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Owning Work Life Purpose

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Our Brain Can't Distinguish The Difference Between Good Habits and Bad Habits

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We have good habits and we have bad habits and at the subconscious level, our brain cannot tell the difference between the two. This means that the brain will not be able to tell us to refrain from performing our bad habits because he cannot tell that what we are doing is our bad habit. All our brain can distinguish is what we are doing is indeed our habit.

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Does Women’s Emotional Intelligence Help Us Get Into Leadership?


Emotional Intelligence (a.k.a. “EQ”) is becoming recognized as one of the key differentiators between good and ineffective leaders. On the average, women have naturally high EQs, but there are many areas we can improve to move easily assertively into leadership into today’s organizational cultures. If you’re a woman, don’t assume you got all the EQ you need, and if you’re a man, don’t assume you don’t have natural abilities already.

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Is Having A Life Purpose Getting In The Way Of Your Best Life?

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
~Walt Whitman

If the more than one billion results to my recent Google search are any indication, life purpose is a hot topic. In the coaching world, entire programs (and expensive ones at that) are built around helping people discover and live their life purposes. But does having a purpose really make for a better or happier life? I think not, and here are three reasons why.

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10 Ways To Know If Your Stress Is Actually Just Disorganization!


Order is a beautiful thing. Organized spaces emanate a kind of peace and squeaky-clean harmony that is feng shui magic through and through. Organized lives have that same luster and beaming musicality.

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The 4 Commandments Of Launching A Program

4 Commandments

I have been seriously pushing my edge as of late. I’m no longer drafting along behind (if you’ve read my Copycat, Copycat blog you’ll know of what I speak, but… essentially it means I’ve stepped out fully on my own.)

Pushing edges is damn scary. In fact, I’ve had moments of such utter terror that it’s hard to put into words. (Or to breathe.)  I recently launched a piece of my soul and heart’s work out in to the Big U(niverse) in my Story Shape Shifting & Memoir Writing Group. “Hallelujah, Holy Shit… Where’s the Tylenol?” I’ve felt nauseous with elation and anticipation and, of course, a sprinkling of fear and a whole lot of self-doubt. I’ve also felt moments of such intense connection as I’ve interviewed candidates and have felt as if nothing I’ve ever written or offered has felt so divinely inspired or so in line with everything I believe and in how I see the world.

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The Root Cause Of Career Burnout: Loss Of Purpose

The Powerful Secret of Your Breath by Dr. Romie

Doctor, lawyer, Jaguar, Jimmy Choos, and president of the PTA. We often walk through life mindlessly defining ourselves by the things we buy, the careers we choose, degrees, credentials, and in my case designer high heel shoes. As a society, we have upgraded from golden handcuffs to platinum shackles. How? We are chained to a soul-sucking job for the sake of a paycheck, prestige, or pride.  

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You Only Get One Dollar


Imagine that, each day, you are given a dollar. That dollar is yours to do with whatever you wish. You can spend it on anything you like. You can give it to a friend. But you have to use that dollar in the day that it is given to you. No returns. No Refunds. And you can’t save it for a rainy day.

You have to choose—and choose wisely—how you will use that dollar each day, before you lose it.

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The Bottom-Right Desk Drawer

The Bottom-Right Desk Drawer

In my office the other day, I was running on time (hurray!) and had a few extra minutes to visit with one of my patients.

As we swapped stories about what’s going on in our worlds, I mentioned my passion for helping doctors love medicine again. I told her I hoped it would help with physician burnout.

As a teacher with years of experience, my patient knows a thing or two about burnout. She shared a tip that might help us doctors, too.

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Are Your Habits Productive Or Unproductive?

Continuing our discussion of habits and how they relate to success...

Let's say you want to lose weight and get in shape. Even though you know consciously that you should drink more water and less soda if you want to lose weight and get in shape, you will continue to do the habits that are not helping you reach your goals...

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Are Your Current Stories Serving You?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling a story that doesn’t serve me.

At least not any longer.

The story is this: I’m a behind-the-scenes type of gal who gets her kicks from supporting others. In other words, I’m not a leader.

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