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TEDxFiDiWomen: Speaking Your Truth Is Good For Your Health

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I recently got up on the blue backlit stage to deliver my first TEDx talk at TEDxFiDiWomen in San Francisco, and as I stood there in the spotlight, I felt the gravity of what I was about to do.

Looking out over that sea of people who were anticipating what I was about to say, I felt the butterflies in my belly, but they didn’t keep me from leading off my TEDx talk with a bold statement - “Caring for your body is the LEAST important part of your health.”

Stunned silence followed. Then I went on to explain what I mean by that comment. You can watch the whole talk here:

When I finished speaking and the audience rose to their feet, I was gifted with the validation of deafening applause. And when they posted the video and the sweet comments, and “Likes” started appearing on YouTube, I knew I wasn’t going to get burned at the stake because there are enough witches like me out there who think like I do so that I will be protected and lifted up.

But here’s the thing.

I really don’t care about the applause or the comments.

I speak my truth, not for you, but for me and my health.

The Body Craves Truth

For years, I kept my truth bottled up inside. I stuffed it down. I covered it up with masks. I allowed myself to be silenced so I wouldn’t make waves. I wanted people to like me. I wanted to blend in.

But my body hated it. My body started to whisper - and then it started to yell.

When you squelch what is true for you, the body releases harmful stress hormones that raise your blood pressure, elevate your heart rate, and weaken your immune system. When you speak what’s true, the body relaxes, your muscles stop tensing, your blood pressure lowers, your pulse slows, your happy hormones get jump started.

Speaking Your Truth Is Preventative Medicine

I could have gotten up on that TEDxFiDi Women stage and mimicked what others have said before. I could have tried to be Deepak-lite. Christiane-lite. Mehmet-lite.

But I don’t want to be anybody but me. This is my truth. This is me being unapologetically me. This is what I believe, and I’m sticking by it.

Ever since I started speaking my truth three years ago, my body stopped yelling. It stopped whispering. Finally, my body is at peace.

There’s no going back. Once you find your voice, you can’t quiet it. Some people won’t like it. Some will wish you’d go back to stuffing it or covering it up. Some will prefer the old you.

But trust me on this. The REAL you is the one who can heal you when you’re sick, tend you when you’re wounded, lift you up when you’re down.

TEDxWomen & TEDxFiDiWomen

On December 1, tens of thousands of women around the world gathered to listen to women get on TEDx stages and speak their truth. The speakers were all invited to distill our truth into 18 minutes, so the world could hear what we really care about. Our truth is now being broadcast on YouTube and TED.com around the world, amplifying our truth to reach women who couldn't be in those live audiences with us.

What we spoke can now reach those who aren't allowed to leave the house, who can't afford to travel, and who have limited access to the kinds of radical ideas we spread. My hope is that our empowering messages can help others speak their truth and live their truth.

The Dalai Lama said, "The world will be saved by the Western woman."

The TEDx affiliates are helping us world-savers do our job. Thank you TED!

What Truth Do YOU Want To Speak?

What would you say with your 18 minutes in the spotlight? What truth do you want to speak and live? What do you really want to tell your partner/ boss/ mother/ best friend/ the world? What do you care about so deeply that you want to broadcast it virally over the internet? What's true for you?

Speak your truth. Live your truth. Reclaim your health. Be vital.

Want to know more about how to diagnose the REAL reason you're sick? Sign up for this free training program here.

Oh - and if the truth I shared in my TEDx talk inspired you, would you please tweet it, Facebook it, repost on your blog, and email it to anyone you think might benefit? Here's the direct YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tu9nJmr4Xs

Shouting it from the rooftops,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



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Dear Christi

I understand your fear and I just want you to know that I want to see your radiant self and if I do, I guarantee you there are thousands more who do. To get more in touch with your Inner Pilot Light, sign up for loving email messages from your Inner Pilot Light here:

Excited to see you sparkle

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Our True Nature

Hello Lissa,

I really enjoyed your video.
After coming across with the book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, it became crystal clear to me what really matters in life.
I keep that book by my bed and I read it for 30 min every day before bed time.
Being conscious of our true nature is life changing and it's also a never ending joy.

