Is It Safe To Shine Your Light?

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Lissa Rankin

I was having a conversation with my BFF Tricia Barrett recently, and I found myself asking this question, “Can you shine your light and be pure in your integrity and still experience love and belonging?”

I know it’s a strange question. But I’ve identified a big limiting belief in my life, so I spent the past day exploring it.

It’s Lonely At The “Top”

As a young person, I lived from a place of what I considered very high integrity. I didn’t drink until I was 21. I never tried drugs. I didn’t lose my virginity until years after others had. I didn’t break laws. I made straight A’s. I came home in time for curfew. I didn’t cuss.

And I was lonely as hell.

Other people, however, were drinking, smoking, getting high, sleeping around - and popular.

It didn’t feel fair.

In medical school, doctors were getting stoned, breaking rules, and had a “C=MD” mentality. I was committed to becoming the best doctor I could possibly be and taking exceptional care of my patietns- and I was chastised by the other medical students for being a goodie-two-shoes. I was rejected. Left out. Not invited.

By the time I hit thirty, a little voice in my head was whispering “F*ck you and your God damn principles.” So I started acting out. I hooked up with a bad boy. I started drinking. I smoked pot for the first (and only) time. And all of the sudden, I had a group of girlfriends who, for the first time in my life, I could call and say “What are WE doing tonight?” It felt awesome.

But it didn’t last long, because my bad girl act was just that - an act. It wasn’t authentic to who I was, and when it came right down to it, I realized I was really more of a goodie-two-shoes at the core of my authentic heart, and I was actually proud to live that way. I didn’t expect others to abide by any personal guidelines I created about how to live. I wasn’t sitting in judgment of those who smoked pot, hooked up, and got wasted every night. But it just wasn’t me.

I felt like a hypocrite.

Over time, the popular girls I had befriended shed off like old skin and I found myself back like I was in high school, with a few key friends - and my integrity - but without the comfort of a big group of friends.

Since then, I have waxed and waned in my alignment with my integrity. If integrity is a spectrum that runs from 100% pure integrity to 100% pure sellout, where I fall on the spectrum changes depending on where I am in my life and what the circumstances are.  But the older (and I suppose wiser) I become, the more I find myself sliding to the left, refusing to sell out my integrity, even when doing so would mean more friends, more money, more fame, more [whatever].

But the old story still pokes out from time to time. If I shine my light and align firmly with my integrity, does that mean I will, once again, wind up lonely?

If you had asked me last month, I would have said yes. Integrity equals loneliness. It separates you and makes it harder for people to relate to you.  When you fall out of integrity - and are brave enough to admit it - people feel connected to you. Confessions of your inner bad girl breed intimacy. As Brene Brown teaches in her awesome TEDx talk, imperfections breed intimacy, and from this place of vulnerability, we connect.

But I just recently realized that idea that integrity equals loneliness is a very old story, and it no longer serves me. Because I firmly believed that old story, I was engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors that sold out my integrity in order to welcome in love, belonging, and connection.

But the old story isn’t true. Or rather, I should say, it isn’t true for everybody.

Yes, selling out your integrity as the price for love and belonging is tempting. But it’s a cheap connection. It doesn’t go deep. And it’s a high price to pay for a sense of belonging.

Yes, we are all imperfect, and yes, being transparent and vulnerable breed intimacy when we allow our imperfect selves to be witnessed. But that doesn't mean you have to intentional self-sabotage to make yourself imperfect, the way I have.  You don’t have to sell out your integrity in order to feel a sense of belonging. You just have to attract very high vibration people into your inner circle.

People operating at a lower vibration will want you to dim your light in order to fit in, and they will be temped to reject you if you shine your light. You won’t be “cool.” You’ll be perceived as a “drag.” They’ll choose to hang with other low vibration people with dim lights and sold out integrity because those people make them feel better about themselves.

But you don’t have to buy into that story. And neither do I.

When you raise your vibration, you naturally attract other high vibration people, and they lift you up as you align with your integrity. You offer them the same gift in return.

