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Lunar Ladies: Pink New & Full Moon Rituals for Our Times

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new full moon

We are BEYOND thrilled to welcome The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, to the Owning Pink stage for a fabulous series on new and full moons. Ophira's reading for Lissa had a huge impact on her recent retreat and rebirthday celebrations and we couldn't be happier to welcome their infinite wisdom and astrological insights to the world o' Pink. Thanks gals!!

Back when women used to run with the wolves (howooooo!), the moon was a guiding light that we cycled by in much more than a “monthly visitor” way. Planting, fishing, food sourcing, procreating—la luna was our all-knowing Great Mother. Although we’re obviously living in different times, we can still honor the wisdom of cyclical living with a modern twist.

Here’s how it works:
NEW MOONS indicate beginnings. Fresh starts, new initiatives, taking action—this is your time to go for it.
FULL MOONS indicate manifestation and closure. Harvesting what you planted six months prior. Endings. Finishing projects, reaching resolution. Getting it all out in the open. Clearing the air.

The “window of opportunity” is within 1-3 days of each new or full moon. So don’t freak out if you do your ritual a little bit later. It’s the intention that counts.

Every two weeks, we’ll pop in with advice and rituals designed to harness each lunar cycle. No, you don’t have to howl from the mountaintop (but if you want to, go ‘head, sister). But with a little practical magic and focus, you can plant “seeds” and watch them blossom.

Taurus New Moon (May 3, 2011)

This month’s new moon is in Taurus, an earth sign symbolized by the persistent (and sometimes stubborn) bull. Taurus rules the zodiac’s second house of income, work, and daily environment. Since this is a new moon, you’ll want to focus on making fresh starts in these areas. Ready to ditch that dead-end job? The universe will gladly tender your resignation. Want to earn more money, stick to a budget, or create healthy new habits? Outline action steps and tackle them one by one. Less is more under Taurus’ simple, practical reign. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forgo luxury. Sophisticated Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, so a touch of elegance goes far. Make a dedicated effort to choose quality over quantity. It’s better to spend a little more on organic produce or meat than buy a Costco-size hunk of processed crap—or to invest in one high-end piece of clothing than a bunch of Forever 21 synthetics you’ll only give away to charity. (Save those whimsical impulse purchases for the Gemini new moon next month.)

Any goals you set at the new moon will manifest by the corresponding full moon six months later (sooner if approached with intention). November 10, 2011 is the Taurus full moon. Between now and then, the seeds you plant will blossom. This new moon is also a “sneak preview” of a longer upcoming cosmic trend. On June 4, lucky Jupiter will begin a year-long tour of Taurus, expanding this earthy energy for us all. If you’re born under the sign of Taurus, get ready to start a new and exciting 12-year chapter of your life!


Pump up the sensuality.

Taurus rules the five senses, so add more touch, taste, smell—gritty, lusty, loamy, raw sensuality. Add truffle salt to a basic dish for a pungent punch. Beautify your office with a scented candle (we love Caswell Massey’s – www.caswellmassey.com) and a vase of fragrant peonies. Add new silk throw pillows or plush hand towels to your bed and bath. A little luxe goes a long way.

Feel the earth with your hands (or feet!).

Taking the “grounded” aspect of Taurus literally—it is springtime, after all—go dig in the dirt. In our modern world, we’re so out of touch with nature’s cycles, but it can be surprisingly powerful just to clutch a handful of soil or sand (manicure, schmanicure!). Plant a garden if you have the luxury of a yard. Even a window box or a couple kitchen herbs will do the trick. Not much of a green thumb? Get one of those impossible-to-kill hanging plants. Give your seedling a name or a purpose, like Prosperity Plant or Intimate Ivy. Bonus points: grab a feng shui ba gua map and place it in an area where you want to invite growth into your life. Create a tablescape with found objects from nature: a rock, a crystal, a sea shell, driftwood, a fossil—anything “of the earth.”

Pick a number, any number.

Here’s where we get down to the brass tacks of Taurus. How much money would you like to make by the end of the year (or by the Taurus full moon on 11-10-11)? Set a six-month goal. Are you owed a bonus or a raise? Set a firm date to have the conversation.


Where in your life does “it’s complicated” fit the status? Taurus cuts through the bull (har har) and says, enough already! Sometimes, it’s actually easy—but we’re the ones making it all messy and overthought. What have you been allowing life to be unnecessarily hard? What can you change?

Start a good habit.

Taurus rules daily routines and structure. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Get started now! By the time Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4, you could be well on your way to kicking cigarettes, cutting down caffeine intake or boosting your energy with exercise three days a week. Just do it!


Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny

Great for dismantling core blocks around prosperity.

In the Green Kitchen: Techniques to Learn by Heart by Alice Waters

Ever notice how the best recipes often have the least ingredients? Honor the rustic vibe of Taurus with these simple, natural foods.

We’d love to hear how your rituals go, suggestions, discoveries or any creative twists you invent. Please tell us!

Cosmic Love,

The AstroTwins
Ophira & Tali Edut


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maravillosamente, la informaciГіn Гєtil

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Working with Luna

I like your approach, ie working with the sign of the New Moon to manifest in 6months at the corresponding Full Moon.

My way, in case anyone is interested ;-> , is a little different. I do a bunch of releasing work during the 3 Days of Darkness before the New Moon. That's the Getting Out of My Own Way time.

Then I'm ready to focus at the New Moon. I try not to do my stuff if the moon is void-of-course (between signs) which is noted on most astrological calendars.

The Full Moon for me is the day before, day of and day after the actual Full Moon. This is time for celebration in gratitude of everything and everyone I love.

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I love this article! Great

I love this article! Great information. Thank you and please keep it coming our way!!

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