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Spring Cleaning For The Mind Is So Necessary

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Spring Cleaning

Imagine having a messy, roommate living in your Mind.

Your lovely, roomie chatters incessantly, plays loud music, buys stuff she doesn't need, lives in excessive clutter, she's an "Expert" on all topics, yaps in your ear constantly, until you can't even hear yourself speak.

Imagine what that would feel like for a moment.  Claustrophobic anyone?

Well, that messy roommate is your Ego.

It sees chaos, judgment, cant's, limitations and illusions.  She's full of doubt, confusion, fear - she infuriates you.  You so wanna kick her butt to the curb and give her walking papers along with an eviction notice, but you can't because you need her to the pay the rent - she's useful.

And so there's only one solution.  And that is, you must assert yourself lovingly for she can't be the boss of you.  She must acquiesce to your command, be managed and given some household chores on occasion to keep you in the flow and the place tidy.

This is what our inner world can feel like.

A constant tug a war between the Ego's demands and the Spirit's wisdom.  A battle between what is Real vs. what is Imagined, a warfare between Truth vs. Illusion.

It is this passionate, love/hate relationship that often manifests itself in our lives with the highs and lows, crappy circumstances, "sucky"situations etc., until we finally decide to surrender to Spirit's guidance through stillness and work collaboratively as one, unified thought.

Spirit's voice is the "Real You".  It is your limitless self full of endless potential with a mission and purpose in Mind for you to fulfill.  Your Ego is your servant, or in more real life terms your roommate who doesn't call the shots, keeps the place tidy, follows instructions and must work in unison with the Spirit's counsel.

Every so often then we need to do some spring cleaning and silence the mental noise and clutter of our Minds so that truth can emerge.  We do this by stilling the Mind, letting go of all desires, attachments and "wantingness" to hear what you truly need.

Spirit wants you to be joyful and happy.

It does not judge you and loves you unconditionally.  It knows what's best for your spiritual evolution and has the power to manifest all of your desires and needs gracefully, through infinite intelligence.

In Spirit's eyes, there is always a solution and there's is always a way through every block but it can only help you if you surrender to it's higher wisdom.  It knows your purpose too and through you, it gives you the power to accomplish it so that you may experience true, inner peace and live a more meaningful life.

We fall out of communicado with Spirit in our lives when we follow the voice of the Ego.  For the Ego craves delusion and destruction while the Spirit sees truth and creativity.

There's a beautiful, affirmation by A Course in Miracles where it says:

"I do not see the Ego's shadow of the world."

We can give ourselves a gentle reminder of this throughout our day so that we can lean on the Spirit's wisdom in our lives.

And by doing so, we invite more peaceful, joyful, harmonious, living conditions in our Minds.  We can finally live in the space of our True selves and make a difference simply by allowing others to witness the light within us, so that they too may see their true reflection.


Abby xo


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Love this!

I love your comparison with the roommate! It really puts the whole idea into a realistic light. I have been working on quieting my ego and this really helped me. Thanks!

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Thank you :)

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for your wonderful, compliment. I'm a firm believer in striking a balance with being profound and practical, it's so much easier to digest a concept. It took me a while to learn how to quiet my mind, but with practice it works like a charm. You'll find that more and more you'll look forward to being in that quiet, rooted, place of stillness where peace and joy is endless. Happy Meditating! Abby xo

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