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Owning You

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The Power Of Curiosity


Few of us realize the secret wisdom at our fingertips inside curiosity.

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Honor Your Emotions

I sometimes find it challenging to honor (and actually feel) my own feelings – especially if what I feel seems to be at odds with other people, or my emotions don’t seem to be “appropriate” to the situation.  While I’m not someone who tends to hold back sharing my honest opinions, desires, and feelings and, over the years, I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback from people close to me about talking too much, dominating situations or conversations, and being selfish – underneath all of this is a deep fear of certain emotions or that my feelings aren’t as important as other people’s.
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Anti-Aging Diet For Your Skin

Anti-aging Diet

By: Ella James

It is often said that how we look is a product of what we have been eating all along. We can’t control our age, actually we have no authority over that. However, we can definitely control how we look by simply observing what we eat. Eating healthy is nothing but the key to ageing gracefully.

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Grace Under Pressure = Courage?

View of Pitons capped by a puff of white cloud.
As I sat in the Departure Lounge of our International Airport, a part of me wanted to pick up my bags and head back out to the comfort and safety of the outside.

My heart beat with a curious blend of excrement and apprehension, of dread and exhilaration.

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Neglect And Needs

Pursue Your Dreams

Dear Everybody,

I was just looking through things I had written to get some ideas for a new column and two things struck me. One was an article I wrote exactly five years ago, to the day, about caring for yourself and the other about self-neglect. I think the two fit together very nicely. What is amazing to me is that it began in the same way I just opened up this column. The following words were written five years ago: I just discovered the following in my computer. I was looking through things I did many years ago and boom. I amaze myself with stuff which comes from God knows where. It is entitled MAGIC OPENINGS.

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The Top 13 Books To Grow Your Business, Make More Money, And Enhance Your Life

Top 13

I read a lot. I always have.

If a book doesn’t pull me in within the first 50 pages or so, I generally stop reading it.

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Happy Birthday To... All Of Your Creations

Happy Birthday To... All of Your Creations
September is my birthday month. For days now, I have dreamed of giving birth, of being born.
Birth is a violently propulsive process. The push and thrust, the bloody, messy explosiveness of it – these are pale rumors, grunted intimations of the perilous journey into incarnation.
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Sparking Chaos...

Clutter clearing

My bedroom on a recent Saturday….

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Love vs. Fear: The Experiments

Love vs. Fear

I know. I know. You’ve heard the concept of love versus fear about a trillion times, so I’ll just let Oprah boil it down briefly: “Every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

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The Power Of Choosing Self-Compassion


I felt a chill in the air on my morning hike. The warm sun melted last night’s frost, but yellowing aspen leaves signal an early arrival of fall. This morning, I woke up tight about time. I scheduled two couples this afternoon, shortening my writing day considerably. My breath is short, belly tight, mood irritable. Ego berates me for not being disciplined enough to get up earlier and for overbooking myself and for moving too slow most mornings—until I remember self- compassion.

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