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Overcome The “Risk” & Face Your Truth Vulnerably

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I’ve taken a lot of risks in the last two years. I’ve found myself boarding planes with no real plans for once I land; not concerning myself with “how” I will afford my mortgage; and living for months on end out of a single suitcase with no real home. 

In risking it all so many times, I’ve grown quite comfortable with being vulnerable and taking those leaps of faith, not knowing where exactly I will end up, but always trusting that I’ll be exactly where I am intended to be.

Sharing openly and expressing vulnerably is something I have grown increasingly comfortable with as I’ve moved further and further outside of my comfort zone. 

What I’ve realized in all of this is that my comfort zone was simply a barrier and a limitation that I created for myself. 

It’s as though I created this imaginary wall and established my limits for where I could go. 

I spent most of my life within the walls I had created for myself and which, in many ways, I had been programmed and conditioned to stay within.

Breaking down these walls was not a comfortable thing to do. In fact, it was terrifying! 

But I knew that on the other side there was a much happier and more fulfilling life than the one I was choosing to abide by. I felt the constraint all around me and it began to show in my frustration towards certain people, my lack of enthusiasm for the job (which once lit me up), and in the mindless activities that distracted me from the much larger issue I was too scared to face. 

By doing the things that scared me most, like ending a long-term relationship, looking for a new job, leaving my condo and life in the city, and flying to California with a one-way-ticket, I realized: The scariest part was letting go.

It was letting go of the certainty and security that was most scary. 

It was letting go of the control that comes along with thinking I knew exactly how something was going to unfold. 

It was letting go of my identity and the things which I believed defined me. 

Once I let it all go, the fear dissolved, and all that remained was the excitement of what was possible.

As long as I remained unattached to the outcome, anything was possible. 

But it took being vulnerable and embracing that vulnerability. 

After seeing so much greatness and opportunity transpire in my life from those moments of absolute risk, terror and uncertainly, I realized: If I really want to have the highest quality of life, then I’ve got to face these challenges, embrace change and turn fear into courage.

… And as challenging as it is, the things that scare me most are usually the things that are in my best interest.  

For me, part of being fully expressed is to share now, as openly and honestly with others as I possibly can. 

I know that I am not doing anyone any favors by trying to “protect” them from the truth of what I feel. So I say what I believe, responsively, and unattached. 

If confronted with uncertainty – I embrace it. 

If it scares me – I do it. 

If it challenges me – I face it. 

It usually isn’t the easiest thing to do, but I do it because I now know that it’s the only way I’ll grow and learn.

I’m sharing this with you, because again I’m faced with an uncomfortable decision, which is going to take strength, courage and trust to open myself vulnerably and take that leap of faith. 

But I do it now without fear… because I’ve done this before. 

And I know now, that the feeling of “risk” is only the fear of change and uncertainty, and that in the end, if I choose to express myself openly and honestly, there really is no risk at all.

Is it possible you could be holding yourself back because you are afraid of the “risk?” 

Be honest with yourself. Facing this this truth is the only way to grow. 

The space is open for you to share vulnerably, and express in your comments what you may not have been aware of until now. When you share openly on this site, you will only be met with gratitude and support. 

Big and vulnerable love, 

Adelle Juliet 


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