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3 Rules Of Releasing Worry

3 Rules of Releasing Worry

Worry is a form of prayer for something you don’t want. Do you need any better reason to stop worrying? – Bhagavan Das

What’s the Deal With Worry, Anyway?

Worry is a very strong feeling of fear. It’s fear of the unknown or the repercussions of what we think will happen. 

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We Have A Choice: Freak Out Or Flow.

Freak Out Or Flow

I came downstairs to make my Bulletproof Coffee (only decaf these days), my new morning ritual, and Mike looked up at me in his adorable scruffiness as he said, “Want to hear the super exciting news now or later?”

“Now!” I replied enthusiastically.

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The Most Important Book I Read In 2014

Book cover

I alluded to the most important book I read in 2014 in my last blog about ending the Story of Separation, the cultural story that has us believing that we are discrete blobs of carbon matter that need to fight for our own self interest in order to survive and thrive, even if it means harming other people or destroying Mother Gaia herself. But I want to be more explicit in sharing with you The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, a book I just finished reading after meeting author/speaker/counterculture revolutionary Charles Eisenstein, who shared a stage with me at the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

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Boost Your Charisma: Develop Interests And Increase Confidence


By: Elliot Caleira

Charismatic people are attractive, but it's not necessarily because of their physical characteristics. The reason other people find them charming is because they are interesting and confident. Not everyone feels that they naturally have these qualities, but there are steps anyone can take to boost charisma. In the process of boosting your charisma, you are guaranteed to become a more interesting person. You will also increase your confidence.

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You Are Your Own Best Friend. You Are In Very Capable Hands.

You are your own best friend

A few weeks ago, I shared a few Notes to My Younger Self, sharing things that I really, really wish sweet, young Danielle would have known. It was an introspective and ultimately healing task, for which I am grateful.

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When Bad Things Happen To Good People: On Karma

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: On Karma
Growing up in India, poverty, hunger, disease, death and suffering were all around me. You can smell it, see it, taste it there. It’s in your face, in ways that it isn’t, here, most of the time.
It’s also a culture in which the concept of karma leads to fatalism at one end of the spectrum, and acceptance and surrender at the other.
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Can You Include The Earth In Your Intentions For 2015?

Nature conservation

As a new year gets underway, we tend to think a lot about ourselves.  For many, it’s a time for reflection and goal-setting.  Some of us make lists of multiple resolutions, or maybe select a single word that represents what we hope to create in the year ahead.  One question I’m asking this winter is, what is it like to include the well-being of the natural world in this process?

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Are You Stuck In The Waiting Room?


IT’S BEEN AN INTENSE TIME. As a woman preparing yourself for your next chapter you probably feel like you’ve been in an ‘incubation’ period. Stuck in a waiting room – not sure when the change will come.

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What It Takes To Matter

You Matter

Do you matter? Just you, without the people you love, the resume in your hard drive, the accolades you have framed on your wall, the trophies on your shelf or the selfies in your phone? If you spent your entire life propped on a porch, naked to the world in mind body and soul, would you possess value? 

It’s a heavy question and my guess is most of us would argue that basic existence is not enough. That our actions (or inaction) define our value.

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Buy Three, Get "The Fear Cure Teleclass Series" ($297 value)

The Fear Cure

The Fear Cure officially launches February 24! (Read why I wrote The Fear Cure and how it might liberate you here.) So . . . I need your help.

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