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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

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Monday, June 4th marks the second eclipse of the summer of 2012 - a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, the zodiac’s Archer and seeker of higher wisdom. Get ready: the arrows of truth will go a-flyin’ this week. Some will be enlightening, others may sting. Lunar eclipses reveal what’s in the shadows and bring all that is hidden into the light. Mix that up with Sagittarian’s penchant for bluntness and there could be some “open mouth, insert foot” moments ahead. While we may not love all the revelations that emerge, eclipses are harbingers of change, pushing us along to the next stage of our evolution. We have to be in the know in order to grow. Grab your goblet of truth serum and drink up. Break out the binoculars too. If you live on the West Coast of the USA, Australia, or in East Asia you’ll get to watch the shadow of the sun cross the luminous full moon.

For a lunar eclipse to occur, the sun and full moon must be exactly opposite each other in the heavens. According to astrological lore, the sun represents the divine masculine, the moon the sacred feminine. Balancing these energies in our lives will be a big theme this week. We need both yin and yang, push and pull, and this eclipse will reveal where equilibrium is required. Lunar eclipses are also times of spectacular beginnings and grand finales so there could be some epic transitions this week.

Here are a few ways to manifest the mojo from this Sagittarius lunar eclipse:


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, god of the feast, and this lunar eclipse is a great excuse to gather your most fascinating friends around the communal table. Get everyone involved in the cooking process too. Each guest could bring an ingredient to put into a stew or you can all prepare the meal together as part of the dining experience. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, there’s pleasure to be found in pyromania. Bonus points if you roast your food over a spit or prepare your feast in a bonfire. But it’s not just about getting your grub on. Sagittarius is also the zodiac’s philosopher king who loves to explore new ideas in a conversational setting. Pick a discussion topic and get your guests engaged in planning the New World Order while you fete the fine food you’ve all prepared.


Since you’re already in the kitchen enjoying the heat, this lunar eclipse is a great time to boost your health by adding a little more spice to your life. Let these healing sprinkles make their way into your recipes:

  • Turmeric: loaded with the antioxidant curcumin that may inhibit the growth of cancer cells and reduce the risk of heart failure.
  • Ginger: One teaspoon of ginger has as many antioxidants as one cup of spinach.
  • Oregano: Broccoli, schmoccoli. A 2010 study at the University of Connecticut showed that one teaspoon of oregano has as many antioxidant compounds as three cups of those green florettes
  • Chili powder: Capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers is an anti-inflammatory and can ease the pain of swollen joints.

When it comes to our physical landscapes, the hips and thighs are Sagittarius’ domain. To activate the Archer’s happy-go-lucky energy, shake your hips. The dance floor is obviously a great place for this, or jump into a rockin’ Spin or Soul Cycle class. If you’re feeling a bit too creaky to shake it, try some basic hip-opening exercises. Gently circling your hips from left to right can get the energy a-flowing, or you can try a couple yoga poses like Pigeon or Lotus. Who knows? Once you’ve loosened things up, you might just find your way to da’ club.


Sagittarius is the zodiac’s global ambassador and jetsetting world traveler. Make it a point to venture outside your comfort zone this week. Your new BFFs could be from a faraway provenance or vastly different cultural background. While there may be some awkward icebreaker moments to weather, this lunar eclipse is all about celebrating differences and finding the beauty in sharing our unique cultural traditions. Have you been waiting for the right moment to plan that spiritual pilgrimage to Peru or the European vacay? Let this lunar eclipse lead you straight to the travel websites to book, book, away.


Luck be a lady tonight. Sagittarius is a hopeless optimist who always lands on its feet. It’s time to take a gamble, in the name of getting our lives and dreams in motion. Don’t underestimate the power of a small shift. If it makes your heart beat faster (in a good way), trust that you’re harnessing the lunar power that is at your disposal this week. In the words of T.S. Eliot, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Ophira & Tali Edut 

PhotoCredit: China Photos/Getty Images


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Delightful write up

Enjoyed the article. I would love to host this kind of Fest. Sounds like. Used to have lots of jam sessions when we were children...

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