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Capricorn Full Moon

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Capricorn Full Moon

Goals and long-term plans aren’t always at the top of mid-summer agendas, but today puts yours in the spotlight. There’s a full moon in Capricorn, the zodiac’s tenth house of career, fathers, men, authority figures, lifelong goals and structure. (Are you snoring yet? Don’t.) Yeah, it may sound like the boring stuff, but remember, without structure, there really can’t be any creativity or freedom for the long haul. It’s one of those universal paradoxes we wish wasn’t so. Without teeth-gritting discipline and persistence—two hallmarks of Capricorn-dom—the Sistine Chapel would never have been painted. The album would never drop. The manuscript would languish half-finished because you couldn’t figure out how to resolve a plot contradiction. Those moments of block that inevitably follow each flash of creative genius? Those are when Capricorn hustle and muscle make the difference.

This full moon is especially significant, because it ties back to the Capricorn new moon, which fell on January 4th. That new moon also happened to be an eclipse—the very last Capricorn eclipse in a two-year series. Those 2011 New Year’s resolutions had special significance and their power was multiplied. Haven’t seen the full manifestation? Expect to in the next few days, or to get a flash of insight. Can’t remember what those resolutions were? Make some new ones.

Here are a few practical rituals (cuz’ Capricorn looooves practical) to manifest the moonshine magic:

Identify where you’ve quit…and start again.

So you stopped doing to yoga every morning. You were tired. Hung over. You meant to go, and swore you’d go tomorrow. You didn’t. A week passed. Then why bother? It was too late, right?

Well, the Capricorn full moon doesn’t think so. It says, forgive yourself, set a new goal. Start again. Begin where you left off. Or, go back two spaces on the Monopoly board if you must.

I (Ophira) was talking to my friend Rochelle Schieck, the founder of Qoya—which is a yoga-dance-sensual movement fusion that combines fitness principles with divine and goddess energy. (Cool, right?) Rochelle was in my office working on some marketing materials designed to inspire people to exercise…even when they don’t want to. I was curious. What ARE the magic words that would get me to work out, nine months after giving birth, when the tummy rolls are starting to be equal parts Ben & Jerry’s and “baby weight”?

Rochelle told me that she realizes she has to do some kind of daily movement, no matter what, if she wants the reward of feeling great in her body. That was good and bad news to me. Good news because it was simple. A+B=C, and there ain’t no magical thinking in Capricorn-land. Bad news because I have to muster up the energy to START, and also to follow through with some kind of consistency. But Capricorn energy is also about steps. Cap’s symbol is the mountain goat, taking careful steps up the rocky trail. If you focus on the top of the mountain it seems daunting. But if you just take the first step, and the one after that, soon enough, you’ll look up and you’re halfway to the summit.

Check out Rochelle’s recent blog post called “2 Magic Words to Get You off the Couch and Back in Your Body and 3 Must Know Tips on Sticking with It”. She’s boiled her message down to three words: Just move (daily). Yeah, yeah (grumble), I can do that. Can you?

Acknowledge your resistance.

This brings us to the next piece of your Capricorn full moon transformation work. Ask yourself: “What am I resisting?” Put on your big-girl pants and be brutally honest here. Capricorn is a stubborn goat. It’s the flip side of being tenacious and loyal—you’ve gotta be able to dig your heels in and stick to a position. That’s fine—to a point. There comes a juncture where we become our own worst enemies, and stubbornness turns into self-sabotage.

But instead of making resistance “bad,” let’s view it as energy. There’s some innate wisdom underneath the surface. As human beings, we are always trying to survive (we are mortals and animals, after all), to avoid pain. So what’s the embedded emotion hiding behind your refusal to eat your vegetables, get the mammogram, stop giving your dad the silent treatment, or quit your abusive job? A lot of the time it’s fear. When we’re scared, we block out consciousness and go into self-protective “fight or flight.”

Do a free-write exercise about your resistance. What color is it? What’s its name? What does it look like? How do you feel when you think about it?

My exercise resister is a wide-hipped elementary school secretary from Michigan I’m naming Shirley. When I think about Shirley, I feel tired, complacent and disconnected from any purpose. Shirley is scared of being called fat, failing to see “results” if she works out, and of being laughed at because she’s the slowest kid in gym class. Shirley is never gonna feel that pain again, so she might as well just binge on the cold pizza in the fridge and buy the next bigger size of stirrup pants. She’s hiding behind a desk anyway—and behind the power of being the pitbull front-woman between you and the principal. (No, Mr. Smithers CAN’T see you today.)

Extra credit for bookworms! Our favorite books on the hidden gift of resistance right now are Do the Work by Steven Pressfield and The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg. Interested in dancing with your shadows? Put ‘em on your summer reading list!

Create a heroine for yourself.

Capricorn is the hero sign (or the heroine), the noble protector and soldier. So to counter your “resister,” you’ll need a hero—a being of light who believes in herself and encourages you.

My exercise heroine is named Jane (don’t ask, that’s what popped into my head). She’s gentle, kind and tells me that I’m beautiful. I can do it. It doesn’t matter what I wear, what I look like, who laughed at me. There’s love and support all around me. There’s nothing to fear or lose—and if anyone laughs at me, she’ll kick their butts.

I’m taking Jane to the gym with me. And everywhere else!


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Love this!

I really love this post! This is exactly the energy I have been feeling recently regarding finding the right structure to support my creativity! Thanks :)

Ade's picture

Thank you.

It's funny because just this morning (week actually) I have been in this mindset (and, yes, I'm a Capricorn). I need to move my body. If I do not, I feel restless and, I'll say it, dead. Moving makes my body zing...it makes my inner energy dance around me. Mix that in with a good friends on a walk and it is pure joy. I wish I could bottle it up and give that to everyone, it simply feels amazing!

I tapped into my inner Capricorn. She's one really beautiful woman...

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