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This Year Let's Practice a Gratitude that Connects


Thanksgiving Day falls in November in the USA, and it's traditional for many of us in the States to reflect on what we are thankful for at this time of year.

It's a lovely tradition in many ways. For one thing, expressing gratitude often generates warm feelings and happy memories. It simply feels good.

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Why Connecting To Your Soul Doesn’t Require Yoga Pants

Monica Wilcox
The Swing

My roof had grown quiet. Roofers lounged in the shade of midafternoon, nibbling food from brown bags. I watched from my window as one of the men shuffled to the 25 foot swing in our backyard, enticing him with its gentle sway.  He approached with hesitation and an air of embarrassment, as if grown men don’t swing. His comrades hollered jabs in a language I didn’t know but understood. Teasing is universally recognized. The roofer crept forward as if that plank were a wild creature he longed to stroke. Taking a seat, he gave in to the force of gravity. Push . . . pull . . . push . . . pull. 

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A Spiritual Approach To Breaking The Cycle Of Heredity


According to researchers, if you’re a parent and you have an aversion to math, it’s probably best that you not try and teach the subject to your kids.

“We found that when parents are more math anxious, their children learn significantly less math over the school year and have more math anxiety by the school year’s end,” reports Erin Maloney et al. in a study published in Psychological Science, “but only if math-anxious parents report providing frequent help with math homework.”

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Apology To God/Goddess


You came like a bolt of lightning in the form of a man. You gazed into my eyes and showed me myself. You quieted my mind and dropped me into Awareness. You held my hand and coursed through me like a river of pulsing vibration. You came into me and shook me with pleasure. You told me all you know and showed me who I am. You glimpsed the future and revealed the past. You broke through my illusions and unveiled the truth. You created miracles and so did I. Together, we were a miracle. Together, we were God seeing God, Goddess staring into the eyes of Goddess, witnessing Creation Itself, Stillness Incarnate.  We merged together, one Unibeing, one Mind, one Heart, one Body. We became heaven on earth, the Godself celebrating the Godself, Shiva dancing with Shakti, wholeness embodied, skipping hand in hand on the beach like magical children with enjoyment bodies of light.

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I Want To Die Happy, What About You?


By: Bela Dhillon

(My story: how I started on my inner journey and how I am trying to achieve a happy ending):

A few years ago I considered myself as a 'living dead'. I lived my life subconsciously. Life happened to me but I did not happen to be there. I was literally absent. My Soul was getting injured and broken and I am sure parts of my Soul left me. I could barely drag my feet to move and felt immense pressure on my body and my psyche. Each day was hard to live and I was barely surviving without any Mojo. 

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Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?


There’s a school of thought in spiritual circles that ascribes to the idea that everything that happens in our lives—the blissful things, the growth edge things, the horrid things—all happens with purpose. This spiritual teaching suggests that everything reflected in our lives is the result of our conscious or unconscious desires, and that when things aren’t going our way, it’s because the blueprint of the subconscious actually desires the very thing we think we don’t want. In other words, we may believe that we want to meet the love of our life, or we may hope to have the cancer cured, but if someone were to muscle test us or read the subconscious mind intuitively, we would discover that at the level of the subconscious, we’re actually terrified of falling in love because of a past heartbreak, or the cancer is meeting some core need for rest, connection, or freedom from a toxic job, for example.

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Will You Choose Bitterness, Or Love?

bitterness or love

Life can be pretty tough at times, right?

The person that you thought to be amazing, turns out to be not as awesome as you thought.  The golden opportunity that you thought was a level up, didn’t quite work out.  The person who you thought to be trustworthy, isn’t.

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My Reflections About Soul Urge, Soul Alignment, Free Will, Courage & Soul Family/Soul Tribe


By: Bela Dhillon, MD

Courage = Action to Satisfy the Urge of the Soul 

Recently a friend asked me about the role of "free will" in doing what feels like being on Soul Path. It made me think deeper and while I was responding to him, it became much clearer to myself.  So, many thanks to that friend first.  Here is what I wrote and want to share my clarity with all of you:

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In Search Of Our True Identity

A lot of thought is being given these days to our sense of identity. Not just how we define ourselves or others in terms of being straight, gay, transgender or otherwise, but the deeper aspects of what make us who we are and our place in this world. Even if we feel pretty secure in our boots as to our sexual orientation, it’s still a subject worth considering, particularly as it relates to our health.

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The Galaxy Traveler's Guide To The Spiritual Speedway

Spiritual Speedway by Monica Wilcox

“I want to quit!” He tells me. “I want to shut down the office, close down the accounts, un-social my media, tweet my last tweet and blog my last post. I’m moving to Thailand to sell herbs from a bicycle basket.  I’ll go back to selling floor tiles. I was good at that. I could look at a finished floor and know I had accomplished something.”  My poor friend is on the downside of the spiritual cycle and believes he’s the only one on the racetrack.

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