I’m blessed to have many high vibration people in my inner circle. These very spiritual, loving, divine beings want nothing more than to see me shine my light even brighter - and I want the same for them. I don’t have to dim my light in order to feel accepted by them. They don’t feel threatened or judged or put off by me when I shine my light. And I don’t feel that way when they shine theirs.

In fact, if anything, these high vibration people expect me to be as radiant as possible - and I expect the same of them. Because it is safe to shine my light with these precious people, I can be loved and belong while aligning with my highest intentions and greatest potential. And they can do the same. Together, we create a sense of intimacy and belonging, and there's no self-sabotage required as the ticket for entry.

It’s a blessing beyond words.

If you’re one of those people who thinks you have to sell yourself out in order to be accepted by others, think again. You don’t have to dim your light in order to belong. You just have to be very discerning about where you shine your light.  You’ll know you’re in safe company when the more you shine, the more the other person shines as well.

Right now, I’m feeling a bit tender around this issue, so I’m being very mindful about the people I surround myself with. I’m asking for their support. I’m seeking their counsel. I’m feeling like a baby, learning to walk, and I’m craving their arms reaching out to stabilize me if I start to falter. I know, with their support, I can do and be anything.

Some trusted friends recently reminded me that I have a tendency to trust everyone, when not everyone has the highest good (or my highest good) in mind. So then I recreate this old story over and over. I shine my light, then I trigger someone else who winds up rejecting me. So then I dim my light in order to feel loved and accepted.

But not anymore. The guidance of my friends was to "be very discerning right now," which has led me to take stock of the people I know I can really, truly 1000% trust as I learn to grow into my full potential. Last night, I cried for hours in my hubby Matt's arms for reasons I can't even begin to explain. It was literally tears over the bigness of it all, but they were no longer tears of resistance, more like tears of grieving my old way of being, letting go of what has long served me well but no longer is, saying goodbye to an old friend who is no longer me.

The former Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam wrote a song I love whose chorus says "To be who you must, you must give up who you are."

(You can listen to it here).

I guess that's what is happening. I am giving up who I was to be who I must. And that is SO not easy.

What about you?

Have you found the people who can lift you up when you align with your integrity and shine your bright sparkly Inner Pilot Light? Do you feel safe shining your light?

That’s my mantra for 2012 - it is safe to shine my light.

What’s yours?

Unapologetically sparkling,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



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Thank you so much for sharing your story David!

Shine that light, baby...
The more we all do, the more we give others permission to do the same.
Much love

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Loving this!!!

It's funny how things can come into my life just when I need it the most. Just like the message I'm getting here. My story is just a little different, but the leasons are the same. I was raised by parents that loved me, but didnt understand one must stoke the fire of the soul(talents and dream), not put it out. Doctrine was law in my home, and God was a judgmental prick that I had to please. I always felt like I did not belong. With the dark cloud of judgment hanging over me and things that I had to hide that happend to me from my neighbor and baby sitter... Well the feeling is complet worthlessness. I turned to drugs, sex and rock and roll. LOL!! I never truly fit in there either. All of this has gone agienst the grain of my heart. One side I was not good enough for God and on the other side I wasnt tuff enough for the bad boy crowd.
What I did have was my intgrity that still burned in my soul. Its been a long time since it all feel apart, but it neither really ever got together in the first place. I did alot of work coming out of the self destructive programing, but I never fully realized the meaning and power of myself. I did shine in the darkness, but I never embraced the light that was in me. afaid that I was unworthy to shine with a track recourd like mine. Who is left judgeing me now?.... Just me and my old behaviors. LOL!! I thought I had gotten over it but there is still the nasty thread hidden in my mind. I just got out of a relationship with my girl friend of four years. It was the on and off type. It was a unhealthy relationship that I kept alive on forgiveness and hope. (I'm not a victome, I stayed for it.) This is what I have found and it is the universe that is showing me the way. I doubted the light that shines in me for far to long. I settled for a girl who I thought I would be good for her, but not me. I thought I would have love and gratitued. LOL! this is how it Does Not Work.
This was one of the last messages I have received. It was on a movie. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerfull beyond measure. It is our light that frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We where all meant to shine, as children do. It's not just in some of us, it is in all of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciosly give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberate's others." How wonderfull is that!!! Thank you all for letting your light shine!! I feel a great swelling in my heart for all of you, This gratefulness for all that my life has been and tought me, and made me who I am.

