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Meet Your Inner Pilot Light

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Inner Pilot Light

If you’re a patient of mine, if you’ve been reading my blog, if you’re a student of the Get Out Of Your Own Way e-course, or if you read The Daily Flame, you’ve probably heard me frequently referencing your “Inner Pilot Light.” But someone who doesn’t know me well asked me flat out the other day, “Lissa, what’s an Inner Pilot Light?” And I realized I’d never really written a post about something that has become part of my everyday vernacular. So if you’ve ever been curious and you’d like to know more about this vital part of every single one of us, this post is for you.

Introducing Your Inner Pilot Light

Your Inner Pilot Light is that ever-radiant, always-sparkly, 100% authentic, totally effervescent spark that lies at the core of you. Call it your essential self, your divine spark, your Christ consciousness, your Buddha nature, your higher self, your soul, your wise self, your intuition, or your inner healer. The minute sperm met egg, this part of you ignited, and it’s been glowing away ever since.

This part of you always knows which choice to choose, how to heal yourself when you’re sick, and whether to trust someone or not. Your Inner Pilot Light knows exactly what you like, loves boundlessly but selectively, discriminates between what is and isn’t authentic to your inner nature, and has the 411 on how to connect straight to Source. Your Inner Pilot Light guides the path, lights the way, navigates the journey, and asks only that you trust the process.

Your Inner Pilot Light is the essence of who you really are. It’s that part that wants to wear purple peasant skirts, dance to Lady Gaga, ignore the phone when it’s judgmental ol’ Aunt Gertrude, laugh in the middle of church, and burp loudly at the Junior League luncheon. Your Inner Pilot Light isn’t always well behaved, because this is the part of you who hasn’t been socialized to be any certain way. Your Inner Pilot Light is a bit of a wild stallion, hard to tame, but easy to ignore if you’re not ready to face the truth about yourself.

You May Not Listen

You may worry that your Inner Pilot Light will get you in trouble. After all, if you listen to your Inner Pilot Light, you might wind up doing something crazy, like leaving that soul-sucking job you despise or ditching your unfaithful husband or moving to Hawaii or becoming a full time artist. Your Inner Pilot Light might instruct you to dance on bartops, play the accordion, write a tell-all memoir, or liquidate your retirement account so you can renovate a villa in the south of France.

You may worry that your Inner Pilot Light can’t be trusted. But this is where you’re misguided, my love.

Your Inner Pilot Light Is The Secret Sauce

The truth is that your Inner Pilot Light knows all the secrets, not just to who you really are, but to how to help you live a happy, healthy, whole life full of mojo. Your Inner Pilot Light (can we just call it your IPL? My fingers are getting tired!) knows what you’re called to do on this earth. Your IPL will recognize your soulmate when the two of you meet. Your IPL knows when you’re in the wrong job, and can feel it when you’ve found the right one. Your IPL can even heal what ails you. Your IPL can see beyond the masks other people wear so you can witness the IPL of someone else, and therein lies true intimacy.

When you tap into the healing wisdom of your IPL, your health will improve, you’ll find the compassion and love that can heal or release toxic relationships, your business will thrive, your creativity will explode, and you’ll feel more connected to The Universe than ever before.

Your IPL is the foundation upon which the rest of you must build in order to live a whole, vital life. In order to be wholly healthy, all the facets of what makes you whole - your work/ life purpose, relationships, creativity, spirituality, sexuality, environment, finances, mental health, and physical health - must all be tapped into your IPL. Otherwise, things get out of balance, and you wind up living a disconnected, inauthentic life that’s not in touch with who you really are at your core.

When Your Inner Pilot Light Grows Dim

Your IPL never ever burns out, even at the darkest times of your life, but it can grow dim, and when it does, you may forget it’s even there. You may feel out of touch with this essential part of who you are. You may doubt your IPL still shines - but it does.

I know there are times in your life when the light seems very, very far away. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, you’ve been unfaithful, you’ve committed a crime, your heart got broken, you lost your job, your child cut you off, or you’re having a crisis of faith. Times like this can make you question whether your IPL even still exists. But I can promise you that light is never extinguished. It always lies within you, waiting for you to fan the flames so the core beauty within you can light the path.

If you feel out of touch with your Inner Pilot Light, sign up here for the free Daily Flame: Messages from your Inner Pilot Light to you.

