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Owning Work Life Purpose

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8 Myths About Finding Your Calling

Find Your Calling

More now than ever before, we are entering a time when people are realizing that it’s not ultimately fulfilling to just find a stable job, hunker down and serve a company that doesn’t feed your soul, build up your retirement account, and delay gratification until you retire at 65, when you can golf and lie on beaches in Florida until you kick the bucket. Not only do fewer and fewer stable jobs exist; even those who have seemingly stable jobs are finding that something even more important is beckoning them—a way to do soul-uplifting work you love that serves others and benefits our planet.

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Gratitude Is A Leadership Practice


Jane is overwhelmed at work with more on her to-do list than she can get done. John has a co-worker that is just plain difficult to work with.  Claire has an inner critic that is really loud and she can’t get a break. Michael is trying to motivate his team but just can’t get them engaged. Know anyone facing these types of issues? A friend, perhaps even you? If you face any of these challenges, starting a gratitude practice will help.

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Reconciling Passion & The Leap

Passion & The Leap

I’ve been working on the same novel since the beginning of time.

In my first incarnation I probably wore mammoth furs and carved this story onto a cave wall with an antler dipped in red ochre.

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My Fear Of Lack (+ Transforming Your Life)

My Fear of Lack (+ Transforming Your Life)

Are you afraid that you might not achieve the lifestyle, career success and level of financial freedom you desire?

OR… if you do achieve it, it might be taken from you in some way?

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Are Your Thoughts A Reflection Of Your LIFE?


Your thoughts are a reflection of the life you are living. It is what I call the thought seeds. These thought seeds are what you plant and give your energy to.

To be more specific I will say that the unconscious assumptions you make about your life and your relationship to these unconscious assumptions are your LIFE.

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Dreaming Big Can Kill You

Flog Me Now

Lean In. Play Big. Dance with your Dream. Everywhere I turn I hear these motivational phrases…Yes, that last one is mine.  Here’s the truth no one tells you…

Dreaming big can kill you!
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You're Exactly Where You're Meant To Be - Feel Good About Yourself And Your Life Now

Almost every person I meet suffers from the “I am not where I am supposed to be” syndrome. This video is medicine from my heart to yours so that you can stop running this story in your brain and body (it’s a downer and it keeps you from experiencing the dreams and desire you have) and so you can start seeing and feeling the truth – that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and every day you have the opportunity to become more and more manifest as the fully expressed, free, and loved you.

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Where Did You Go Now?

Where Did You Go

By: Jenni Bevill

The last time I sat down to write a blog post was on March 12th.  It is now September. Even as I begin to type this my heart is fluttering like a butterfly on crack. There were times over the last few months that I thought I'd never write again. Why?

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Dance, Confidence And My Career

Dance, Confidence and My Career

By: Lindsay McCormick 

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to turn myself into the best possible broadcaster that I could be. I knew that would require a speech coach, so I sought out the best, Arthur Joseph, who had worked with everyone from ESPN anchors to NFL legends before their Hall of Fame speeches. I walked into his homely office in his guesthouse not knowing what to expect for my first lesson. After watching footage of my previous broadcasts, he told me he knew exactly what was holding me back from reaching my potential…confidence. Surely it couldn’t be that simple. After all, I considered myself a fairly confident person. He asked me when I felt most confident in life, and I responded with three simple words, “When I dance.”

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Three Simple Questions Authentic Leaders Ask

Three Simple Questions

Maria, an executive coaching client, was stuck. She had an employee that was underperforming and Maria was under some pressure from other departments to fire her. She had been putting off having a conversation with this employee for several months thinking that this person’s performance would turn around. It didn’t. Maria felt stuck because she thought the employee had some useful skills but clearly others felt otherwise. The pressure was mounting. What should Maria do? Follow her gut? Succumb to the pressure?

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