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Chaos can be a catalyst for transformation. When life gets nutty, look for the growth opportunities.

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5 Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Father... Before It's Too Late

TV interview

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When Michael McQueen was 22 years old, his father suffered an unexpected heart attack and died.

In the throes of his grief, Michael realized: "There's so much I don't know about my father because he never told me -- and I never thought to ask. Now it's too late."

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Unlock Your Relationship Through Sex

Unlock Your Relationship

By: Jordan Gray

Sex is the glue that holds your relationship together.

Many relationship experts claim that passion fades over time and that a fall in sex drive is a normal and healthy thing that everyone experiences.

And yet...

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Date The Partner Who Is Sure They Want To Date You!


I am fortunate enough to speak to, on average, 25 bright, gorgeous, spirited clients a week.  The majority of these clients are woman–close to 90%– and they are exquisite. She is usually good at what she does and wants to be great or stuck in some area of her life and wants to get unstuck. She is intelligent, compassionate, successful and accomplished in many senses of the word yet, deeply afraid of being left behind in romance and partnership.  So much so that she spends exorbitant amounts of energy repressing, and quite honestly, disrespecting what she wants in relationship in order to be who she thinks “he” needs her to be.

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The Holy F*ck

Sex weekend

Somehow, I intuited this at an early age, that the f*ck was my salvation.

That if I truly gave myself to it, I would be delivered. 

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Are You Secretly Self-Sabotaging?


I’m a seeker. I like to learn new things, challenge myself, “grow spiritually.” But I also admit that when something good happens, I look for potential problems. I become critical of everything in my life – my decisions, my habits, my behavior. Instead of nurturing and enjoying the blessings I have in my life, I look for how it could all go wrong.

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Here's Scientific Proof That We Need Each Other To Shine

We need each other to shine.
Scientifically speaking, we need each other to shine.

I confirmed this one night on a West Coast island, in the backyard of an astronomy-crazed couples’ home. They told me that they fell in love over their mutual obsession with outer space. And they had a mega telescope to prove it — like, you got on a ladder to look through the lens, and it was in its own small cabin with a retractable roof. For a small donation, island visitors could have a look-see with a side of tea and cookies.

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How To Stand Up To Your Inner Mean Girl

Inner Mean Girl

“You don’t deserve it.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“This will never work out for you, you know that, right?”

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How Meeting Up On “Meetup” Made Me Blossom…

Purple crocus flower

A few months ago I was at a lecture about community and how it has changed because of the internet. The worldwide web has encouraged us to be increasingly insular, as we hide away on our computers more and more to communicate with people who may be geographically distant, but of course it can also bring those in a locality closer together. One website which links people to a myriad of interest groups available in their immediate area is Meetup. A few years ago this site was the catalyst for an exponential expansion of my social confidence, not to mention my awareness of life’s possibilities.

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Follow These 3 Steps To Keep The Fire Burning In Your Relationship

Keep the fire burning

By: Rachel Moheban-Wachtel

The notion of living “happily ever after” typically only holds true in Cinderella-like fairytales and love stories. In the real world, the daily pressures of work, raising children, caring for parents, and other stressors create many challenges for even the strongest and most healthy relationships.

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The Power Of Conscious Awareness


Jessie sat meditating each morning, labeling her thoughts “thinking” for thirty minutes. But this failed to stop her rage at her partner Tom for disappointing her. Perplexed at how to overcome this, she agreed, in therapy, to set an intention: “I’m willing to see my anger story as a story rather than swallow it as gospel.”

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