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Getting Some Rose-Colored Glasses For Your Crystal Ball…

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Getting Some Rose-Colored Glasses for your Crystal Ball…

I reckon the future is a very fluid proposition. In the traditional tarot deck, “fate” is symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune, and the idea is that the closer to the centre of the circle you can remain, the less you will be thrown off balance by whatever reality constellates itself. I like to think of the spinning wheel as resembling a super-duper kaleidoscope – you never know exactly what permutation of the color palette’s vast array of options it will fix at until the very last moment.

But I don’t believe that what comes our way is ever random or arbitrary. And as Esther Hicks – or the consciousness(es) known as “Abraham” – says, you can get some pretty strong momentum going with your manifestation mojo, in either a happy or an unhappy direction, depending on where you have been putting your attention. The idea is to focus so much on the pleasant things that over time they get loud enough to crowd out the not-so-pleasant. If a person can tap into those warm, fuzzy feelings generated by imagining a rosy upcoming scenario – or at the very least a variety of useful options – it is much more likely that the actual events will then play out in a satisfyingly harmonious fashion.

So for a happy outcome to ensue, a bit of magical thinking needs to be engaged in, and this can seem pretty counter-intuitive if it is at odds with whatever outer reality is showing up. Of course it’s a fine line between the uplifting thinking which opens new doors in our life, and the dangerously delusional mindset that keeps us perpetuating negative patterns. Because for the “maybe it will be different this time” stance to be successful, a significant internal shift is required.  If you do what you’re used to doing – and feel how you’re used to feeling – it’s almost certain you’ll get the same results you’ve got before. But even those hard truths which may need to be spoken in the face of denial about an unhappily repetitive situation can be conveyed to others – and to ourselves – in a delicate way, and with a focus on change for the better.

Leading someone up the garden path

As I have explained in my most recent articles, I reckon mentors and healing practitioners need to be fastidious about what frequency they are tuning into, because any fear-based threads that are woven through will generate ideas – or attract thoughts, as Abraham would say – in the same unhelpful vein. The trouble is that it is so easy for any of us, when witnessing a situation we don’t immediately understand, to jump to conclusions and automatically give voice to unpleasant potential scenarios. But I think it is our job whether we are a psychic, a healer, a psychic healer, a mentor, or even merely a friend, to lead others as much as possible to the most uplifting version of themselves and stay open-minded about events that have not yet happened. And that goes for leading ourselves as well.

A professional psychic acquaintance of mine recently pointed out that many of his colleagues are not themselves spiritual seekers, and that they don’t necessarily edit or reframe the “information” they receive. I don’t think it’s ever useful for a practitioner who forecasts a person’s future, for example, to tell a client that in two weeks they are going to fall down the stairs and break their ankle; someone I know was given this warning.

Unfortunately such a portend can sometimes actually program an accident into a person’s unconscious, sort of like a super-powered negative affirmation – luckily this was not the case with my friend. Indeed, as my hypnotherapist buddy says, we often give so much power to “perceived authorities” that their opinion can have the weight of a post-hypnotic suggestion. Of course Lissa Rankin has written extensively about this as well, especially where medical practitioners are concerned.

Wouldn’t it make more sense with the ankle scenario to instead suggest, for example, that the client do some exercises to be more present with their body, and practise sending light to their foot because it may have a slight weakness? Bringing mindfulness to something that could need attention is a far less alarmist approach, and is thus likely to have a much more uplifting result. I reckon helping instill confidence in a person to believe that they themselves are well equipped to overcome any obstacles – even if this involves some assistance from others – is the magical future-creating formula.

I would love to hear examples of how improving your perspective – or helping someone else do so – has led to an unexpected outcome. Please share your comments and stories here! 

Emma French


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Emma, so true! Thanks for

Emma, so true! Thanks for your thoughts in this article - I always believe it better to view the glass half full than half empty...and so many times have I experienced that by seeing what I want to see is manifested, we just have to trust and accept the best in our lives. I'm all for rose-coloured glasses!!

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Not Listening to Negative "sentences"

Great points made Em, and they got me thinking of so many scenarios in either my own life or a loved ones where someone was given a "sentence" , more aptly, a death sentence and proved the doctors wrong. In my case, I can't say I have experience with psychics and such, as I tend to avoid those things for the very reason you listed here, BUT like you said about Lissa Rankin, doctors often give a prediction of the future that when listened to could cause much discouragement and a negative manifestation. One case I recall is my first cat that my brother and I were given for a Christmas gift when we were very small. The vet said our kitten had a heart murmur and would never live a normal adult life. She was not expected to live past a couple years or so, and my Mom was told to keep her quiet and not to get her too excited or let her play too much. A wise old neighbor lady told Mom to not pay heed to it and care for her well, but let he live a normal life and play and do all the things kittens do. And so we did, and that cat lived to be at least 10 years old or so. A similar thing happened with either my great grandpa or my great grandma (can't remember which one it was at present) who was told they would not live much longer, but exceeded that diagnosis by about 15 years. Great Grandpa lived to be 97 and Grandma almost 104. They said "hog wash" to the doctor and didn't pay it any attention. I believe that is what kept them going so long!

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So true -- the future is a

So true -- the future is a very fluid proposition. It so helps to be aware that there are many potential outcomes to any situation, and that our own vibration can determine which ones we tap into at any given moment. Thank you for expressing all of this so clearly, Emma.

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Carefully worn rose-colored glasses

A very thoughtful piece, Emma. My mother was psychic. I grew up privy to the weight of that gift. She would have applauded your advice "to lead others as much as possible to the most uplifting version of themselves and stay open-minded about events that have not yet happened."

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Getting Some Rose-Colored Glasses For Your Crystal Ball

I like this article, it such a good article, i visit again and again this type of article....

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