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Owning You

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Think Big

I’ve had a number of experiences in the past few months which have both inspired me and challenged me to think big (and also to look at the ways in which I don’t.) All too often we let our egos, our fears, our perceived limitations, or our selfish motivations get in our way from thinking big.

In this week’s video blog I talk about this phenomenon and how we can get out of our own way, with compassion, and challenge ourselves to think big in an authentic way.

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What Are Bodies About And For?

satellite dish, remote control, television screen

I have written, in other places, about our Creator’s latest parable relating to us that we are satellite dishes, remote controls and television screens. To clarify the meaning of these words for those, who like me have problems with parables, we are receivers of words and images and have minds, like remotes, with which we can select the channels we tune in to and we have bodies, like screens, to act out and make visible what we have heard. The problem is that people are usually not tuning in to the right channel and listening to the right voice speaking the message of creation, which is to serve, rather than the voice of destruction or self interest.

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An Ice Cream Carol

Ice Cream Carol

“Wake up and piss, the world’s on fire,” my step-dad used to yell up to me every morning through the railing of my bedroom loft. I would simply roll over and wonder what my mother saw in this vile man whom, with bitter irony, would get so plastered drinking Milwaukee’s Best that he’d forget where the bathroom was and piss next to the coal burning stove. Had I had more balls at age fourteen I would have hollered back to him that he had already put out the fire the night before. Alas I did not. It seems for my whole life the universe has been coming up with new and sardonic ways of getting my ass out of bed.

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“This One? Or That One? What Do YOU Think?” The Misery Of Second-Guessing — And How To Stop It.

This One Or That One?
There was a time in my life when my nickname probably should have been Suzanne “Second-Guess” Gelb.

I remember one particular moment — so vividly — when my mother bought me a new pair of pants to wear to school. Even at a very tender age, my second-guessing-itis had already taken hold.

“Should I wear these pants? I think they look nice. But maybe not. I don’t know. Are they cool? Or stupid-looking? I’ll wait and see if anybody else at school is wearing this style … if somebody else wears them first, then it’s probably fine …”

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The Power Of Simple Questions

disappointed and discouraged

I spent last week sick with a chest cold, exhausted from promoting my new book, Free Yourself, on radio shows, social media, and an East Coast tour this fall. But as I lay sick on my deck, soaking up rays, I noticed a pressure on my heart. Along with deep exhaustion from a busy year of editing, proofreading and promoting, I felt disappointed and discouraged that a few close friends were too busy to help me.

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Expect To Offend Some People (Be You Anyway)

Be Who You Are
Here are some things I’ve done that have offended people:

a) voiced my political opinions
b) taken a few fries off their plate
c) used the wrong pronoun
d) worn white jeans and sequins when I ‘should’ have been wearing a dark, subtle suit

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Great Mother Love - For When Life Feels Heavy, Hard And Too Much

Watch this Great Mother Love video and meditation & surrender what’s weighing on your heart.

I don’t know why we think when we grow up that we are supposed to be all strong, and have it all together. That when we become parents or responsible adults that we won’t get scared or confused. That when life is hard we should just buck up and push through, instead of doing what a little kid would do – have a little cry, wrap up in a blankie, and ask it’s mom to make it all better with a kiss, a hug and her magic wand.

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How Road Rage Transformed Into Grace

Road rage


It’s one of the things I do that I dislike the most.

I stack up my plate, fill it to overflowing, wait until the last minute to eat, prepare, leave the house, and then it leaves me in a state of panic and I rush: to get there, to not be late, to be on time, to not be judged by myself or others, to prove that I can do what I say I’m going to do!

Can you relate?

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Why Is It Easy To Be Nice To Other People...But Hard To Be Nice To Ourselves?

be kind to yourself

“When you know better, you do better.”

—Maya Angelou

Have you ever noticed that it’s pretty easy to be nice to other people — to smile, to offer a few words of appreciation, to extend a helping hand, to say “you look beautiful” or “you’re doing an amazing job!” — but much harder to be kind to yourself?

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Is It My Intuition Or Is It My Resistance? Here's How To Know The Difference


On the one hand, there’s listening to your body, your inner wisdom, your gut feelings, your intuition, or really whatever you want to call your divine instinct.

And then on the other, there’s resistance.

What’s the difference?

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