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How and Where?

How and where have you found those high vibration people for your inner circle?

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My new inner circle


Well first I have to start with "Being the change that I want...". I knew it had to start with me. So I set the intention to get my inner pilot light shining brighter than it had ever been (at least that I can remember). Second, I set the intention to attract folks who are also shining brightly. I believe in the Law of Attraction. Then I set out to create a life that encompassed activities that I'm interested in and without going into too much detail - the question I asked myself was how can I get involved with my community in such a way that I will be serving others? Before I knew it, it started with meeting one person in my apartment building, she just walked up to me and asked one question - and what followed since then was so amazing, literally (I mean I'm not kidding!. I cannot even describe. Through this one chance meeting, sphere of influence has grown so much in the past 9 months. I meet amazing people all the time. I'm so active in my community, my calendar is my most precious tool. I am engaged in life in a way I had never been before. I still have my moments when I need to retreat and I need to work on my light. I think it will always be that way because there are always lessons to be learned in this life. But less so than before. I don't feel overwhelmed because I stand in my love for others and love is expansive. My spiritual journey is strengthening and I use that as my GPS. I can't wait to see what else will unfold....I hope all this makes sense. It's a process, but once you set the intention and everything comes from your heart, you're on your way...Love, Dawn

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Lissa..this post spoke to me

Lissa..this post spoke to me so much that I shared it with my husband. He has witnessed the occasional discomfort and rebuff from others over the years when I shine my authentic light and share the gifts that I have with the world. I too have learned to be very selective on who I choose to share that with now. I think what you have written explained things much better than I could have.

I also grew up as a high achiever/creative soul, but I soon discovered that everyone could not handle that and for some reason saw my light as a mirror being held up of their own perceived inadequacies. Perception is so funny, because in truth, all I have ever wanted is to share with others and help them see the potential in themselves. But I guess for people stuck in their current stories or comfortable with mediocrity, this is not very welcome.

I also find that as a Lupus advocate, so many people close themselves off to alternate approaches to wellness, because of some pre-programmed need to suffer or be content with the status quo. For those people, I pray that their consciousness expands one day to a point of being open to really healing on a holistic level.

I have a core group of friends that I rely on for support, love and guidance and even with moving to another continent, they continue to be my foundation. I agree that we all radiate energy and it is imperative to align yourself with others on the same or higher vibration as yourself. You can spend your life trying to make the world comfortable, but then you will be robbing that very world of your greatest gifts.

Much love,

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I love this Lissa, once again

I love this Lissa, once again an inspiration to us all.


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I love it Hannah!

This is SO TRUE!
"behind the mirror there is a huge crowd of people staring at you, some of whom also naked, others wishing they were while the rest stare in disbelief, some pointing a finger because nakedness is different/unexpected/reminds them that there are still wearing a ski suit, an Elmo mask and a comforter."

That's exactly how it feels to make public some of the posts I write like this one- and also to be this way in the world. You have no protection anymore. The armor is gone. Your heart is on your sleeve and the ski suit is in the closet.

But if you've ever skinny dipped, you know how awesome it feels to strip off the layers and just dive in.
Birthday suiting it all the way

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The necessary courage to stand out of the crowd

Shining your light / living an authentic life means stepping outside of the "conformity comfort zone" that we are being constantly lured into by peer pressure, advertising, fashion etc...

It takes guts but... we all have guts!

