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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Clothing Swap!

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Last weekend, the Pink Posse of Dallas celebrated going green with a clothing swap. We were pretty stoked about the idea of helping the planet but we were even more thrilled about getting new clothes for little to no cost.

Sunday afternoon, the Pink Posse participants (that’s a tongue twister!) and I gathered in Stevi Loren Salon (thanks Stevi!) with our reusable shopping bags and went through the rows and piles of clothes in 5 and 10 minute intervals to grab as many items as caught our fancy.

One Pinkie, Shari Childress (our local Green Queen) prepared tips and tricks for going green:

Tips and Tricks for Going Green
  • Turn off your computer at night. Saves an average of $90 a year!
  • Turn down the thermostat. 50-70% of your budget is shelled out for heat & air.
  • Pay bills online. Paperless billing saves trees and fossil fuels. Plus no more stamps to buy!
  • Borrow rather than buy. This includes books, movies, music and you betcha, clothes.
  • Change out your light bulbs. Change from traditional bulbs to florescent or LED. They last about ten times longer.

To see more of what Shari shared with us CLICK HERE.

Your Green Challenge

Going green can be an overwhelming task. There are lots of things to consider and some of us aren’t willing to put the extra effort into making a difference for the planet.

I encourage you to take on changing one not-so-green habit a month that helps out the planet. Use cloth bags for groceries instead of plastic or start recycling the plastic bags you do use (most grocery stores have reuse bins you can take them to). Pick one room and change out all of the light bulbs -- the energy efficient bulbs both last longer and will reduce your rates on the electric bill. What else? There are endless little differences you can make by doing this instead of that.

How do you make a difference for the planet? Are you going to put on a clothing swap for you and your friends? Switching from plastic to cloth? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for helping the planet (and our budget) little by little.

Basking in Mama Earths Glory,
Megan Monique

PS. All of the clothes that were not taken home by the participants were donated to Thrifty Boutique, a local second hand store whose procedes go to less fortunate pregnant women.

PSS. Big thanks to Jessica Moore for the awesome photographs of our event.


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That is awesome! I am glad to know her tips had an impact on others as well. I am going to post the recipe for her green bug spray soon (it's to die for, oddly enough.)

I found myself shutting off my car as soon as I put it in part instead of idling. Love the little things we can do to help out Mama Earth.

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Pink Posse Dallas

That event was awesome! Shari's tips/tricks really helped me out. I went through my house and unplugged everything I rarely use (and bought power strips). Can't wait to make my own "green" bug spray!

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