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How To Have A Healthier Monthly

healthy monthly period

Like the ticking of the clock, your monthly cycle is inevitable. Viewed as a curse by many women, the monthly cramps, bloating, mood swings and basic discomfort can last anywhere from a few days to a week — or more — and can make you feel like you’ve been knocked off your game.

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Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Medicine

Much investigation has taken place about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly.  Even though science has a detailed description of the process, it remains mysterious and sacred.  It is a symbol of strength with grace, of inspiration with blessing, and of dissolution with beautiful re-emergence.  And isn’t it applicable to our lives?

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Oh Boy. Of Big Decisions, Political Correctness (Not), And The Impossibility Of Getting It "Right"


First, thank you to everyone who has patiently awaited this update. I told some of you that I would post "shortly" after our doctors' appointments last Monday, and it has taken me a couple of days to feel settled enough to share.

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How I Build My Ideal Work/Life Balance

How I Build My Ideal Work/Life Balance by Jennifer Louden

I often get asked how I build my business around my desired lifestyle. The answer?

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Why Ambivalence Might Be The Key To Your Success


I am often asked how I achieved my current measure of success.

My response is a markedly unglamorous soliloquy of: It’s been years and years of hard work, often little money and little bits of progress. 

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Power: Love In Action

Power: Love In Action

Power is one of the qualities of your soul. You were born with the quality of power pulsing through every cell of your body. It is what enabled you to make the journey from formlessness into form, from essence into incarnation. Without power, you would not exist.

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

I have been lucky to study with Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, a gifted writer, pediatrician, and one of the most heartfelt people in medicine I have ever known.

During our work together, she gave me a nightly homework assignment that I want to share with you, because, as she says, “Finding greater meaning and satisfaction in your work is often not about doing things differently; it is about seeing familiar things in new ways.”

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How Technology Hyper-Ages Us

Hyperaged By Technology

When my parents passed over in 2005 the extent of their personal technology was a flip phone for emergencies, a towering home computer and their AOL email account. I often wonder if they came back today what would shock them the most about our technological world.

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Noticing Earth’s Troubles? Why It’s Meaningful To Acknowledge Them, Send Love, And Surround Them With Light.

Send light to the earth

We’re daily aware of so many troubles on the Earth that we can’t heal—at least, not yet.  Maybe there’s smog or drought where you live, flooding or species extinction.  I drive to do an errand and notice the air is heating up, the smog building.  How is it for the birds and trees in hot, smoggy weather like this, I wonder, or the kids in my city who have asthma?  Yes, I’m driving an electric car but still—it’s a car.  Cars around me spew exhaust.  I close my windows.  I’d give a lot to heal this all, right now, here in my city and in other cities, too.  I yearn to repair climate change and eliminate air pollution.  I’m not able to do that.  What I can do, though, and you can, too, is surround the problems with light.  So often we think our choices are either activism or denial, but there’s a precious third way: acknowledge the problem, send love, and surround it with light.  Acknowledge, love, light.  Let me explain why this matters.
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Wow. Just Wow.

Breast Cancer

I popped in to see what I might be able to share from today's perspective, and I discovered a stack of loving, wise, yummy comments. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to see and receive your support.

I made my first post about this journey to Instagram and Facebook without a second thought. Well, without a second thought prior to posting. After I posted the results of my biopsies to FB, I had all kinds of thoughts about it. Who do I think I am? Who wants to read this sh*t? 

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