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Chaos can be a catalyst for transformation. When life gets nutty, look for the growth opportunities.

Owning You

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Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?


How healthy are your boundaries?  Maybe you think about this directly and often, maybe not. Boundaries weren’t something I personally spent much time thinking about for many years. I’ve often related to the concept of boundaries in a negative way.  Of course I’ve known they’re important, especially in the context of parenting, relationships, and work, but the idea of having clear and specific boundaries had sometimes seemed limiting or restrictive to me.

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Forgiveness Is A Journey


Recently I found myself emersed in an inner story I was telling about one of my relationships.  Almost daily I was thinking about this person and judging my experience with him.  I'd painted a grim picture of myself as the unloved, forgotten little girl.  I was both angry and sad.  I knew I needed a huge dose of forgiveness.

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Wonder What Their Dream Is


Our dreams and desires define us. Be they broken, scarcely remembered, on the verge of reality, or in full bloom. They pilot our choices. Dreams have the power to shape the entire landscape of our lives. Because they tend to be so precious and potent, many people keep their dreams and aspirations to themselves.

A dream is a very sacred thing to share.

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You Are. Just As You Are.

For awhile I was digging the whole, “You Are Enough” campaign. Hell, I made a video which to date has garnered over 4,500 views. I’ve heard variances too, like “You are more than enough” and “You are good enough now.” And listen, I get it. I get the spirit of the comment, especially considering most people are coming from a place of feeling inadequate. A lot of people are coming from a place of low self worth and possibly even hate. That simple statement can be profound. But its more than that!

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Coming Home

Coming Home


Coming Home

One recent morning, I was pleasantly re-routed as I drove to my parent’s house to pick up my mom and sister for a day of finger painting in the country.  The church on the corner was having an outdoor festival after mass and had blocked the entrance to their street.   As I drove along the side streets leading up to my parents, I was struck by an immense gratitude for and the magical qualities of this sacred block that I grew up on.

I am so grateful for this town; this place that I’ve had the beauty of calling “home”, and it’s just now that I see it with these new eyes: the gorgeous ferns hanging in baskets on the creamy taupe porch of an early 20th century home, the park with it’s large gazebo that housed the red arts box, every summer when we were kids, where we made countless boondoggles and popsicle stick artwork that we’d bring home proudly and give to our parents as gifts, the sunlight dappled street, lined with tall, silver maples, and the feeling of sweet safety and serenity of this sacred place. 

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Are You A Skanky ‘Ho?

skanky ho

When Martha Beck and I spent the day together recently, I wound up getting an impromptu coaching session while sitting in the lobby of the hotel after a full day of filming a documentary that features us both. Since I’m the luckiest woman on the planet to benefit from life coaching from Martha, I wanted to share what she taught me because I know it applies to many of you.

How many times per day do you get asked to do something you either don’t want to or don’t have time to do? Personally, a part of me has come to dread my email inbox because it’s so full of sweet, generous invitations from kind people who want something from me.

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How To Place An Order With The Universe

placing your order

Jen’s fallen into a pit of hopelessness and can’t climb out.  She’s lost, frustrated and moodier than a Homer Winslow painting. So I tossed her a ladder, hauled her out and took her to my favorite kitchen,The Universe.  With its iridescent atmosphere (Is it white or is it colored?) and cheerful waiters who are highly knowledgeable and curiously androgynous, it’s the best place around!

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Do You Smile When You Should Roar Instead?


If you’re the woman who’s smiling on the outside but dying on the inside – even a little – this post is for you.  If you live every day in complete authenticity, you get to sit this one out.  But, if you could do a sister a favor first, please just stop reading, skip to the comments, and let us know how you did it.

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

As I was writing my new self-love book on that super duper destructive force known as the Inner Mean Girl, or Inner Mean Dude, this week, I got SUPER inspired to write you a self love letter and make you a video about one of the most toxic, non-self loving habits we have as humans…


I’ve been watching people all around me, fabulous people, comparing themselves to other people, or who they think they should be, and then feeling like crap about themselves… and then making choices that don’t honor themselves.

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Creating Soul Time To Get Your Mojo Back!

Soul Time

Continuing my Passion Quest, it was time to move out of the maintenance phase and into some in depth Soul Time. Although I profess that you don't have to put your entire life on hold, at this time, I needed to take myself out of my routine so I could truly empty.

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