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How Birth Control May Be Hindering Our Spiritual Health

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blood to blood

For quite some time I’ve struggled to reconcile two parts of myself: The part in which I desperately want to awake the feminine (both in the church and in our souls), and the part in which I want, no need, to get as many women off hormonal methods of birth control as I can.

I’ve been restless with how these two play together. Especially in my business. We’re supposed to have some sort of target market. A word, or a phrase that somehow describes everything that we do. The only thing I can think of for myself is The Divine Feminine (the capitalized kind).

But then what about birth control? What in the world does that have to do with my love for the feminine? For Mary? For the Saints? For the Church? For our Souls?

One morning as I prayed the rosary, I sat with the Nativity and suddenly saw it… written in blood. We’ve always known humankind to be created from ashes, to which we will one day return when we are cremated or buried. But what of blood? We are born in blood. Jesus was born in blood.

Mary spilled out her blood so that Jesus could spill out his.

And that has everything to do with birth control. Because we are born out of blood, and we die in blood. But we also live in blood. Every month our bodies shed the blood of our wombs.

The womb! Such a sacred place in the soul of a woman. Our womb is where we give birth! Not just to babies, but to blessings. To businesses. To how we change the world each and every day, generation after generation. From the beginning of time, we have been born in blood, and lived in blood, and died in blood.

But now? We’ve stopped the blood.

We’ve unceremoniously quit our Life Force, our blood, our fertility, that which makes us women, and sacred, and holy. All so that we can be (almost) sure that we’ll remain infertile for a particular moment in time.

And that’s exactly what has happened since we started taking the pill. Our lives have become infertile. By introducing synthetic hormones into our bodies by way of the pill, the patch, or the injection, we’ve stopped our bodies from ovulating, and we’ve stopped our bodies from menstruating. We may still grow an endometrial lining in our wombs, but without an egg our uterus fills with blood as a result of too-high levels of synthetic estrogen, not because our bodies are preparing for new life. And when we shed our blood each month it’s because our body is suffering estrogen withdrawals not because our bodies are continuing the cycle of death and rebirth, blood to blood.

So while Mary birthed Jesus into the hay of a barn, pouring out her blood onto the earth, she began a new cycle of life. One that would change the world. And we have the ability to the same. Every day, every month. In life, in death, in rebirth.

As women, we can bring all manner of new life into the world. Just as Mary did. But I believe we put the kibosh on that the moment we take birth control pills, suppress our menstrual cycles, and discontinue the cycle of life.

So birth control is absolutely relevant to the feminine, because blood definitely is, and I don’t want to stop that process, I want to free it. To help women get off the birth control pill so they can connect to the feminine within themselves. So they can connect to the healing power of blood. So they can find that reverent, holy place inside themselves that was designed for this.

Because when we connect with our bodies, by nature we connect to our souls. And when we do that we can heal the world. Just as Mary did that evening in the hay.

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my thoughts

In the 1930s all protestant churches had the current position on birth control as the Catholic Church. The Anglican church was the forst one to change it. Now ninety percent of protestant churches are pro birth control

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Pro-Birth Control

Hi Chris,

Oh I'm absolutely pro birth control, it's hormonal methods of birth control that I'm worried about!!

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Birth control is way more than the pill

There are many types of birth control. More options exist than the pill.

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Totally agree!

This post is really meant to address hormonal methods of birth control. You are totally correct that there are several alternatives that don't have these effects!

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Birth control is way more than the pill

There are many types of birth control. More options exist than the pill.

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