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How Kinky Are You?


Jessie’s back! Since I stopped writing two years ago, I have not stopped my sexplorations, and have actually learned a lot more. I hope to pick up writing to share some of my adventures and thoughts more in the year ahead. Talk to me and ask me questions. If I don’t know the answers I’ll find out for you!

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What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Clitoris

Pandora's Box

I am forever coming across articles that talk about women’s orgasms, or rather, a woman’s orgasm. As though there is only one.

And then I get confused. Because I wonder, “Are they talking about clitoral orgasms? G-Spot orgasms? Anal orgasms? Ear-gasms?”

I never know.

And the authors of said articles don’t seem to know either.

Presumably, they are talking about clitoral orgasms.

As these seem to be the most common female orgasm, and the one most likely to show up in a lab.

However, the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Why I Don't Use Lube


Haven’t for years.

I just don’t believe in the stuff.

Except for anal sex. Then I definitely believe. I believe very hard.

But for vaginal sex, I have a no-lube policy.

And I’ll tell you why.

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How Does An Orgasm Change Your Life?

How Does An Orgasm Change Your Life?

The big question I ask: Is sex a life-changing, rejuvenating, transformative and deeply pleasurable experience for you?

If not, you are doing it wrong.  

I say this without judgment.

It’s only to say that sex is meant to change your life and create new life.

If you aren’t using it for that purpose, you are missing out. 

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Who’s Coming Out?

Unconditional Love

By: Jeri Dyson

We live in a world where people are consumed with providing their opinion about your life.  We can take a few tips here and there but when it comes to our children, our defenses go up higher than Mount Kilimanjaro.  Each of us has dreams and expectations for our children, but we cannot control every decision our kids make.  In my years of medical practice, I have noticed few things are more difficult for parents than their issues around their child’s sexuality. 

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5 Steps To Fix Sex Drive Differences

unhappy couple
A gap in libido is one of the most common complaints of couples in treatment. This situation can lead to severe stress, infidelity, and/or divorce. Sex problems can weaken the most solid relationship.

There are wide variations in how often a person wants to engage in sex. On one end of the continuum are those who view sex as a routine daily activity like brushing their teeth. On the other end, some prefer no sexual engagement at all. Most of us fit somewhere in the middle.

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Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops…

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Gee whiz – I thought the last time I went to see a doctor took the cake, but I have just upstaged myself. That time I had booked a few sessions with a psychologist friend of mine, and was required to answer an exhaustive questionnaire detailing my mental health in order to be able to claim a sizeable government rebate for the cost. At one point, when asked whether I see things that are not in fact there, I took a deep breath and replied: “No…but my idea of what is actually there is probably quite different from many other people’s.” The young woman most tactfully wrote on my report: “Doesn’t hallucinate, but very spiritual”.

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The Importance Of Being Oral

The Importance of Being Oral

Oral sex is an excellent barometer for how much you truly adore your partner.

Do you want to taste and absorb every ounce of them?

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The Power Of Come

The Power of Come

Is your orgasm a genital sneeze?

Or does it change your life? 

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