thrown in her honor in order to take care of Aleksandr at his opening, I almost lost it.  Thank heavens she came to her senses when she found her “Carrie” necklace hidden beneath the silk lining of her favorite vintage purse.  I cheered her on as she ran gracefully in heels and a swirl of tulle across Paris. Then I felt the sting of her shame upon finding the empty bookstore and the copy of her book with its cover marred by the wine glass stain. 

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Anger Management: Calmly Disciplining Your Child

Anger Management

By: Jennifer Livingston

Your children have the ability to make you angrier than almost anyone else in your life. They possess an uncanny ability to push all of your buttons, drive you up a wall, and then smile sweetly and make your heart melt just when you're sure that you're going to lose your mind. Effectively and calmly disciplining your child in the midst of all that emotion can be hard, especially for teen parents who are still learning appropriate self-regulation. Calm, considered discipline, however, is critical to helping end the undesirable behavior and redirecting your child so that they're able to learn better behavior in the future.

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5 Compelling Reasons To Put Down Your Cell Phone

Put down your cell phone

I can be just as compulsive about looking at my cell phone as the next person. But a recent trip to a retreat center near Mt. Shasta that had no wifi and no cell service reminded me to re-evaluate my addiction (again).

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How To Have A Courageous Openhearted Relationship With Your Lover.


By Andrea Cairella, LPCC

Often times it is difficult to have certain types of conversations with your partner and it requires courage and bravery to speak from the heart.  Interestingly enough the word courage comes from the Latin word “cuore” meaning heart, which means that when you speak openheartedly you step into your own power and become available for a deeper level of emotional contact and intimacy with another human being.

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How Could I Be That Woman?


by: Jenni Bevill

One of my favorite quotes is from Anne Lamott (of course) and it goes something like, "I learned early on that life would be much simpler if I were quite stupid or devoutly religious.  But, unfortunately, I wasn't."  If I've gotten it wrong, then please forgive me because I am relying on my memory from the first time I read it back in 1989 or so when I was in high school.

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