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The concept of Grace has been a tough one for me to grasp along my journey.  I thought of it as something you had to beg and plead for, something you had to be chosen to receive, or something that only came along once.  Promises of God's Grace felt inauthentic.  How could another human being offer me a method in which to receive Grace?  Did they even know what Grace was?

Easier Said Than Done

A few days ago, I was riding back from a retreat with a friend talking about forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-love.  I rambled on about how giving and getting advice to do those things seems so simple.  I can't tell you how many times I've been told and told myself that all I need to do is love myself more.  Easy right?  Take all that love you have for your children or your spouse and just give it to yourself.  Yeah, right.  The suggestion is so much more complex and abstract than it seems.  I've been trying to love myself for six years (since the first time I was given the advice) and I'm not sure I'm doing it right....or at all. 

Enter Grace

This is where Grace enters the scene.  Grace is a shift.  It's the moment when you've tried so long that you finally decide to stop trying and just be.  And somehow in that beingness, you realize you're already IT.  Your ego longs to remember what the self-loathing feels like, you visualize the moments in which you emobodied it, and to your amazement it's gone.  Grace.  Wow. 

Grace happens in small measures and large.  It heals broken hearts, repairs damaged friendships, ends addictions, and saves lives.  It allows you to walk away from the past and stop fearing the future.  Our spiritual growth expresses through Grace.  It gives us the strength to keep climbing the mountain and slaying the dragons along the way. 

Grace in My Life

I've experienced Grace in small doses.  Through Grace I have been released from unhealthy habits and deeply held regret.  It helped me to shed what no longer served my journey.  It brought me to this moment, where I have faith that more Grace will come when I am ready to expand.  I know that I can't force it or plead for it.  But I also know that it is real. 

What about you?  How do you define Grace?  Have you ever experienced it?

Love and Light,


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Dearest Leslee,
I totally agree that without grace we can become lost. I wrote about it last year in my blog www.theobserversvoice.com and here's an excerpt that I think applies. I'm more spiritual than religious, so you can substitute God with Sourse Energy, or whatever you believe.

"Grace as we mean it, is walking in the world with the hand of God on your shoulder.
As you use this energy now, to release any resistance you have,
any past hurt, anger and fear,
the grace of God can permeate every cell,
and you can embody that grace,
walking in the world with YOUR hands on the shoulders of others."

That's what you're doing Leslee!


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