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Promise yourself to express love in your life. Love will come back to you 10-fold.

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Trusting The Synchronicity Of Life


I just finished Wayne Dyer’s new book I Can See Clearly Now, in which he recounts many of the pivotal moments of his life, the lessons he learned, and how he “can see clearly now” the meaning, purpose, and synchronicity of it all.  I loved the book and got so much out of it.

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Should You Under-Promise And Over-Deliver?


We’ve all heard the business cliché that we should “under-promise and over-deliver”. Like most clichés, there is a grain of truth in this old saying…

The grain being that if you consistently delight your customers, they will tend to come back for more repeat business with you.

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How To Start Teaching Today


By: Jennifer Louden

Want to start teaching today or infuse your current teaching - whatever your subject - with renewed energy?

Then ask yourself: What do I want others to know? What must I teach before I die?

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Being Bold At Work

Being Bold At Work

We often give advice to leaders, “Be bold!”


Here are the typical reasons for being bold that I hear:
You’ll get noticed
You’ll move faster forward (failing and succeeding both)
You’ll get outside the box

All good reasons!

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10 Alternative Careers For Doctors


As a disillusioned physician who felt like I was selling my soul in order to keep the stability of a job within the insurance-based US health care system that demanded that I see 40 patients a day, I longed for a different life. As a young woman, I thought medicine was my calling. For me, medicine was a spiritual practice. You practice medicine like you practice yoga or meditation, like you won’t ever fully master it. As a doctor, I felt grateful to have the opportunity to have a front row seat on life, and as an OB/GYN, I felt particularly blessed to have the opportunity to greet the newly incarnated souls right as they entered the world.

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When Dreams Come True

New book

In 2007, I set a goal to become a published author. In February of 2014, that dream became a reality. 

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Are You Living Your Resume Or Eulogy?

I had the honor of both attending and speaking at the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco recently.  The event was great, and one of the highlights for me was listening to an inspiring talk given by Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post.  In her talk she asked us a powerful question, “Are you living your resume or your eulogy?”

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A Love Letter To Aspiring Medical Students

Aspiring Medical Student

On my PBS tour, I had lunch with health blogger James Clear, who is studying for his MCATs and wants to go to medical school. James and I have been talking about his desire to go to medical school for a while. As a successful entrepreneur with a strong sense of self and a calling to medicine, James once asked me whether I thought it was possible to go through medical training without getting your spirit broken.  I told him I think it’s possible. It’s hard. But possible. As I wrote about here, it’s easy to wind up with PTSD after your medical training. But if anyone has the mettle to survive medical training unbroken, it’s James.

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Are Women Running The World Or Being Run Down?


By: Jeri Dyson

Being a woman in today's world carries different connotations for different people.  Some young ladies are trained to believe womanhood is synonymous with "independence."   On one hand independence is great! But independence to the extreme becomes "self-reliance" and that, my friends, is not a good character trait.

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