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Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Joy is a choice.

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11 Ways To Live Fully -- And Stop Comparing

live fully

I always cry on my birthday. And I really don’t even know why. And that’s hard to admit as someone as introspective as I am. I like to know myself. And I really can’t put a finger on this one.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hiro Boga zen, sand, rocks

Even in the summer, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest can be moody, unpredictable. In the grocery story, in the teller line-up at the bank, people shake their heads and say: “July!” mournfully.

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Leaving Behind The Observer/Narrarator's Life

Leaving Behind
Memory Lane

Not long ago, I was cleaning out my closet and came across a container filled with pictures from the pre-digital camera phase of my life. There were pictures of my wedding, college graduation, honeymoon, first apartment, first house, my dogs in their puppy days, the second graders I taught, the kindergartners I taught, family gatherings, and life in general. A strange thought went through my mind as I strolled down memory lane with those photos. This is what life looked like back when I simply lived it.

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Iron Man vs. Athena For CEO – Leadership Battle Of The Sexes?

Iron Man vs. Athena for CEO – Leadership Battle of the Sexes?

I recently saw Iron Man III with my family and it was a good time. Bad guys. Good guys. Destruction. Even a humble pie big enough to go around. As I enjoyed the pyrotechnics and good-guy triumph, however, I was reminded of how completely our comic books reinforce the most unhelpful of bad boy leadership stereotypes.

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Dare To Live Your Dharma

Dare to be Free

Liberation, Transformation, Awakening.

Healing, Mastery, Magic.

Peace, Power, Eternity.

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Is Equal Pay For Women Even Possible? (Can Pay Be Equal?)

Is Equal Pay For Women Even Possible? (Can Pay Be Equal?)

There is no question that women and minorities are not at salary parity with white males in our business culture. They are not. But the prevailing myth that this is an evil plot to oppress us doesn't fly with me, because when you look under the covers of equal pay, things get much more complex. In sum, the current wage gap serves a purpose, both for businesses and for many women themselves; and in doing so, it's undermining the interests and needs of us all.

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Pitiful Or Powerful? Practical Guide For A Powerful Personal Narrative

Pitiful or Powerful


We are not the sum total of what happens to us. We are the story that we tell ourselves about the events of our lives. We are what we perceive ourselves to be. 

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How I Quit My Day Job & Why I'm Taking A 6-Month Roadtrip

Road trip

By Elle Griffin

Only five years ago my husband and I imagined a life where we could come and go as we pleased, exploring the many beautiful parts of our country while visiting friends and family and changing the world on the way. Years of daydreaming have prepared us for this moment and finally, I am so proud to say that moment has arrived!

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How To Know If You Are On The Right Path

You're on the Right Path

How do I know I’m on the right path?

Asking this question can send us into a knee-bending spiral of:
nail biting, insomnia-inducing, confusion stricken, bleary eyed unsure-ness.

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