At first, making a conscious decision to shed years of bad brain habits (those pesky self-limiting beliefs) can feel awkward as it's the equivalent of standing naked in front of a mirror and going "ooh, er, hullo... it's, erm, me?". And then realizing that behind the mirror there is a huge crowd of people staring at you, some of whom also naked, others wishing they were while the rest stare in disbelief, some pointing a finger because nakedness is different/unexpected/reminds them that there are still wearing a ski suit, an Elmo mask and a comforter.

But it's so very worth it: baring your self is the *only* way to connect with like-hearted people, inspiring others to do the same and wake up to themselves.

Therein lies happiness, and I can vouch for this, too. ;-)

Gloriously birthday suited.

Hannah ;-)

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we are so blessed to have you with us Lissa

Thankyou Lissa for being such a darling and expressing things that circulate around and around in me for which I don't ever seem to find the right words to express them. At 49 I have just started to have the confidence to be me....with an artistic talent which I have never nurtured and pushed away for fear of ridicule, (or heavens be, success!) this year I have drastically reduced my work hours so that I can study visual arts as a jumper lead for my artistic side. (and I will be on a pension as I do it because of my lack of income, and I have a 10 year old son. Scary, but got to say, its all falling into place and it feels so right to do these 'against my proper upbringing principles' things, my heart is doing cartwheels for joy. Everything will turn out ....much love xxx

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I love this!

The moment I started reading this blog, bells started ringing in my head...because I've run this same program over and over again too. And you've just summed it up so succinctly!

Mine started as a kid when I discovered that others liked to shoot you down if they thought you were more clever than they were...and I've tended to not show my full potential or not always said what I thought because of that little fear of rejection that simmers under the surface.

But what I realised as I pondered your blog and meditated was that it's up to others how they interpret what I say. If I'm coming from a place of love then that's all I need to think about...I then can't control what others do with the information!

So I love this and I love your mantra - I'm going to adopt that as my own!

And I think that without realising it, I've actually started living this - hence why I've attracted this fantastic blog which sums up so perfectly what I want to do to!!

Thanks Lissa - keep on being you.

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Bless you all!

I'm loving reading all your stories and wish I had time today to comment on each one! Sparkle on, lovebugs!

I do want to acknowledge you Dawn. Doctor to doctor, I just want to say THE WORLD NEEDS DOCS WITH BRIGHT LIGHTS!


Our medical training and then the office/hospital environment in general seeks to dim our lights at all costs, which is tragic, because when we shine our lights, we become massive healing forces, not just for our patients, but for other doctors, nurses, staff, our families, etc.

So please, shine that light, baby! We need you!
Big love

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Muuaaahhh! Thank YOU and to

Muuaaahhh! Thank YOU and to all the enlightened beings on your blog :). May your inner pilot lights burn eternally. I will read on...

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Thank you Lissa

Thank you Lissa, I feel like I was reading about me and my own limiting beliefs. I was afraid, until recently, to admit that I had a bright light and that my vibration was high, let alone allow my light and energy to permeate my being and then let people see it. I too learned that this was self destructive and that in order to attract the folks I'd like to have in my life, then I'd have to believe in me, love me, accept me as I am. The authentic me. Once I shifted things started to change in a good way. I am now meeting very interesting people some of whom I believe vibrate at the same energy level as I do or higher. I am strengthening my powers of discernment by growing spiritually. Most of all I have this sense of peace and joy that is expanding every day. It's not easy to throw of the chains but boy is it wonderful to be the authentic me!!

I love your site Lissa. I too am a physician trying to find my way. Thank you for being who you are in the world. My spirit honors yours.

Big hugs xoxo...

