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Buddha Mind, Barre Body

Budda Mind...

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to all things related to the Buddha. His image has always brought me a sense of comfort, peace and joy.

Although im not a practicing Buddhist, I’ve researched this religion and realized that the basic tenet of enlightenment, peace, love and compassion actually runs true for all religions. If only we would all acknowledge this….

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This Year Let's Practice a Gratitude that Connects


Thanksgiving Day falls in November in the USA, and it's traditional for many of us in the States to reflect on what we are thankful for at this time of year.

It's a lovely tradition in many ways. For one thing, expressing gratitude often generates warm feelings and happy memories. It simply feels good.

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8 Myths About Finding Your Calling

Find Your Calling

More now than ever before, we are entering a time when people are realizing that it’s not ultimately fulfilling to just find a stable job, hunker down and serve a company that doesn’t feed your soul, build up your retirement account, and delay gratification until you retire at 65, when you can golf and lie on beaches in Florida until you kick the bucket. Not only do fewer and fewer stable jobs exist; even those who have seemingly stable jobs are finding that something even more important is beckoning them—a way to do soul-uplifting work you love that serves others and benefits our planet.

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Gratitude Is A Leadership Practice


Jane is overwhelmed at work with more on her to-do list than she can get done. John has a co-worker that is just plain difficult to work with.  Claire has an inner critic that is really loud and she can’t get a break. Michael is trying to motivate his team but just can’t get them engaged. Know anyone facing these types of issues? A friend, perhaps even you? If you face any of these challenges, starting a gratitude practice will help.

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Why Connecting To Your Soul Doesn’t Require Yoga Pants

Monica Wilcox
The Swing

My roof had grown quiet. Roofers lounged in the shade of midafternoon, nibbling food from brown bags. I watched from my window as one of the men shuffled to the 25 foot swing in our backyard, enticing him with its gentle sway.  He approached with hesitation and an air of embarrassment, as if grown men don’t swing. His comrades hollered jabs in a language I didn’t know but understood. Teasing is universally recognized. The roofer crept forward as if that plank were a wild creature he longed to stroke. Taking a seat, he gave in to the force of gravity. Push . . . pull . . . push . . . pull. 

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A Spiritual Approach To Breaking The Cycle Of Heredity


According to researchers, if you’re a parent and you have an aversion to math, it’s probably best that you not try and teach the subject to your kids.

“We found that when parents are more math anxious, their children learn significantly less math over the school year and have more math anxiety by the school year’s end,” reports Erin Maloney et al. in a study published in Psychological Science, “but only if math-anxious parents report providing frequent help with math homework.”

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Information, Inspiration And Expiration – Part Two


(Here is the link to Part One of this article.)

I do, however, point out the benefits of love to the individual and those with whom they are in contact. When people are unwilling to do this, I let their families know that they need to take care of themselves, too. Why? Because there is something called Siegel’s sign in physical diagnosis. When a family walks into your office and everyone looks sick except one person, you can be sure the one who looks well is the one with the illness and is using it to manipulate everyone else in the family. I always guarantee them a cure on their next visit. They never come back to that office again and always arrange future meetings in the ER or other safe places where a cure is not available.

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Anger Management: Calmly Disciplining Your Child

Anger Management

By: Jennifer Livingston

Your children have the ability to make you angrier than almost anyone else in your life. They possess an uncanny ability to push all of your buttons, drive you up a wall, and then smile sweetly and make your heart melt just when you're sure that you're going to lose your mind. Effectively and calmly disciplining your child in the midst of all that emotion can be hard, especially for teen parents who are still learning appropriate self-regulation. Calm, considered discipline, however, is critical to helping end the undesirable behavior and redirecting your child so that they're able to learn better behavior in the future.

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Is An Exotic Wedding A Safe Wedding?

Exotic Wedding

Whether it's a wedding on a Mexican beach or at an exotic location in Europe, exotic weddings have become very popular in recent years. However, while the idea of being wed in a location that will provide a lifetime of memories may sound good initially, there are many safety concerns that need to be taken into consideration. While many people believe thinking about security on their wedding day is strange under the circumstances, it's a topic that has gained greater importance based on the unpredictable nature of today's world.

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