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When Bad Things Happen To Good People: On Karma

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: On Karma
Growing up in India, poverty, hunger, disease, death and suffering were all around me. You can smell it, see it, taste it there. It’s in your face, in ways that it isn’t, here, most of the time.
It’s also a culture in which the concept of karma leads to fatalism at one end of the spectrum, and acceptance and surrender at the other.
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Are You Stuck In The Waiting Room?


IT’S BEEN AN INTENSE TIME. As a woman preparing yourself for your next chapter you probably feel like you’ve been in an ‘incubation’ period. Stuck in a waiting room – not sure when the change will come.

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Does Being Spiritual And Religious Make You Uncool?

The Ariel Atom is one of the quickest cars on earth, reaching a speed of 100 km/h in just under 2.5 seconds. Even faster is the time between when some people say “I’m spiritual” and “but not religious,” as if within those few milliseconds they might be mistaken for someone misguided, deluded or just plain uncool.

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It's A New Year. A New Way Of Being Will Require Us To Think Differently...

Welcome to the year 2015!

We've entered a New Year filled with infinite possibility, but more importantly we are currently living in the time of the Great Awakening.  Yes, we're all moving into a higher, vibrational, frequency where Miracles will become more frequent and apparent to the human eye.

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How To Break Free From The Upper Limit Problem

Break Free
This practical spiritual ascension package…
  • Empowers you to actively create and actualize your chosen level of abundance, happiness, success… etc.
  • Provides an unusually deep release from stress and tension
  • Puts the magic wand in your hand – it’s time for you to decide wha
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The Difference Between Judgment & Discernment

Judgment versus Discernment

He cheated on his wife with a much younger employee.

She abandoned her newborn baby.

He drinks until he beats his children.

She manipulates her feminine wiles to get what she wants from men.

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You Have The Power To Give Blessings...Just Like Any Sainted, Worshipped, Sexy, Powerful Deity.


Be the one who blesses. Generously. Everywhere.

Don’t wait to be pronounced a saint, or ordained and rarified. (You have to die for that to happen anyway.)
Join the priests and the Goddesses, the famed, the canonized and the deified and just… give… blessings.

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Do You Have Time To Feel Like Crap?

When people say to me, “I don’t have time to meditate.” I reply, “Do you have time to feel like crap?” In this video I offer guidance on how to find time to  meditate.

For more guidance on how to find time to meditate you can follow this simple meditation from my new book Miracles Now.

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Are You "Spiritual But Not Religious?"


When I talk to some people about spirituality, they commonly respond with, “Oh, but I’m not religious,” to which I respond, “Yeah, me neither.” Then they look a bit puzzled. The way I see it, every religion is some human being’s interpretation of spiritual principles, and while there’s a lot of overlap in the teachings of all religions that probably points to spiritual truth, I find myself resisting any dogma that says that one way is “The Way” and everything else is hogwash.

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Practical Spirituality And Living A Spiritual Life


Practical Spirituality

In this fourth audio of the Practical Spirituality Series, you will learn how to live a spiritual life.

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