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New Moon In Capricorn

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Ready, set, goals! This Friday, January 11 the new moon in Capricorn fixes our eyes to the proverbial prize. It’s time to think big… and bigger still. Capricorn is the sign of outsized ambition, the zodiac’s motivator who also gets the job done right. New moons are dates for planting seeds which we harvest under the light of the corresponding full moon six months later: in this case June 23rd.  Haven’t made your epic resolutions yet? Friday’s your date!

We happen to love that this new moon falls on 1-11, a number pattern that is associated with brilliant flashes of divine insight and “lightworkers,” people who are here to raise the level of love and joy in the world. Perhaps this is an extra cosmic reminder to set goals with an intention to have them elevate the world (or our small corner of it) instead of benefitting ourselves alone.  Here are a few ideas for capturing the Capricorn new moon mojo for your life:

Give a Man His Props

Let’s hear it for the boys! Capricorn is the sign of the masculine and this new moon reminds us to appreciate the goodfellas in our lives. It’s been said that appreciation is the magic elixir for awakening a man from his slumber. Extend a heartfelt thank you and acknowledgment to the guys who have made a difference in your life. You might just discover a gaggle of hungry heroes who are waiting to support you as they can. If you’re someone who struggles to understand men or connect to them in a healthy way, we recommend the work of Alison Armstrong. Her PAX curriculum and downloads are devoted to bringing peace between the sexes… and she does so in a way that deeply honors both men and women.

Climb E'vry Mountain (Or Just Ski/Sled/Snowboard Down One Of 'Em)

Capricorn is the zodiac’s mountain goat, tirelessly ascending until s/he reaches the top. The physical act of climbing forces us to push beyond our resting state, something this new moon loves. We are capable of much more than we often give ourselves credit for and Capricorn’s lunar influence reminds us to streeeetch. What a great weekend this is for bundling up and hitting a mountainous (or hilly) area on snowshoes, cross-country skis, or hiking boots if the climate is warm. Capricorn loves adventure sports too. Instead of meeting friends for brunch, how about taking a snowboarding lesson, whizzing down the black diamond (if you’re a seasoned skier), or sledding a snowy hill. One lift ticket please!

Reboot Your Body, Reboot Your Life

As within, so without. Our bodies are our temples; honoring them as a sacred space has a ripple effect in all of our lives. The Capricorn new moon likes everything in premium shape, from the food we fork into our mouths to the proposals we send off to our clients. It’s little surprise that everyone rushes to sign up for gym memberships and detox programs right at the beginning of January, the time that this new moon rises annually. Harness the clear-headed, pragmatic power of this new moon to get your healthy living resolutions off the ground. Capricorn likes to operate from a plan, so pick one that is clear-cut and easy to follow. No crash diets, please! Capricorn believes in a slower, steady process that creates lasting results.

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