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New Moon In Aquarius

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Today marks the annual new moon in Aquarius and the beginning of the Chinese New Year. (Fun fact: the Chinese New Year begins each year during the new moon in Aquarius, so these two events sync up annually.) Aquarius is the sign of groups and teamwork. This new moon calls forth the community spirit and encourages us to sow the seeds of togetherness. On the Eastern end of the spectrum, we are entering the Year of the Water Snake. One of the grand themes of the Snake year is manifesting and wisely utilizing our resources (Snake is associated with pragmatic, sensual Taurus in the Western zodiac). So how to combine the serpentine vibes with Aquarius’ lunar refresher? Here are a few ideas:

Start (or Join) an Investment Club:

There’s strength - and prosperity - in numbers so how about making your quest for abundance a group thing? The Year of the Snake is a time where people can slowly and steadily increase their wealth. If you have money to play with, you might organize or join an existing investment club. Pooling your resources with other stakeholders can afford you a financial growth opportunity that you wouldn’t be able to explore on your own. Who knows? Maybe you’ll buy a building together that turns into a rental property, become partners in a franchise, or just gather weekly to share hot market tips from your respective portfolios. Not quite a big enough baller for such things yet? Start a book club with friends who are on the path to financial freedom. You could go the practical approach with a classic like Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Workweek. Or, connect to the soul of money through Marianne Williamson’s The Law of Divine Compensation, which is even being taught as an online course called “Miracles At Work” this March. Gathering with friends for 90-minutes with Marianne each Thursday in March might be a great way to connect and support each other: Start rallying the troops this weekend!

Gather Together and Rock Your Body Beautiful

The sensual Snake reminds us of the joy and beauty of being in our bodies. Mmmm. There’s nothing more seductive than someone who is fully present, in the moment, and comfortable in her own skin, right? But with our increasingly computer-based society, we can wind up feeling like giant brains, totally detached from those appendages below our necks - except our hands, needed for furiously typing, of course. How do we regain our connection to our “soul’s address here on Earth?” Interestingly enough, Aquarius is the sign that rules technology, but it’s also a highly active and athletic sign. Team sports and group exercise fall into the Water Bearer’s domain, another prompt to join forces with friends to achieve a goal. If you’re the athletic type, you might join an indoor soccer or volleyball league to pass the cold days; or find out about group rates at the local kickboxing gym and meet friends for tri-weekly workouts. How about starting a walking group, gathering a group together for a brisk evening walk on a regular basis? It’s a great excuse to socialize and commune (Aquarius loves this) while getting the energy flowing from “tip to tail.” The humanitarian energy of Aquarius adores a good cause. How about rallying coworkers for a charity 5K and raising money to make a difference en masse? Don’t forget those go-go-gadgets either. This new moon encourages us to use technology to forward our fitness goals. Download an app, pick up a pedometer, treat yourself to a pair of high-tech cross-trainers to up your performance level and speed.

Dance Across The Digital Divide

Let’s not forget the importance of online communities either. Being skilled in the digital arts is becoming more of a necessity than an option in today’s workplace. The Aquarius new moon encourages us to geekify and sharpen our knowledge of software, social media, and the superpowers that a web-based business can provide. Perhaps it’s time to crack open that tutorial and learn the finer points of Wordpress or the basics of blogging. And how DO you increase your Twitter followers and gain Facebook fans in the name of abundance? Is an e-commerce site, Etsy or eBay store a viable way to increase your income? These are areas worth exploring now.

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