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Be Who You Dream Of Being - 5 Tips For Forming Good Habits

Be who you dream of being - 5 Tips for forming good habits

We all know a million things we "should do" if we want to improve in some way. There are countless websites, books videos etc. that give amazing advice. The problem is, if we are not motivated to take the advice, nothing happens. We just stay exactly where we are. I know for me, I have only scratched the surface of doing the things I know will take me where I want to be. I've added this photo "stress ends here" because not being who you want to be is stressful. You may not notice the stress directly but when you get on the road to being who you truly want to be, you will notice that you feel lighter and healthier at some level.

So how do we foster motivation to take the advice we know will take us to who we want to be? Well, here is a little more "advice" ;).

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How To Take Care Of Yourself When Everything Is Up In The Air

How to take care of yourself when everything is up in the air by Jennifer Louden

My post on How to Live When Everything is Up In the Air struck a resonant cord with so many readers. Hearing their experiences of being in liminal space - this betwixt/between time when you’ve let go of one person, place, or job and what’s next isn’t here yet - inspired me to think more about how we can best take care of ourselves in these wide open times. I’ve been pondering,

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Body Appreciation Day!

love your body

I know at times it’s tough to appreciate your body for its true brilliance and how much it does it for you.

You may have concerns about how it looks, or you may not like how it performs in certain situations or possibly not like it because of pain you feel from living in it.

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Can You Survive Without Your Phone?

As we were rushing around to get out the door for our 4th of July weekend trip to the lake, I misplaced my iPhone and was forced to leave without it…for 4 days!  What at first seemed like a curse, ended up being a blessing!

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Today's Prescription For The Soul - Tree Of Life

Tree of Life

Stand Tall & Proud
Remember your Roots!
Be Content with Your Natural Beauty
Drink Plenty of Water
Enjoy the View!

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The Power Of Living In Gratitude


I love black cherry yogurt, a good night’s sleep, exercise and glimpsing elk, coyote or deer in their natural habitat. Nature helps me touch that place of joy inside all of us bursting from what we see, hear and touch in the now.

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Your Body Knows How To Do This

Your Body Knows How To Do This

The other night at birth class Mike and I learned about the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain, and the neo-cortex. (Mike shot a highly entertaining and informative video about it in the context of birth – check it out.)

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How To Raise Body Confident Girls, Part 2

Love Your Body

By Andrea Amador

As a mom, your heart swells with pride the day you witness your baby girl’s first steps. But what happens when you notice that your daughter has begun to follow in your body shaming footsteps and the legacy of your weight watching ways is colliding with her reality?

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The Dark Side Of Big Goals

Big Goals

The ego loves big goals like a sugar addict loves sugar. The ego will tell you that the bigger the goals you have, the bigger the person you are.

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Release Shame...Out Pops The Newest Version Of You!

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

One big conversation I have been having lately is about shame. This topic makes folks wriggle, and glance away; body language which conveys the hidden poison. The insidious impact of shame is often the root of current negative results. Shame buried in the body from a myriad of childhood experiences leaks unconsciously for decades.

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