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Owning the Environment

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Not Everyone Scores At A Red Tag Sale; The High Cost Of The Hidden Price Tag

Nature Never Goes On Sale~Monica Wilcox

If you would be so kind to give me a moment of your time and the key to open your mind. I’d like to challenge your perspective and offer you a new view through a set of green goggles.

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Spirited Sounds

Alexandra Heather Foss, Spirited Sounds

Where I am sitting right now a motorcycle just revved its engine and an inquisitive squirrel stopped its descent mid-trunk out of fear.  The engine has vanished down a curvy road but the squirrel remains still, afraid to shift position.  It watches me through the porch screen, wary of the sounds, the vibrations, the rhythm of a life force not quite natural, and when only the wind is left in the wake of the vehicle, the squirrel ripples its tail, as if testing the air for danger, and then dashes down the tree to a patch of lawn, careful to avoid the concrete road.

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On Pace With Leaves

On Pace With Leaves, Leaves, Goldenrod, Sunlight, Nature

There is this tiny patch of key lime hued leaves just outside my bedroom window.  The leaves belong to a tree that is barren except for this small bounty – this cluster of life.  Not one other branch has leaves that are not dried from autumn, or bare from winter, and I wonder as I watch the leaves jiggle, rather dance, at the mystery of life, why these leaves were in a hurry when all the other leaves remain hidden somewhere inside the deadened winter branches.  I understand.  I mean look all around us.  Magic is everywhere, fecund in even the most sterile moments, so it isn’t the magic of life that has me wondering but rather the pace, why one bunch of leaves blossoms early and others blossom late.

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The Freedom To Ignore

Now that the riots have tempered down in the Middle East and the offender ran off to hide in his hole, I’d like to cautiously offer a line of communication. We’ve come to a point of mutual misunderstanding between our societies. You can’t understand how we can allow anyone to smear the name of a prophet; we don’t understand how one man’s rhetoric justifies murder and mayhem.

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My Childhood As An Environmental Movement Test Subject

Monica Wilcox as an environmental movement test subject

Yes, it’s true. I tried to hide it but secrets are like glaciers upon the landscape of the soul; they freeze over for a time, then pull back to reveal their grinding destruction.

My father was the Al Gore of Wyoming from 1970-2005. He called himself a conversationalist but that was a cover; the man was greener than a cesspool. To be the movement before "The Movement" takes serious grit. He was left with his own meager resources - an office cubical with the State of Wyoming and his two children. So it is that my childhood began.

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The Once-ler

Oliver Wong- Dancing Trees

At the end of the block

where the Cinema lights glow

and the wind smells greasy and gassy when it blows

and no birds dare to fly excepting old crows…

is the Street of the Mighty Once-ler.

And deep behind the bullet proof glass, some people say,

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The Reluctant Environmentalist

Monica Wilcox-The Reluctant Environmentalist

Sometimes, I could swear, the earth speaks.

I was at my daughter’s swim meet timing with another mom when her 9-year-old daughter joined us. We had timed a few events when the girl started shrieking; there was a bee on the diving block before us. It landed on the wet cement…buzz…rest…buzz…rest. The daughter grew increasingly upset.

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Green Sexuality: Is The Ecology Of Love A Fad Or The Future Of Sex?


"Mother Earth doesn’t need us to survive, but we sure do need her. Better make sure she comes first." That tagline sums up my understanding of eco-sexuality in an organic nutshell, though my experience thus far is that even many die-hard greenies toss their dirt laden hands in the air when you mention making love sustainable. If tree-huggers are bemused, what about the rest of us mainstream recyclers? My friend Wendy Strgar is in the business of creating sustainable relationships (she’s the founder of GoodCleanLove.com – lotions and potions and adult toys that are good for you and the planet; in other words, she purveys sexy and safe fun). From her I realized that sustainability in the bedroom is an inside job.

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How One Woman Is Striving To Save The Oceans She's Rowed

Roz Savage

Sometimes you set out to bring attention to a higher cause and before you know it YOU’VE become bigger than the cause.  Many might say this has happened to Roz Savage. But what would you expect for a woman who has rowed the world’s biggest oceans. 

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Terrorism In Norway: Where’s The Love?

Norway Terrorism

We’d like to believe that the Holocaust could never happen again. Surely, we’ve learned from the slaughter of millions that we as people are all one, and there is no superior or inferior race, no racial cleansing necessary, no needless murder justified. According to this CNN article, a picture is emerging of the Norwegian terrorist who murdered at least 86 people between his ambush on Utoya Island and the government buildings he simultaneously bombed in Oslo. The suspect, who has been arrested and has plead not guilty, is 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik. Apparently, he is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who may have had an issue with Norway's multi-cultural society. Jonas Kallmyr is quoted as saying that encountering Breivik was "like meeting Hitler before World War II."

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