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Lissa, I can't even express

Lissa, I can't even express to you how much I relate to that right now, and for the past 10 years or more even. Since I was about 15 I felt super connected and driven towards my own integrity and was confident and strong, I didn't date or kiss because it just wasn't important to me then and I wasn't ready, I didn't party on the weekends because I loved to practice the bass, volunteer, and spend time with family and I always had my mind on how beautiful life is and how the world could be changed for the better. Once in college I felt super lonely especially as a non-drinker, club president, constant dean lister. Once I turned about 22 I started to get out more drink a bit and dated a guy I knew would never been my husband. Now it seems like so many of the people around me are looking for a house and marraige, wheres all the fellow world changers now that this is our time? One great friendship came out of college but I still just feel sometimes that my friends and family don't know the real full me and if they did I am so scared I will lose them but also I'm really freaked out that diming my light and staying the way I am, I will fall into complacency or fall in love with the wrong guy. Sometimes I feel like my integrity could discern a lot of my support system right out of my life, but then I would be alone. I just wonder how this whole transition happens? How do I handle dating if I really like someone but they have some qualities that make me feel dim? Whats too much to ask for? I feel that there is such a bright vibrant future out there for me and so many people to meet, but what do I do in the mean time in a small town, unemployed? It almost feels like I don't really trust myself to know when the time is to move on, like I'm so scared of getting attached to things, people, a job that I just want to wrap myself up in a cocoon until I can find fellow bright lights and find my Great Work, until it feels safe and comfortable and secure and stable to step out as me, but what if it never is fully safe, and how I find kindred souls if I'm wrapped up? Maybe I could figure out more ways to really be me and let my light shine and start to trust those around me bit by bit with some of that authenticity. Take some risks. Bahhh it just seems so hard and scary now haha sheesh It just warms my heart though to hear your story Lissa and I hope that I can breech this scary gap and find a way to be me and not lonely. Thank you so much for sharing and for your love and caring. <3<3 Sarah

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I'm still seeking out mine

I'm still seeking out mine Lissa, thank you for the reminder that they ARE out there, SOMEWHERE. It reminds me of the episode of House I was watching this morning. It was a Valentine's Day episode and this woman said: "Yeah, love is out there, even if it feels like it's two galaxies away!" She was being sarcastic, but I still laughed and took solace in the idea. Sometimes that's just how life is and than boom! You turn the corner and there it is! So thank you for the reminder!

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I Like You Super Shiny!!!

You Rock Lissa!!!!

Your story resonates deeply with me. I spent a lot of time dimming down my light I shine-shine-shine-let it shine!!!!

You are a beacon that I can see from clear across the country!! That's the way I like it.

Fly that freak flag!!!

Big Love,

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You always know what to say!


Sometimes it's like you read my mind! I feel the same way about being a mommy. I feel like everyone just says that I need to relax and go out for an evening or take a vacation and leave my son at home. I just can't seem to get with the program though. I know that it's totally fine (and definitely good for me!) to get out once in a while, which I do. But going out and leaving my son home with some random nanny just does not feel right to me. Luckily my husband feels the same. So we stay in and spend time with our son and watch movies when he's asleep. I know that's boring and maybe a little dorky, but I spent almost the last twenty years partying and drinking and going out and talking to small minded people. And I've spent the last 15 years going out to nice dinners with my husband (yeah, we've been together forever!) So now I feel like just staying in and being the best mommy and wife possible. I feel like that is who I am meant to be right now (along with being a kick-butt business woman of course!). So be it if I can't relate to old friends who spend their weekends shopping and going out to fancy restaurants. That's not who I am right now. Maybe it will be in the future, but not now. Thanks for helping me relate to someone Lissa. You rock!

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so true.

At the moment I'm struggling with a person around me, a friend of mine or so I hoped and thought and these lines from you are timely also for me... If she doesn't get me and will not accept my good intentions, do I oversimplify myself so she can understand or do I stay closer to ME and let her go, at least for now, with love in my heart but respect for myself too? I'm not out of the woods yet but I'll be back with your post a few times more to keep me focused in the right direction... towards me :).

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Good Answer

Hi, I want the answer to this too! :) (For my situation)

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I was the opposite

I was one of the "bad girls" not so much to fit in, in fact I was one of the leaders in school. Although I have had this tendency towards the wild side even in my fifties I have made many very deep connections with friends and family. Seemingly I am able to find a good balance between my spiritual life and my need for excitement. For me it is not one versus the other. It works!

