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Owning the Environment

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Five Ways To Keep Your Wedding Green

Green Wedding

By: Lee Flynn

When most of us think about weddings, we think about extravagance. Many weddings become less about a happy couple tying the knot and more about putting on a big, over-the-top show for friends and family.

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What's Your Autumn Rhythm?

Autumn Leaves

Are you someone whose favorite season is summer and who has trouble appreciating the other three seasons?  Do you think of autumn and winter as gloomy or disappointing?  Or maybe you enjoy all the seasons equally yet find yourself too busy to really connect to seasonal rhythms?  Here are some suggestions about why and how to know your own autumn rhythm.

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Three Simple Questions Authentic Leaders Ask

Three Simple Questions

Maria, an executive coaching client, was stuck. She had an employee that was underperforming and Maria was under some pressure from other departments to fire her. She had been putting off having a conversation with this employee for several months thinking that this person’s performance would turn around. It didn’t. Maria felt stuck because she thought the employee had some useful skills but clearly others felt otherwise. The pressure was mounting. What should Maria do? Follow her gut? Succumb to the pressure?

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My Hawaiian Rainforest Experience And What It Taught Me About The Power Of Intention

My family and I are on the island of Oahu and preparing to have a wonderful vacation.

My wife, Babette wants to go and see a waterfall and would love to be able to get under one especially here in Hawaii.

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Why Are You Here?


To be specific, why are you here on the Earth?  Have you ever considered that you might be here to participate in the life system on this planet, not only take from it?

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How To Make Your House-Cleaning Routine Green

green cleaning ingredients

It’s a great feeling to walk into a clean house. What’s even better, though, is knowing that your house is non-toxically clean.

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Have You Asked A Plant Or Tree?

Ask a tree

If you’re like many readers on this site, you’re interested in both the life of the soul and the life of the mind.  Do you know that one area where there’s room for both spirituality and science is in the human connection to plants?   I’d like to welcome you to explore an area where both your soul and your mind can flourish and you can receive beautiful companionship and wisdom: through spending time connecting with plants.  Sound weird but interesting?  Read on!

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Noticing Earth’s Troubles? Why It’s Meaningful To Acknowledge Them, Send Love, And Surround Them With Light.

Send light to the earth

We’re daily aware of so many troubles on the Earth that we can’t heal—at least, not yet.  Maybe there’s smog or drought where you live, flooding or species extinction.  I drive to do an errand and notice the air is heating up, the smog building.  How is it for the birds and trees in hot, smoggy weather like this, I wonder, or the kids in my city who have asthma?  Yes, I’m driving an electric car but still—it’s a car.  Cars around me spew exhaust.  I close my windows.  I’d give a lot to heal this all, right now, here in my city and in other cities, too.  I yearn to repair climate change and eliminate air pollution.  I’m not able to do that.  What I can do, though, and you can, too, is surround the problems with light.  So often we think our choices are either activism or denial, but there’s a precious third way: acknowledge the problem, send love, and surround it with light.  Acknowledge, love, light.  Let me explain why this matters.
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Finding Stillness With Stones


If you’re someone who feels the strain of a fast-paced life, there’s an ally in nature who can help you experience a restful pace.  I’m talking about stones and the slowness of ‘stone time.’  If you have scientific leanings, you might prefer to call it ‘geologic time.’  Scientifically speaking, geologic time is a phrase we use to describe the eons of Earth’s history, each one millions of years long.  (You can explore what we know about them at the Smithsonian’s Geologic Time website.)  It can feel mind-bogglingly abstract to try to wrap your head around Earth’s 4.6 billion year history.  I find it easier to personalize this by focusing on how you can connect to what I’ll call stone time, which is the slow depth we can encounter when we give our attention to stones.

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An Environmentalist Comes To Georgia

Double bagged groceries

Atlanta grocers possess a deep and unyielding passion for plastic bags. They adore them. I don’t. So naturally we’ve had some interesting altercations at the far side of the scanner.

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