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Pain can turn coal into diamonds. Look for the gems in life’s experiences.

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Fearlessness: The Key To Effective Feedback

Fearlessness: The Key to Effective Feedback

When you think about it, giving and receiving feedback is pretty much all communication is. You talk. I listen. Then I respond to what you said, providing you feedback on how well I heard you. You listen and respond to me, etc. This continuous feedback loop usually just looks like two people having a conversation – until one of us calls it “feedback” and then we get all skittish and nervous and – afraid.

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3 Secret Confessions About The Fear Cure

The Fear Cure

So . . . (cue the unofficial theme song of this book, Sara Bareilles “Brave”) my new book The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage As Medicine For The Body, Mind, & Soul comes out today! You can find out more about the book at TheFearCureBook.com. This website also includes a special gift I created for you—the “Prescription for Courage Kit,” which includes 5 guided meditations I recorded with my musician friend Karen Drucker—one meditation about getting in touch with the voice of your Inner Pilot Light, one about dealing with uncertainty, one about moving beyond fear of loss, one about how it’s a friendly universe, and one about Oneness.

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Crossing The Belief Gap And Changing Your Life

The Law of attraction, thinking positively and changing our lives is centered on one thing and that is changing our beliefs.

We were taught to think positively and to make positive statements. These statements were to be heard by the universe around us and to be made real. This manner is successful for others and can be successful for you but not everyone. There are people who struggle with this daily. They work hard each day, but it seems that nothing they do is enough and that the universe is not on their side. I can relate. For many years, this is what I felt. Even if I filled myself with positive statements and shared this with the universe, I was not getting what I wanted. I felt that the universe was ignoring me because no matter how much I shared and positive statements I made, things were not going as how I wanted them to be.

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How To Co-create Your Dreams In Only 68 Seconds A Day

law of attraction

If you’re aware of the Law of Attraction this concept is familiar: Your thoughts become your reality.

No matter what is happening in your life, you can deliberately choose the way you think about what’s happening, down to the individual thoughts that cross your brain.

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On Queendom & Building Your World (Plus A Gift!!!)


Not so very long ago I felt like there was a rent in the fabric of my world.

I was uprooted…



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Are Your Smart Devices Causing You A Pain In The Neck?

Poor posture can cause problems

I was so excited to get a publishing contract for my next book. “Sure, no problem.”,  I told the editor when she asked if I could give her my manuscript in seven weeks. My mind wanted to seize the opportunity and I did. I was on purpose. My body however had a different experience.

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We Have A Choice: Freak Out Or Flow.

Freak Out Or Flow

I came downstairs to make my Bulletproof Coffee (only decaf these days), my new morning ritual, and Mike looked up at me in his adorable scruffiness as he said, “Want to hear the super exciting news now or later?”

“Now!” I replied enthusiastically.

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The Writer Emerges


The new year begins for me with the publishing of an anthology in which I wrote a chapter. This was a cold–call invitation by an east coast publisher who had explored my website. Did I have any times or moments in my life where I experienced an awakening which changed everything? Sure, I instantly responded, there were many! The very day before this call, I had declared that it was time to get down to some “serious” writing. Deliver something beyond Facebook posts and hither and yon emails. 

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There Is No Shortcut And That's Good News

Daily Joy

By: Jennifer Louden

When I work with students in my programs, I often get angry. Not at them but at the disservice - even damage - some spiritual and psychological concepts have wrought in their lives. The specific ideas or teachers don’t matter, but the general outcome I see time and again does. Namely: if I’m not doing something big, and it’s not happening easily and quickly and just the way I imagined, there is something wrong with me. And I should quit.

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Want To Make God Laugh? (Here’s What I Did.)


I’ve heard from so many of you that you love the story of Doug getting his book deal, and I’ve loved pulling back the curtain so that you can see the mechanics of creating a miracle manifestation and do it too.

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