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Pain can turn coal into diamonds. Look for the gems in life’s experiences.

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Practical Spirituality And The Most Powerful Law Of The Universe


In this third audio of the Practical Spirituality Series, you’ll learn about the Law of Ascension.

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Why Connect Your Self Care To Earth Care?

environmental protection

In the winter of 2013, I was hit with a realization that our major movements of self care and Earth care are functioning separately, and that’s a false and limiting separation because really they are deeply inter-related.  I'm sharing with you today why this matters.

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Can Spirituality Play A Role In Treating HIV?


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, two teams of scientists with Bay Area connections are working like crazy on a new therapy that could provide a cure for those living with HIV – a revolutionary approach that involves nothing less than a complete “reengineering” of an individual’s immune system. What tends to attract less attention, however, are the more spiritually oriented discoveries being made by other researchers from the area that may prove to be just as effective at fending off a whole host of diseases, including HIV.

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I Hate You

Patient Doctor relationship

Many years ago I was asked to see a young woman everyone thought had appendicitis. I didn’t agree and after observing her it was apparent her problem was a ruptured ovarian cyst which did not require surgery. A few years later her younger sister, a talented musician, tripped at home and fell into the fireplace seriously burning her hands, arms, upper torso and neck. When she was sent to the Yale New Haven Hospital emergency room the family asked them to call me to care for her.

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The Upside Of Office Politics

The Upside of Office Politics

Sometimes my clients start falling into a pattern, and it gives me an opportunity to look more deeply at common challenges we all face. Lately, too many of my clients have fallen into the “victim of office politics” trap. This looks different for each person, but in every case it feels like several people you work with are conspiring against you to undermine your credibility and impact.

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The Power Of Fearless Love

Fearless Love

By: Carolyn Hobbs

Each morning, when I wake up at six or seven, I take ten deep breaths. Then I place both hands over my heart and repeat, “I love you, Carolyn, for whatever is true in your body in this moment. I love you for feeling tired, worried, scared or down. I love you for noticing back pain and for wishing the back pain would go away.” In other words I say, “yes” to what is and love myself exactly as I am.

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What You Need Is Not "Out There"

the search

What you need is not "Out there".  I learned this valuable lesson when all hell was breaking loose in my life.  Oh yes, I've been there my friends.  How else could I talk about all this spiritual stuff without my life being balanced by failure?

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The Chorus (A Poem For Those Of Us Always Trying To Get Ahead.)


The long time of loud striving
the symbols of success
keeping time in my head
always a quarter b-b-beat behind.

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Why I Don't Use Lube


Haven’t for years.

I just don’t believe in the stuff.

Except for anal sex. Then I definitely believe. I believe very hard.

But for vaginal sex, I have a no-lube policy.

And I’ll tell you why.

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Do These 7 Things To Feel More Empowered Today


We love to bandy the term ‘empowered’ about, don’t we?

We see it in on the cover of self-help books, our yoga teacher breathes it in our ear during Sukhasana, and it fills the taglines of one million life coaches, the world over.

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