And just tap in. Remember, you already have all that you need to have all that you want. The light shines with you. Spirit is there to guide you. Your inner healer is there to tend your wounds and mend your heart. Always have faith, my love.

Walking with you, IPL to IPL,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



Michelle's picture

burning flame of fire...

Yes, Lissa - so true! I speak of the divine spark to others ALL THE TIME yet am ever astounded at how often I forget about my own. Thanks for the reminder, the tending and the persistence of your words in the world.

Beth's picture

Forever Fanning my IPL

Hey Hey Lissa!

Honestly, I believe that IPL 101 ought to be a core class in our education system, just like anatomy and physiology and world cultures!
I have forever been aware of my IPL, although as of these past few years I've really taken the time to love my IPL, trust my IPL and keep the fires burning by doing just that-
When I allow my IPL to represent me- cause it's as unique as my own DNA, my life blossoms in so many hot, adventurous and amazing ways-

That's how ZEST FEST came about in which I am honored to have you be the keynote speaker at! As I tuned into my beautiful IPL and trusted her courageous lead, next thing I knew (not really, but surely felt like that) I had 11 of the hottest speakers ready and raring to come to Vermont to share their love and passion with women to do just what you're talking about right here! Tune into their IPL and Be Who they Are with no Apologies!

YES, YES, YES! Rock on beautiful messenger!
See you in November!


To life - full of peace, love and oceans of zest!


Michelle Medina's picture

I'm subscribed to the Daily

I'm subscribed to the Daily Flame, and I always love these daily reminders, I even save some of them to look back over them at a later date when I feel I may need them again! Thank you Lissa!!! You rock Sister!!!!

KC's picture

Me too!

I love The Daily Flame too! Thank you for providing it for free! :)

Nicole's picture

Muchos Gracias!!

I look forward to my Inner Flame message everyday. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, loving kindness and laughter!!!

Anna 's picture

Higher pilot light

Once again your article made me cry and I don't enen know why but I know today that tears are good and healing.

There are feel-bad enzymes in the composition of tears, aren't there? I remember reading that. So there is a biological reason why crying makes us feel better: we rid ourselves of these feel-bad enzymes.

I wonder if the same chemical is present in female ejaculate. Would explain why 000 puts you in a better mood.

Note to self: pick up batteries.

Whatever works. My IPL has been a dim bulb for too long. I don't know why I'm so afraid to shine. What's my alternative? As a girl, a traumatized girl, (PTSD , DID) I had no volition. I would always be at the mercy of a stronger person. Old fashioned Italians, 2nd generation immigrants, father hands daughter over to husband. I'm grateful my older brother, though quite conservative, is breaking a lot of bad family patterns in how he and his wife raise their daughters. I'm so proud of him. My nieces now are 2 young women who have grown to be confident, responsable, and loving.

And enjoy spending time with their dad. After my mother died, and my brother moved away, I'd have a water glass full of vodka every evening just so I could stand to be alone with my father. I don't know why I was that shy. I was like that with nearly everyone.

I was giving my friend a ride to a job interview, doing her a favor, yet everytime I waited too long too pull out, or missed the street and had to u turn, etc, I found myself physically cringing. My friend never scolded me... even helped to find the best turn around.

It wasn't about my friend. I knew that. It was about my hypercritical father or my hypercritical e x spouse ( now deceased x 2 months) No one that can reach me today.

WHY AM I STILL CRINGING. Sorry. Didn't mean to shout but really, can't I just get on with things?

deana's picture

Thank you so much.

You're a source of great soul-riches. Much love, grace and peace to you.

Jill's picture

RE: Your Inner Pilot Light

Love this, love the daily flame and I love you too Lissa! Can't wait for this book to come out. Thank you for the Daily Flame. I look forward to them everyday! Hugs

Stella's picture

The IPL lives!!!!!

Thank you LIssa for sharing this very powerful message. A few years ago, I listened to the IPL, and went back to school, startingg my master's in Chinese Medicine. I have not left my CEO position, but I will once I'm through my boards. I interviewed for an internship with a local clinic. There was just something wrong with the clinic. I couldn't put my fingers on it, but I had some internal resistance to starting there. I delayed starting. Yesterday, I interviewed at another clinic and I left inspired. So I listened to my IPL and that kept new opportunities coming my way. Sometimes backing off or hesitating, is part of the process of listening.

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