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Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams Of Prosperity

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Owning your own business is hard. You get to come face to face with your money issues, your beliefs around work and your thoughts on prosperity. It’s not always pretty. So why would someone leave their job? For me it was because I had given up on my dream of prosperity and that was killing me.

A Labor Day Inspiration

During Labor Day last year I reflected on the roots of my beliefs about prosperity. You see I grew up in a blue collar family where Labor Day meant something. It was a celebration of our country’s ingenuity, strength and creativity. It was a celebration of our prosperity.

In 2013, however, Labor Day marked the celebration of the end of summer, back to school sales, and another break from work to catch your breath before the end of the year. In short, Labor Day has become a respite from the grind for all classes of workers except those manning the sales counters today.

When I step back and look at how “far” we have come since the turn of the last century when Labor Day was created, I see a country struggling to exit a recession and people burnt out on pursuing the American Dream. I see people plugged into the Matrix thinking they are in control, when that is the furthest thing from the truth. I see burn out as being on the hamster wheel and being too scared to get off.

Yes, there are pockets of entrepreneur-ism, innovation, creativity and growth in our world. I celebrate these pockets and hold them up as inspiring examples. I also study these individuals and organizations so we can learn from them. But when I look at our nation as a whole I see people more interested in Miley Cyrus’s antics than creating prosperity. I see people asking “why me?” instead of “how can I serve?”

Honestly this saddens me. I believe the American Dream of prosperity is not lost, yet it’s been shrouded in “rugged individualism” gone awry. Prosperity is not found in every man or woman for themselves, fighting over the sales items at Ross. Prosperity is found in the energy we create in our selves and collectively as a national and global community.

Creating prosperity in the form of more jobs, physical and mental well-being (the Third Metric as Arianna Huffington calls it), connection and spiritual growth starts with looking inside at our own role. Where have each of us sold out and given up on being more? Specifically, where have you held back from connecting with others, releasing grudges or taking a risk to bring more prosperity (in all its forms) into your life? Address your own way of being, your barriers and your fears and you can open the door to personal and global prosperity.

Taking My Own Medicine

I don’t ask these questions to piss people off, although I suspect I might. I ask my readers these questions because I ask them of myself. I’ll open up and share my answers, in the hope I will inspire you to ask your own questions:

  • I have held back on connecting with others for fear of being rejected or judged.
  • I have refused to release grudges so I could be right and because forgiveness (of self and others) seemed too painful.
  • I have been aloof (shy as I’ve rationalized it) so I didn’t have to risk being laughed at or judged for my opinions and ideas.
  • I have failed to connect and serve and instead deprived people of the opportunity and freedom to create more prosperity because I have wanted to be comfortable and not rock any boats, especially mine.
  • I have resided in the fear of failure and instead failed to act in everyone’s interests.
  • I have held back for fear of overwhelm which I have believed would consume me if I was as successful as I know I’m capable of being.
  • I have given up on people believing they don’t want to create a better life for themselves or their teams.

Now it’s your turn to share in the comments below. But before you do, let me share why I’m getting vulnerable and why I think you’ll benefit from the same vulnerability and self-inquiry.

Prosperity For All

The last four years, if not my entire life, has been a journey to the moment when I launched The Ignite Well Being Institute. In the mid-80′s I dove into the world of business, economics and law with the mission to support people in sharing their creativity and productivity with the world. (At that time my focus was saving family farms and farmers). As I woke up Labor Day, I realized my mission and vision has not changed much, but only taken on a larger scope.

I believe our personal, national and global prosperity springs from the energy of each person coming together with all their skills and talents to connect, innovate and create.

Whether you read the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc.  Magazine or Fast Company, you will see a theme. Look at Gallup’s research and you will see the same theme. Look at the nightly, feel good, kick off story of your nightly news and you will see it.

Energized people — people with well being, focus, passion and purpose  — are the ones creating change and prosperity in the world.

Whether its the latest technology innovation, an organization ending suffering in remote areas of the world or an individual reaching out to those less fortunate, these energized people are creating prosperity fueled by their personal and collective energy. These people have not given up. These people have chosen to face their fears and do whatever it takes to achieve an excellent and visionary result in their life and community.

Imagine if more people lived this way.

. . . if more people moved through their fear of connection, vulnerability and intimacy, what kind of world would we create?

. . . if more people followed their dream, what kind of world would we create?

. . . if more people lived in gratitude, what kind of world would we create?

The short answer – we would create a world of prosperity where we get to celebrate ingenuity, strength and creativity again.

Now It’s Your Turn – Create Your Own Prosperity

A prosperous world begins with you. Here are three ways to help you create more prosperity in your life:

1. Stop. Listen. Respond. We unfortunately live on autopilot. We react to things around us from a place of past experience, instead of questioning how we want to respond. The result is usually something we don’t really want. Consider the fact that your boss hasn’t put in the request for your raise to HR. You could react with anger telling yourself and your colleagues that she doesn’t care and she is out to get out and you hate this company and you wish you could get another job. Or you could stop the internal dialog and ask your boss how you can help her get the paperwork done and submitted. This is a response that will get you what you want. We react thousands of times a day. Next time, stop and listen to yourself or the other person and respond instead of reacting on autopilot.

2. Understand that you matter. Giving up on dreams of a great job, better health and a loving, safe relationship is a problem I see far too often. It’s a problem that plagues our nation. Giving up is part of the burnout cycle. What leads to giving up? It’s not the “system,” Its losing sight on the fact that you matter. We all matter. If you have given up, or even have the occasional thought of giving up on any of your dreams, do what reminds you that you matter. Call a close friend. Talk to a kid. Volunteer. Remind yourself that you matter. When you reconnect with this, you will not give up on your dreams and you will know prosperity.

3. Be brave. It’s comfortable to play it safe. Don’t speak out. Don’t let people in. Don’t speak your mind. Don’t show your heart. Don’t step out of line. These are all ways we slowly drain our life’s energy. To break this cycle, tear off the blinders and create more prosperity and energy in your life, be brave. Say what you think (from the heart) even if it means being rejected. Follow your dreams. Reach out. Be open. Take risks.

How will you bring prosperity into your life today? Let us know in the comments below.

Cheers to being free,


Go to www.LaurieErdman.com to download an excerpt of my current creative project: Exiting The Hamster. 


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It really is tough to make it

It really is tough to make it out there these days especially when our interests have defferred away from the real meaning of prosperity and into a skewed desire taking interest in gossip and celebrity news. Since when did that stuff guarantee us any happiness? As for me, I'm working on creating something of myself. I'm at the stage where I'm trying to get my footing into the ground with my writing, my blog, getting back into photography, all while keeping up with my "real" job. I want to do something that will serve and help others and with lack of a degree right now, I don't really know what direction to head in. so for now, my prosperity is channeled and found through my writing and embracing the beginnings of a simplistic lifestyle. Thank you for sharing and I wish you the best!

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