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Owning Work Life Purpose

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The Root Cause Of Career Burnout: Loss Of Purpose

The Powerful Secret of Your Breath by Dr. Romie

Doctor, lawyer, Jaguar, Jimmy Choos, and president of the PTA. We often walk through life mindlessly defining ourselves by the things we buy, the careers we choose, degrees, credentials, and in my case designer high heel shoes. As a society, we have upgraded from golden handcuffs to platinum shackles. How? We are chained to a soul-sucking job for the sake of a paycheck, prestige, or pride.  

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You Only Get One Dollar


Imagine that, each day, you are given a dollar. That dollar is yours to do with whatever you wish. You can spend it on anything you like. You can give it to a friend. But you have to use that dollar in the day that it is given to you. No returns. No Refunds. And you can’t save it for a rainy day.

You have to choose—and choose wisely—how you will use that dollar each day, before you lose it.

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The Bottom-Right Desk Drawer

The Bottom-Right Desk Drawer

In my office the other day, I was running on time (hurray!) and had a few extra minutes to visit with one of my patients.

As we swapped stories about what’s going on in our worlds, I mentioned my passion for helping doctors love medicine again. I told her I hoped it would help with physician burnout.

As a teacher with years of experience, my patient knows a thing or two about burnout. She shared a tip that might help us doctors, too.

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Are Your Habits Productive Or Unproductive?

Continuing our discussion of habits and how they relate to success...

Let's say you want to lose weight and get in shape. Even though you know consciously that you should drink more water and less soda if you want to lose weight and get in shape, you will continue to do the habits that are not helping you reach your goals...

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Are Your Current Stories Serving You?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling a story that doesn’t serve me.

At least not any longer.

The story is this: I’m a behind-the-scenes type of gal who gets her kicks from supporting others. In other words, I’m not a leader.

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The Upside Of Office Politics

The Upside of Office Politics

Sometimes my clients start falling into a pattern, and it gives me an opportunity to look more deeply at common challenges we all face. Lately, too many of my clients have fallen into the “victim of office politics” trap. This looks different for each person, but in every case it feels like several people you work with are conspiring against you to undermine your credibility and impact.

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Missing Something? I've Got Your Ingredients Right Here.

Missing Something?

We need each other.

There’s a lot of talk in the self-actualization space about masculine energy and feminine energy. When I first heard about this concept I got very tied up in worrying about which one I was using and whether or not I was doing it “right.”

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*I wrote this blog post years ago for my personal blog. It is a good reminder for me now as I'm working on the third novel in my Young Adult series, THE PAST LIVES OF LOLA RAY. I hope you benefit from the message as well. 

Discipline is a concept that has been popping up for me over and over again. And it is something I have been resisting over and over again. Yesterday, during my book group someone mentioned discipline and for the first time I began to open up to the idea.

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What Is Shamanism?


I wrote this blog from Pisac, Peru, where I met with shamans as research for an upcoming book Sacred Medicine, an exploration of anomalous healing. My spiritual love affair with shamanism began on my wedding day at Post Ranch Inn in 2005. I was browsing through the posh resort’s list of activities. I read through it—yoga, group meditation . . . shamanic journey. Now that sounded interesting! With no idea what a shamanic journey actually was, I thought it would make for a good story. A shamanic journey on my wedding day? Why not?

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What’s Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals – You’ve Been Given The Wrong Tool

What’s Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals – You’ve Been Given The Wrong Tool

Imagine that you wanted to drive a nail into a wall. Do you think you could do it? Sure you could; if you had the right tool.

Now, let’s say — because I like you, I believe in you, and I really want you to succeed — I went out; and, with great expense and careful thought, bought you a brand new, shiny red…

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