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12 Tips For How To Be Spiritual

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how to be spiritual

I was noodling around on the Google keyword tool with a business coaching client the other day, and I discovered that 2,740,000 people per month Google search “How to be spiritual,” which kinda blew my mind. It made me think of my 5 year old daughter Siena, who we’re pretty much raising as a Buddhist who loves Jesus. My very Methodist mother wanted to take her to church one day and Siena, who knows how to meditate but hasn’t spent much time in Sunday School, said, “Nana, I don’t know how to do God.”

Apparently, 2.7 million people feel the same way.

So I challenged myself to try to write a series of posts that answer this question, but can you really teach someone how to be spiritual when it’s so personal? I don’t know. If you are trying to tap into a Higher Power and aren’t sure where to start, let me know if this helps.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this post is about how to be spiritual - not how to be religious. You’ll have to go elsewhere to read about doctrine, theology, or religious texts.

12 Tips For How To Be Spiritual
  1. Live in gratitude.  Focusing on what you appreciate can help you feel more spiritually connected.
  2. Get quiet. Close your eyes and pray. Meditate. Do guided imagery. Stare at the ocean. 
  3. Let nature awe you. It’s hard not to feel the presence of the Divine when you’re admiring the grandeur of mountains, deserts, streams, oceans, lakes, forests, wild animals, and gardens.
  4. Make time. It’s hard to feel the presence of a higher power when you’re buzzing through your to-do list all day and all night. Slow down. Listen for guidance from the Universe.  Be open.
  5. Open your mind. Intolerance is a spirituality killer.
  6. Experiment. If you’re not feeling spiritual at your Baptist church, check out a kirtan (Indian chanting with music), a Buddhist dharma talk, a yoga class, a synagogue, a Catholic mass, a Unitarian church, a Sweat Your Prayers dance program - whatever. Try things out.  See what helps you feel connected spiritually.
  7. Forgive. It’s hard to feel connected to the Divine when you’re feeling angry, bitter, defensive, victimized, or regretful.
  8. Banish fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. When you have faith that all your needs will be met in perfect timing in the perfect way, there’s no reason to feel afraid.  When you’re in a state of fear, you’re - by definition - not being spiritual.
  9. Surround yourself with spiritual people.  Talk to a pastor or spiritual counselor. Find a spiritual community that resonates with your authentic self. Discover your spiritual tribe.
  10. Ask for guidance. Pray for Signs from the Universe and marvel at how they show up to direct your spiritual path.
  11. Practice trust.  Take risks. Follow signs. Make leaps of faith. Exercise your faith muscle.
  12. Surrender. Let go. Release. Dissolve the barriers you erect. Go with the flow. Let God.
What Works For You?

What practices make you feel more spiritual? Share any tips, tools, and stories you’ve learned in the comments.

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Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



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2,740,000 and writing from an SEO Mask

A tip for enlightening your Google Keyword research is to compare your search phrase in 'exact' and 'phrase' mode. The 2+ million searches aren't individual people who have each typed in 'how to be spiritual' (that would be great, but alas). Google arrives at those figures by combining multiple data sources and in 'broad' phrase mode it's going to loosely connect related search queries and ignore some basic words (that's why they call it 'broad' search. If you type in 'spiritual' for example, you'll get the same 2+ million searches - it treats both 'how to be spiritual' and 'spiritual' the same.

'Exact' and 'Phrase' mode searches will give you better data. There are only around 300-500 searches a month for 'how to be spiritual'. And when the figures are that low the data can be quite unreliable to boot.

Keyword research can be a lot of fun though, it's a window in to people's minds in a sense. I wouldn't worry too much about centering your content around keywords, just focus on creating high quality content that people can't help but share in the places they consume content - that's how I found your site.

ps. I would get rid of the captcha verification on your comment form - there are more userfriendly ways to curb comment spam.

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You got it, Gratitude is #1

I absolutely agree with your post. Especially gratitude being #1. Everything listed is necessary for a full rich life not to mention all the perks they bring along with them.
Such as, better health, solid communication in relationships, self trust in decision making. Just a few of so many. It is not about getting all that you want, materialistically but experiencing a shift within ourselves to the point we become fully aware of our own changes.

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