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You're Exactly Where You're Meant To Be - Feel Good About Yourself And Your Life Now

Almost every person I meet suffers from the “I am not where I am supposed to be” syndrome. This video is medicine from my heart to yours so that you can stop running this story in your brain and body (it’s a downer and it keeps you from experiencing the dreams and desire you have) and so you can start seeing and feeling the truth – that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and every day you have the opportunity to become more and more manifest as the fully expressed, free, and loved you.

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Where Did You Go Now?

Where Did You Go

By: Jenni Bevill

The last time I sat down to write a blog post was on March 12th.  It is now September. Even as I begin to type this my heart is fluttering like a butterfly on crack. There were times over the last few months that I thought I'd never write again. Why?

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Dance, Confidence And My Career

Dance, Confidence and My Career

By: Lindsay McCormick 

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to turn myself into the best possible broadcaster that I could be. I knew that would require a speech coach, so I sought out the best, Arthur Joseph, who had worked with everyone from ESPN anchors to NFL legends before their Hall of Fame speeches. I walked into his homely office in his guesthouse not knowing what to expect for my first lesson. After watching footage of my previous broadcasts, he told me he knew exactly what was holding me back from reaching my potential…confidence. Surely it couldn’t be that simple. After all, I considered myself a fairly confident person. He asked me when I felt most confident in life, and I responded with three simple words, “When I dance.”

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Three Simple Questions Authentic Leaders Ask

Three Simple Questions

Maria, an executive coaching client, was stuck. She had an employee that was underperforming and Maria was under some pressure from other departments to fire her. She had been putting off having a conversation with this employee for several months thinking that this person’s performance would turn around. It didn’t. Maria felt stuck because she thought the employee had some useful skills but clearly others felt otherwise. The pressure was mounting. What should Maria do? Follow her gut? Succumb to the pressure?

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Pausing To Return To School

Back to School

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."  - Viktor E. Frankl

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Paying Attention To Signs


I want to write about a friend who recently shared her story at a party. It was excellent timing because it has to do with my blog topic: paying attention to signs.  For a number of years, she was in a demanding job with overwhelming responsibility. It would’ve been okay, but her company undervalued her completely. She was expected to do the work of 3 people and get paid for 1. In addition, there was tons of drama coming from the workers around her. As time passed, the job itself and the office environment became increasingly toxic. That’s when the headaches and back pain started. Common colds would last for weeks and she felt increasingly exhausted, stressed out, and unhappy. Life changed remarkably because what was going on at work affected other areas of her life, too. After years in this environment and months of physical ailments, she decided that she’s too young and valuable to live this way and took action. She went out, job hunted, and found something better. As soon as she was offered a new position, she could feel her stress start to dissipate. Shortly after, the headaches and backaches disappeared. Everything felt better and lighter. I want to applaud her courage and sense of self-worth. She didn’t let fear of change or fear of the unknown stand in her way. She paid attention to her body’s glaring signs and took control.

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18 Signs That You're Here To Transform Human Consciousness

How To Uplift The World

For many years now, a lot of people have been talking about “The Shift,” this mysterious transformation of human consciousness that is supposedly underway. Ever since the end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2102, New Age types tend to twitter away about the evolution of the species, the revolution of love, and other hopeful but fuzzy seeming changes in what it means to be human. I want to take a minute to help us all ground this floaty notion a bit.

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One Small Act...

Being Brave

I’ve never considered myself to be a particularly brave person.

Risk taking was certainly not particularly high up on my bucket list. 

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Who Are You BEING As A Leader?


Who we become as leaders comes not from books or training but from paying attention to the small and big choices we make every day. Just last week my 16-year old called me in a panic around 11:30am. She asked if I could come and pick her up from school. Her voice had a sense of urgency in it. She had a major Chemistry test that she hadn’t studied adequately for and was afraid she would get an “F” on it, severely impacting her overall grade. This (she went on to say in one breath) would destroy her G.P.A., her chances of getting into a good college, and her career plans. Basically, she could write off her life. In that moment, I think she actually believed this and wanted to have the weekend to study for the test. Having had plenty of panic attacks about tests, I felt her fear. A part of me felt compassion for her, another part wanted to have her learn to be more responsible, another part wanted to help her get a good grade. Who was I going to be as a mom and a leader in that situation?

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A Solo-Entpreneur's Mantra For Success

Hold the Vision & Trust the Process

There is an inevitable path my mind takes as a solo-entrepreneur walking on my life's path of purpose.  I start to feel lonely, sorry for myself, or worried about finances.  When my mind finally clears, I recognize that fear is masquerading as rational thought.

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