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Shine your light!

Goodness! I could have been reading my own story here! I was always an outcast at school because I followed the rules, did my homework on time, was respectful to teachers etc. It was only when I tried to be the same as everyone else, and allow myself to be just slightly 'naughty' that I found I was accepted and started making friends.

Just like you though, I couldn't stay being the person that they found acceptable, and reverted back to my old self, and watched my new-found friends drift away.

Now, I am so pleased that I found the strength to stay true to who I was. I have never had loads of friends, but the handful of wonderful friends I do have know the real me and respect who I am. I am proud to shine my light as bright as possible!

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Dear Anonymous

Don't forget I went through two divorces from men who wanted me to be something I'm not before I found Matt. You're right. It's not easy. But the rewards are beyond description. I can't begin to explain what is happening to me or how great the joy is.

Trust me, love. It's worth it.
I believe in the real you.

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Thank you. I thought my third

Thank you. I thought my third was going to be third time lucky, but ended up as third strike, which is why I'm out! hahaha

I am so happy that you are experiencing this joy. You have given up so much to get where you are and deserve to realise all this good. I'm fighting the good fight now to enable me to be free.

I truly appreciate your validation. It means so much.


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Giving up who you are to be who you must

This speaks to me very deeply. After years of being what I thought everyone else wanted me to be, I am slowly letting go and being who I am. I still constantly backslide because I am a people-pleaser, but I am also beginning to realise my personal power and while it scares me more than a little because of the enormity of it all, I am beginning to be kind to myself to encourage the new me to come out and play. It's not just being afraid; it's being lazy and wanting things to be comfortably uncomfortable because that's what I was used to. You're lucky to have a good husband. That was one of the things I never managed to find and now I've given up on it. I don't want to be hurt anymore and want to be able to be who I am, instead of what my husband wanted and expected. This letting go process is rather like taking off a bandage from a wound that it is stuck to and trying to keep the wound from bleeding. It's not impossible, but it's really difficult. Learning to really love and appreciate myself as I do others is another lesson that I'm learning. I have got to the part of taking responsibility and the consequences of my own actions. Now, I am working on the next phase. Thank you for posting this, Lissa. I hope that you succeed in finding yourself now, rather than waiting until my age to do it. All the best to you and yours. xx

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I love your post! But at the same time it makes me wonder. I don't ever want you to feel badly about how long it took you to get where you are. At times it might make you sad, but the past is gone. So we must leave it there. Keep looking forward. I am glad that you are being yourself now! Better late than never! And imagine all the lessons you learned along the way! Oh, how you have the ability to help those who are on the same journey! Remember, people who don't make mistakes, don't learn anything. I applaud you for stepping it up. Many people never do. I, myself, don't have a huge support group. But I agree it's the choice. And look, I found you! There is a husband out there for you. Maybe he is soul searching too! With your light now, you can make a more visible path! So you go girl! I love you already! xo

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Don't dim your light

I once had a coach tell me I should just dial down my light and then more people would like me.

I fired her. That sounded like stepping out of my integrity and dimming my light, which is what people had been pressuring me to do my whole life.

I now understand what she meant, that we can modulate how much energy we sent out when we walk into a room. Sometimes I don't want to be noticed when I go to a party or when I'm attending someone else's workshop. So I just keep more of my light inside. But then, when I know it's safe, I let the full force of my life shine (like I did at my TEDx talk) and it feels AWESOME!

We do have some control over this. So when you go home for Thanksgiving, sometimes it makes life more peaceful to keep some of your light inside. But when you're around the people who you know are safe, DIAL IT UP, BABY! Shoot off your fireworks!

