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Your Orgasm Tells You Everything

Your Orgasm

Your orgasm is a mini version of you. It’s your DNA, really.  


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For Peace And Wisdom, Cultivate Middle Mind

Photo of balancing rocks

How easy it is to notice and be seduced by extremes. Maybe that’s why we humans sometimes default to a black or white, good or bad view of ourselves and the world, even when long years and experience have proven that life is anything but black and white.

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How To Experience Extraordinary Love

Extraordinary Love

I haven’t written much about it publicly because it’s been so intense and confusing and extraordinary, but for almost a year, I have been involved in what others describe to me as a “twin flame” or “soul twin” relationship. Dennis and I are not a “couple” in any traditional sense of the word. He’s a gay man. I’m a straight woman. Both of us have recently experienced divorces from our partners, so we are technically “single,” but a number of factors keep us from getting involved in a typical romantic relationship.

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Bring Your Whole Self To Work


I recently gave a TEDx talk in which I reflected on what I’ve seen and learned over the past fifteen years – researching, writing, and speaking about essential human experiences in the workplace.  As I addressed in this talk, I believe that for us to thrive professionally, especially in today’s world, we must be willing bring our whole selves to the work that we do.  And, for the groups, teams, and organizations that we’re a part of to truly succeed, it’s essential to create an environment where people feel safe to bring all of who they are to work.

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Step Into Your Future

Step Into Your Future
My heart is so grateful, today, for the beauty of this turning season -- for the gentler winter we've enjoyed here in the Pacific Northwest this year; for the brave, bare branches of trees setting bud, getting ready for spring to arrive.
I am grateful, too, for all of you who honor me with your time, attention, and your presence in my world. For the rich gifts I receive and offer through my business -- creative freedom, right and abundant livelihood, loving service to my world, the companionship of brilliantly creative colleagues and clients, readers and friends.
Thank you so much for your willingness to show up, to be yourself, to contribute your gifts and genius to shaping a world that works for everyone.
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Great Lessons We Can Take From Southwest Airlines


If you are one of those people who were sent a thank you package by Southwest Airlines, then consider it not only to have received a great gift but a learning experience as well. Upon receiving the package, the first thing that one may notice is that it is rather a large package that you will surely take notice of.

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Finding Meaning In Gems And Stones

gemstone meaning

I wasn’t the healthiest kid, so I spent a lot of time either going to or coming from the doctors or staying at home with my mom. When I was nine, as I was heading home from yet another doctor appointment, my mother handed me a small box and told me to open it. Inside was a metal bracelet with a tiny jade elephant token.

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How To Raise Body Confident Girls, Part 1

Children learn what they see

By: Andrea Amador

Every mother wants her daughter to grow up feeling beautiful and confident, but babies don’t come with owner’s manuals and we can only teach our girls what we know ourselves.

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Where Survival Is The Question - Men Are The Weaker Sex


This article is written for two groups. Number one the women who need to be educated about the behavior of men in a crisis and two, the men, who are willing to change and go beyond the traditional self-destructive masculine behavior. Most men do not handle emotional problems well. Too often they desert their wives and girl friends in time of crisis. I know some husbands who drive their wives to our support groups and then sit in the parking lot waiting for them. They are chauffeurs and not soul mates. They have a great deal of difficulty sharing feelings and joining a team, which is something women do as a reflex in times of stress. Men are more likely to take a fight-or-flight approach. If they can’t fight it or fix it, they take off. Be prepared. You are not the problem. The problem is their discomfort, or their dis-ease with disease.

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If Sensuality Is Sacred, Why Are We So Ashamed?


My reclaimation of my own sensuality began when I was still working at the hospital clinic with a not-so-welcomed comment from a parent.  

"Dr. Dyson, You are looking soooo sexy these days!”

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