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Owning Relationships

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How To Heal After A Break-up


By: Kelly Seal

After a break-up, it’s normal to want to hide from the world, to wait until the pain goes away. We all handle it differently – maybe you curl up on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or a bottle of wine, or maybe you lose yourself in work. Whatever the case, it’s easier to avoid the pain, to try and forget what happened.

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Two Simple Steps To Radical Compassion


In my personal life, I keep dancing around the concept of heart protection. Living an open-hearted life comes with so many gifts that it seems worth making the heart vulnerable. But how do we live open-hearted lives without being at risk of feeling hurt or disappointed all the time? Are we supposed to keep the heart open at all costs, knowing that getting hurt or disappointed is simply a side effect of living an open-hearted human life? Or are we meant to protect the heart exactly because it is so vulnerable without armor?

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All You Need Is Love – And A Letter

All You Need is Love – and a Letter

When was the last time you held hands with your business? Canoodled with it by candlelight? Showed it the depths of your devotion? Remember those early days, when you couldn’t get enough of each other? When all you wanted was to be together? When every moment was luscious with promise?

Desire and Intention form powerful bonds between you and your business. And if those bonds are deep and true, they bear the golden fruit of lasting love.

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Surviving A Relationship With A Cynical Spouse


By: Sara Turner

Mom always told me to be positive. "Don't be negative, Sara" my mom would say to me. Negativity was looked down upon in my household growing up.

So, how do you deal with a spouse that is cynical and negative?

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10 Tips For Receiving Criticism With Grace


Because I put myself out there in public ways, I’m subjected to a LOT of criticism, both on the internet and in person.  Some of it is the kind of vicious, violent hating that cowards love to spout amidst the safety of being anonymous on the internet. Some of it is pure projection. People don’t like what they see of themselves in the mirror I hold up. Some of it is totally valid constructive criticism delivered in a respectful, helpful, balanced way.

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How Working With Elders Can Change Your Life


Spontaneously, one of the elder care facility employees took a woman out into the center of the circle and began pushing her wheelchair around to the beat of the music.  Two more employees joined her with two more participants, pushing them out into the center of the circle.  Asking around the circle of residents, I finally found a man who took me up on my offer, “Would you like to dance?”  “Yes,” he replied promptly.

Marc Anthony’s Passionate Salsa song, “Valio La Pena,” played on the boom box as we wheeled around and danced with these residents in the center of the circle.  The employees came around to the front of the wheelchairs and took the residents hands, dancing and swaying with them to the rhythms of the music.  Everyone’s face lit up.  The History of Latin Dance, an event I provide for elder care facilities, was in full swing, and I mean swinging! 

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A New Spin On Old Love


I went running yesterday in the soup of inverted air corroding Salt Lake Valley, and the sun was glorious.

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Bullies and Bullying


Why do I think children become bullies? The opposite of love is indifference and so many children act out to get attention through bullying, aggression and violence. They do not interpret it the way we do because by growing up without being loved they have a different nervous system and are far less sensitive to physical aggression, noise and other sensory stimuli. The messages children receive prior to the age of six affect them in the same way someone under hypnosis is affected by the words of a hypnotist. So when they receive mottoes to die by and other negative messages they will act out in ways which are destructive for themselves and others, such as addictions and violence.

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How To Keep Your Heart Open When You're Angry

Open heart

It’s easy to talk about opening your heart when everyone is getting along.

When you’re with your best friend, who has just built a cocoon around you because you just got your heart broken, and your bestie then climbs into the cocoon to hold you in her arms like a mother, your heart is likely to feel so open that honey just pours right out of it all over the floor.

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Is Romantic Exclusivity Too Much To Ask?

third wheel?

By: Jeri Dyson

As I was attempting to fall asleep I couldn't help but think about a conversation I had with one of my female patients earlier today.  Her problem was not an elevated cholesterol level or that she had diabetes.  In fact her condition was more serious because it is deeply rooted and there are no conventional cures for her ailment.  My patient, like so many other women in our society, has exchanged her emotional happiness for the sake of being in a romantic relationship.  

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