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I totally love your words again! As I have often been told the same thing. I agree that at times, we have to simmer our light. But all in all~remember~we must decide how and when and where to use our light. Never let anyone else dictate and/or own your light! They have the option to take it or leave it! But when in doubt, shine anyway as you never know who you will recruit!(in a good way) Your spark might reignite another! :) Sisterly light! xo

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I totally love your words again! As I have often been told the same thing. I agree that at times, we have to simmer our light. But all in all~remember~we must decide how and when and where to use our light. Never let anyone else dictate and/or own your light! They have the option to take it or leave it! But when in doubt, shine anyway as you never know who you will recruit!(in a good way) Your spark might reignite another! :) Sisterly light! xo

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So true KC

I love this:
"Integrity is called the narrow road. It is narrow and there are few who walk amongst it. BUT DO IT ANYWAY. And you will be surprised who is on there: the quantity will be low, but the quality will be high!"

Yes, this is what I am finding. When you allow the Universe to shine within and through you, you are NEVER alone. You are always with Source. And when you are in the presence of others who do the same, the vibration is through the roof- and the quality is exceptionally radiant.

We can all let our light shine. It is a choice- a brave one, sometimes a scary one- but it is our choice.

Will you let your Inner Pilot Light shine? I dare you....

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Love it Jean!

What a great version. Shine that light, baby!

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This little light of mine

Is this the video Jean?

And thank you KC and Jeri. Shine that light baby! This world is hungry for it...

Sometimes, just to see what happens, I decide to let my light shine on the New York subway. Magical things have happened...I wrote about it here:

The bigger message is IT IS SAFE TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Yes, there can be consequences, but when you trust that all is well, whatever happens is as it should be.

Loving your sparkles,

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This Little Light Of Mine!!!

That's a great one too!!!
This is the one I have in my favorites:

Oh those little faces and voices just make me smile!!!!

Jean Kowalski's picture

This Little Light Of Mine!!!

Your sharing taps into my core as well. Whenever I am really struggling with, do I let my light shine or should I tone it down a bit......I go to You Tube and put on one of my favorites videos. It's the African Children's Choir singing This Little Light of Mine!!!

I feel as light workers/light beings, this is an important piece to embrace....Shining Bright/BE-ing Who You Are!!!

I See You Lissa!!!


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I totally agree. It does get a person down when no other appreciates your sunshine. It can make it feel as though a person shouldn't bother at all. Because really, what would be the use? But the use is that eventually there will another light buddy along the way. It's the choice to keep being a light tower or not. And though it does feel lonely, really lonely, we rip ourselves off by selling out~love that Lissa! So her blogs are confirmation that there is a light supporter out there. I'm with you on not toning it down because at times I want to too. xo

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So timely this is uncanny!

So timely this is uncanny! Thank you, Lissa! And yes, keeping on shining :)

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"...People operating at a lower vibration will want you to dim your light in order to fit in, and they will be temped to reject you if you shine your light. You won’t be “cool.” You’ll be perceived as a “drag.” They’ll choose to hang with other low vibration people with dim lights and sold out integrity because those people make them feel better about themselves..."

~So the love the sold out integrity part!~

I am so happy that you wrote this article. I must have been "waiting" for it. I totally understand it all. It is nice to have shineshine from a good source.

I needed that refreshing. I really needed this part to, "...You just have to be very discerning about where you shine your light..." It is difficult at times, when there is a very, very limited amount of people to discern with (very clicky small towns). I guess that's why I love my international online friends and my internet blogs. It's where I feel at home. Now I'm not a hermit or anything. I do find other passer-byers to shine my light with, even if it doesn't make a long-lasting connection. When you receive a genuine smile from a stranger, that is acceptance.

So I want to encourge those that when you feel that there is no one who appreciates and reciprocates your shine and so it goes out, then to reach out and keep "fishing". It is worth it. You never know when there are other shine people out there that are looking for a shine buddy like you. If you keep your shine hidden, even when you feel alone, you will never find them.

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I also forgot to mention that integrity is called the narrow road. It is narrow and there are few who walk amongst it. BUT DO IT ANYWAY. And you will be surprised who is on there: the quantity will be low, but the quality will be high!

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