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Dr. Anna’s 9-Step “Fight Fat After 40” Holiday Survival Guide

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There’s not a single one of my readers that doesn’t know how hard it is to “manage your middle” after 40. Between crazy hormones and shrinking metabolism, it can feel like every calorie is gluing itself right to your belly!

The holidays are here and believe it or not, it IS possible to avoid weight gain even when you’re surrounded by sugarplums and eggnog. Try one or ALL of these simple steps to keep you feeling great and looking good (sans Spanx):

  1. If you’re experiencing holiday anxiety, consider cutting back on or eliminating caffeine. It only adds to that jittery feeling! And it raises your cortisol. You don’t want that! Try substituting decaf, water, herbal teas, mineral water with lemon or coconut water.
  2. Eat before you head out to a party. That way you’ll be less tempted to graze through all the “nervous food” (as my friend Christine calls it).
  3. If you’re drinking alcohol, alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You’re less likely to become “overserved”.  Drinking too much is also likely to lower your resolve to stay away from the nervous food plus it increases your cortisol and estrogen production.
  4. Keep up with your exercise plan. Make sure it is scheduled on your calendar!
  5. Enjoy a treat or two, but be selective. Decide which treats are REALLY worth the calories (read: my mom’s sugar cookies) and skip the ones that aren’t your faves.
  6. Got sugar cravings? Open a 500 or 1000 mg capsule of L-glutamine and sprinkle it on your tongue. Magic!
  7. Wash up. Germs are easily spread in crowds and indoor environments. Keep your hands away from your face (cold germs are often introduced into your body through your eyes, nose and mouth) and wash your hands often.
  8. Drink up. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. Indoor heat is drying and it’s easy to become dehydrated.
  9. Be perfectly imperfect! Cut yourself some slack. The holidays are stressful enough without adding in a big dose of perfectionism or guilt. Do the things that make your holidays meaningful and stop “shoulding” all over yourself. Have FUN!




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I was perfectly imperfect

I was perfectly imperfect this holiday season. Time to get back on track. No more cookies or candy!

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