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We Have A Choice: Freak Out Or Flow.

Freak Out Or Flow

I came downstairs to make my Bulletproof Coffee (only decaf these days), my new morning ritual, and Mike looked up at me in his adorable scruffiness as he said, “Want to hear the super exciting news now or later?”

“Now!” I replied enthusiastically.

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The Writer Emerges


The new year begins for me with the publishing of an anthology in which I wrote a chapter. This was a cold–call invitation by an east coast publisher who had explored my website. Did I have any times or moments in my life where I experienced an awakening which changed everything? Sure, I instantly responded, there were many! The very day before this call, I had declared that it was time to get down to some “serious” writing. Deliver something beyond Facebook posts and hither and yon emails. 

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There Is No Shortcut And That's Good News

Daily Joy

By: Jennifer Louden

When I work with students in my programs, I often get angry. Not at them but at the disservice - even damage - some spiritual and psychological concepts have wrought in their lives. The specific ideas or teachers don’t matter, but the general outcome I see time and again does. Namely: if I’m not doing something big, and it’s not happening easily and quickly and just the way I imagined, there is something wrong with me. And I should quit.

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Want To Make God Laugh? (Here’s What I Did.)


I’ve heard from so many of you that you love the story of Doug getting his book deal, and I’ve loved pulling back the curtain so that you can see the mechanics of creating a miracle manifestation and do it too.

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Flying After The Leap Of Faith

speaking to youth group

Launching out into my Faith Walk has been a rather enjoyable journey for me. This Fall I resigned from my full time clinical position as a medical physician at a prestigious institution.  I knew my time on that job was coming to a close and once I resigned the most amazing thing happened.  I was invited by the U.S. State Department as their international guest speaker for the South Pacific Islands!!  The timing of the invitation was surreal.  I had no idea this invitation would present itself when it did.  The exact day I made a decision to step down was the same day I received their verbal invitation.

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All I Want For Christmas Is To be Anne Frank

This morning my husband coaxed me to kneel with him and pray.

I was still in my pajama pants with the zebras on them.  I cradled my second cup of coffee as if it were "the antidote."

I begged Grace to let me write.

Which is a ridiculous prayer, as perhaps most prayers are.

But it was all I had.  It was the most honest thing I could say.


sea waves


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Our Brain Can't Distinguish The Difference Between Good Habits and Bad Habits

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We have good habits and we have bad habits and at the subconscious level, our brain cannot tell the difference between the two. This means that the brain will not be able to tell us to refrain from performing our bad habits because he cannot tell that what we are doing is our bad habit. All our brain can distinguish is what we are doing is indeed our habit.

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Does Women’s Emotional Intelligence Help Us Get Into Leadership?


Emotional Intelligence (a.k.a. “EQ”) is becoming recognized as one of the key differentiators between good and ineffective leaders. On the average, women have naturally high EQs, but there are many areas we can improve to move easily assertively into leadership into today’s organizational cultures. If you’re a woman, don’t assume you got all the EQ you need, and if you’re a man, don’t assume you don’t have natural abilities already.

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Is Having A Life Purpose Getting In The Way Of Your Best Life?

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
~Walt Whitman

If the more than one billion results to my recent Google search are any indication, life purpose is a hot topic. In the coaching world, entire programs (and expensive ones at that) are built around helping people discover and live their life purposes. But does having a purpose really make for a better or happier life? I think not, and here are three reasons why.

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10 Ways To Know If Your Stress Is Actually Just Disorganization!


Order is a beautiful thing. Organized spaces emanate a kind of peace and squeaky-clean harmony that is feng shui magic through and through. Organized lives have that same luster and beaming musicality.

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