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Celebrate The Great Fullness Of Life

Being grateful

With Thanksgiving upon us here in the United States, I’ve been thinking about the mixed feelings I often have about this great holiday. Of course, it can be a wonderful celebration of gratitude, appreciation, and family connection. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving also tends to be about feeling obligated to spend time with the people we’re “supposed” to, eating too much food and feeling guilty about it, and pretending to be grateful when we’re actually annoyed and stressed out.

What if we could make this Thanksgiving less stressful, more fun, and actually be able to enjoy ourselves, appreciate our family and friends (even the ones who drive us nuts), and focus on what we’re thankful for in a genuine way?

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A Cheat Sheet For Managing Meltdowns

deep breaths

Mascara running. Sitting on the floor. Compulsive Internet searches trying to figure out what to do next. Sound familiar?

Being ever expanding emotional beings often result in these kinds of perfectly imperfect scenes. Patterns of healing can be very different from each other and also different for us at different times in our own lives too. It’s important to keep this in mind as we roll with this journey of healing knowing each step and each struggle is a necessary part of the greater picture.

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You Already Have What You Want


I love writing lists.
Grocery lists,
Creative writing lists,
Daily "to-do" lists.

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Living A Dream


I was late for work.  I looked at the clock on the car dashboard and it said 2:01pm!  I was supposed to be at work at 1:30pm!  Oh my gosh, how could this have happened?  Just to add to it, I was in the countryside and there was snow, yes snow, white and fluffy, blanketing the streets, though I was driving on a freshly plowed road.

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Happiness Is An Attitude


By: Alicia Lawrence

We all deserve to be happy, right? Sure we do. Happiness is an integral, vital part of our mental, spiritual, emotional, and even physical health. The pursuit of happiness is one of the oldest, noblest, and most cherished journeys in history. And most of us have some pretty good ideas of what we believe will help make us that way.

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The Secret To Authentic Confidence

The Secret To Authentic Confidence

I have a secret, and I’m ready to get it off my chest.

Here goes…

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Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed

How many times have you stopped yourself from acting on something (or someone) because you couldn’t see a clear outcome?

Or because you’d been hurt before in a similar situation and weren’t willing to put yourself in that place of vulnerability again?

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When Things Are Just Too Good...

When Things Are Just Too Good

Some fifteen years ago, when I was deep in the study of Native American spirituality, I traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to attend a powwow. As I was just about to fall asleep the night before the event – you know that time, when your body is starting to jerk, but you’re still conscious – I saw a vision of a very old Native American woman – “sage”, “wise” and “ancient” were all terms that came to my half-conscious mind. She had to have been over 100. Her withered deeply lined face hovered over me and her black eyes twinkled with light as my whole body tingled and I felt myself start to lift out of my physical form to travel with her to only God knows where. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It was pure magic and it was what I had been waiting on for seven years, minus the peyote.

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Where's Your Muse When Your Baby's Spitting Up At 3 A.M.?

Where's Your Muse When Your Baby's Spitting Up at 3 A.M.?

So many of my clients who are parenting young children and growing businesses at the same time, struggle to meet their family's needs, nourish their businesses, and keep the spark of their creative spirits alive.

They aren't trying to have it all -- they are intimately acquainted with the power of limits. But, they live with messages about who they should be and how they should live that paint unreachable goals. Loving mom. Visionary CEO. Healthy. Successful. Creative. Baker of delectable (organic!) cookies, cheerleader, fount of wisdom, physician of the heart, tender of the family hearth.

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The Crabbiness Cure: Why You Feel So Cranky And What To Do About It.


If you have been feeling crabby, cranky, controlling, overwhelmed, over it or like you want to tell everyone to buzz off lately I have something important to share with you.  

These symptoms do not mean you are a bad or mean person… they are an indication that your soul is just starving and trying to get your attention.

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