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Owning Relationships

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Do You Have Friends That Vanish?

Dearest One, 

Lately I've been noticing a pattern and I'm curious if you experience it too. One that always knocks me out and blindsides me...

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Two Ways To Open The Heart

Open the Heart

Take a moment and do a little exercise with me, if you feel inspired to do so.

Consider someone you really loved and lost. Remember the feel of that person, the joy he or she evoked in you. Pull up a memory of how you felt when you were together. Then find the memory of how it felt to feel them slipping away from you. Maybe a beloved parent or child or spouse died. Maybe you finally met the love of your life, but he couldn’t stay in the presence of such intense intimacy, and he left. Find the grief of losing that person. Really feel it. Locate it in your body. Feel where you contract, the intense pain of the loss. Do you feel it?

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Feeling Overwhelmed By Negativity?

Arguing friends

Negative people can feel draining to be around, and can definitely bring down your energy level and spirits if you don't take care of yourself. Sometimes when you are going through difficulties, it helps to call a friend so you can complain or be sad together, but if you do this as a crutch and it keeps bringing you down, it takes a toll on your psyche.

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Dating On The Spiritual Path

Dating on the Spiritual Path

Except for a few short term bursts of relationship, I’ve been mostly single for two years after twelve years of marriage ended in divorce, and jeez, things have changed in my dating process since last time I was single. My old list of “What I Want in a Partner” has mostly dissolved. Gone are the “wears boxers,” “likes green,” “great legs,” “enjoys hiking and skiing,” and “financially secure” items on my wish list. I’ve had to add some terms I hadn’t thought it necessary to add when I was younger, like “Not gay, married, living internationally with no chance of a visa, or expecting me to conceive another child.” Having attracted every variety of unavailable man, I’m realizing I need to get specific. “No prison inmates, polygamists, or monks, please!” And living in Marin County, I’m also realizing that I need to qualify that, while I don’t judge anyone who chooses such a lifestyle and I can certainly see the appeal of it, polyamory isn’t my cup ‘o’ tea. Been there. Tried that. It just doesn’t feel safe or stable to me, and it’s a lot of emotional work. Perhaps I’m just not enlightened enough, but my polyamory experiment left me concluding that my heart is just too tender and needs the gentle nest of what I’ll call “open monogamy” in order to open up all the way to the levels of intimacy I desire and am capable of giving.

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Should You Trust Other Women?

You Can Trust A Woman

The other day I was ending a phone call with a woman I mentor, and she expressed to me her gratitude for being able to trust me. The tone in her voice was beyond sincere, it was like a breath, a deep exhale. It felt like a release or opening of something she had been tightly holding for years, as if in protection. In that moment, I knew instinctively that she had just opened the door to me to enter that close, tender, vulnerable space inside of her that she let very few, if any, into – the place I call the inner heart sanctum.  And I also knew her instinct to protect this place within her was there for good reason.

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Petition To End The Phrase "Honey-Do"

Honey Do

I stumbled to the coffee pot, poured myself a steaming cup, and put it in the microwave. Just like I do every day. I like my mornings to burn my tongue.

My guy was on the phone with his bestie making plans to watch the soccer game. Said friend was on speaker:

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5 Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Father... Before It's Too Late

TV interview

Click on the picture above to watch Dr. Suzanne's TV interview.

When Michael McQueen was 22 years old, his father suffered an unexpected heart attack and died.

In the throes of his grief, Michael realized: "There's so much I don't know about my father because he never told me -- and I never thought to ask. Now it's too late."

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Unlock Your Relationship Through Sex

Unlock Your Relationship

By: Jordan Gray

Sex is the glue that holds your relationship together.

Many relationship experts claim that passion fades over time and that a fall in sex drive is a normal and healthy thing that everyone experiences.

And yet...

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Date The Partner Who Is Sure They Want To Date You!


I am fortunate enough to speak to, on average, 25 bright, gorgeous, spirited clients a week.  The majority of these clients are woman–close to 90%– and they are exquisite. She is usually good at what she does and wants to be great or stuck in some area of her life and wants to get unstuck. She is intelligent, compassionate, successful and accomplished in many senses of the word yet, deeply afraid of being left behind in romance and partnership.  So much so that she spends exorbitant amounts of energy repressing, and quite honestly, disrespecting what she wants in relationship in order to be who she thinks “he” needs her to be.

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