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Boob Jobs: What Message Do They Send To Our Youth?

Plastic surgery

Breast augmentations were the most requested cosmetic surgical procedure in 2014 – with almost 300,000 performed. Nearly 100,000 breast lifts were done. The trend, it seems, consists of women trading their natural beauties for a plumper, suppler alternative. In today’s world, it’s practically commonplace to engineer one’s body to have bigger, younger-looking boobies.

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Your Orgasm Tells You Everything

Your Orgasm

Your orgasm is a mini version of you. It’s your DNA, really.  


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If Sensuality Is Sacred, Why Are We So Ashamed?


My reclaimation of my own sensuality began when I was still working at the hospital clinic with a not-so-welcomed comment from a parent.  

"Dr. Dyson, You are looking soooo sexy these days!”

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50 Shades vs. Ethical Kink: What’s the Difference?


As I have written before, 50 Shades of Grey is not what real kink is about. Before the book was a thing, the story the author wrote about was Twilight fanfiction. I’ve written fanfiction myself and I can tell you that fanfiction is the very definition of fantasy. Bringing it into the popular culture doesn’t make it any more real. (Some might say it becomes even less real!)

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The Sex Prayer

Sex Prayer

“The anxiety of falling in love could only find repose in bed.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from my favourite fiction book in the world: One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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50 Shades Of Fantasy – Infinite Shades Of Reality

50 Shades

I was curious so I went to the movie. I won’t read the books, but have been reading commentary because of the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey in the Vanilla sex world - and the equally vitriolic hatred of it in the kinky world – puzzles me a bit so I want to understand it better. After seeing the movie, I think I get it on both sides now.

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5 Steps To Sexy Dancing

Sexy Dancing

You know what pisses me off?  

All these “sexy dance classes” for women.

From what I’ve heard, you sign up.  Maybe you’re served chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.  Then,  you’re taught a “sexy” dance routine by a professional dancer.  And in an hour or two, it’s over and you maybe leave feeling like, “That was fun (hahaha, sexy dance class).”

Have you been to one of these classes?

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Sex Can Be So Much More Than… Sex


I've been polyamorous for a while - more on that in another post - and recently started branching out to date a wider variety of men. Even though most of the men fit in my general demographic, I've had the chance to experience a wider variety of sexual styles as a result of my dating. I must say, mid-life-ladies-like-me, you have no idea how sexy you are until you have a bunch of respectable men trying to get in your undies. (Sure, maybe some of them are desperate, but not ALL of them, surely!) 

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How Kinky Are You?


Jessie’s back! Since I stopped writing two years ago, I have not stopped my sexplorations, and have actually learned a lot more. I hope to pick up writing to share some of my adventures and thoughts more in the year ahead. Talk to me and ask me questions. If I don’t know the answers I’ll find out for you!

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What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Clitoris

Pandora's Box

I am forever coming across articles that talk about women’s orgasms, or rather, a woman’s orgasm. As though there is only one.

And then I get confused. Because I wonder, “Are they talking about clitoral orgasms? G-Spot orgasms? Anal orgasms? Ear-gasms?”

I never know.

And the authors of said articles don’t seem to know either.

Presumably, they are talking about clitoral orgasms.

As these seem to be the most common female orgasm, and the one most likely to show up in a lab.

However, the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg.


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