Great share!


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Looking For Me

I've used the Looking for Me words as descriptors of my life. For most of my life I was the victim, resenting me, my parents, my grandfather, strange men who assaulted me at a very young age. I have learned coping skills to protect me from others' judgmental, hateful, violating, and dangerous actions. After listening to your presentation on the TEDx video, I felt a glimmer of strength inside. When I heard your areas of health and saw the the Whole Health Cairn slide, I knew that somewhere this information can help me focus on changing me and my reactions to others who are "ill" and will probably never "heal" from their toxic ways. I will wait impatiently for your new information, get your present book which I very much need, read some blogs, and look inside for some answers. Thank you for your insight. I also have a quote from an Ampersand card. "She said her brain had TOO MANY things in it & she was trying to get ride of the stuff she didn't need anymore. Some of it wouldn't budge, though." Some of the stuff in my brain I try hard to work on, and the work has been successful. Other stuff won't budge. I feel your work may help the stuff move out.

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Whole Health Cairn graphic

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much! We will soon be launching an online product that includes a PDF of the Whole Health Cairn. The multi-media product will include a training manual, video, mp3 meditations, the downloadable cairn graphic with exercises to go with it, and more. So stay tuned. We'll be getting it up and for sale as soon as we can finish it (almost there!)

Much love

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Whole Health Cairn - yay!

I can hardly wait to see this! Yay!

Hugs and butterflies,

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Awesome about your asthma, Leonie

What we believe is SO powerful. And there's scientific evidence to prove it. I've been asked to give another TEDx talk and I might speak about just that.

EIther way, this will all be in my next book Mind Over Medicine (Hay House 2013) So stay tuned!

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Love your work

Lissa, I saw that you had a TED talk and I watched it immediately. You put into words things that I have felt for a long time. You continue to inspire me. I am currently in the process of getting my license in Marriage and Family Therapy. I went through school and all of the classes knowing that it was only part of the picture. I have done my own research to find the missing pieces and you make it so clear. I can't wait until you publish your book. I love the graph you have with all of the rocks that show the different aspects of your health. I would love if you could share that with us early! (wink, wink) Seriously, you rock and I wait for your emails to hear what you're up to next. Thankyou.

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Watched it three times!

I really enjoyed watching your talk (three times, just to let it sink in)! I loved hearing the story of your life, how you found your path, and how that was reflected in your holistic concept of well-being.

Many years ago while I was travelling, a massage/reiki therapist asked if I had any lingering health issues she could work on. I mentioned the asthma that popped up when I was ten, with no family history at all, and said that because it was so late it wasn't going to go away with age, but that it was under control.

She told me, "Don't say that. If you believe it it's true, but it doesn't have to be true. Let me just work on your lungs."

It wasn't true. I haven't taken my medication in two years.

Your talk was a timely reminder, and really enjoyable to boot. I'd love to hear more!

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Thanks Rakesh

Love the quote! Thank you for sharing.

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Just Came Across Your Talk


I really enjoyed your wholesome talk, especially coming from an MD. Being from an east and follower of Vedic philosophies, your talk is one of the best for the western mind to understand. I love it and leave you with a quote I wrote a couple years back...

"The root cause of a disease lies in the mind. Keep your mind free of conflicts if you want to keep your body free of diseases. A mind living in conflict cannot meditate. How can you know peace without meditation? How can you know joy without peace? So resolve or release the conflicts not carry them."

Be Well and Spread Wellness!

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Need More Talks Like Your TED Talk Lissa!

Your TEDxWomen talk, Lissa was one of the most overdue subjects of our time! My applause would have been deafening if I were in the audience that day.

Although, discussed and followed by some, it's amazing to me how many of us have tunnel vision when it comes to any one of the balanced rocks you point out.

Your talk was so well done, that I had to post it on my creativity blog, Creative Tempo, and I hope you keep going, keep creating and sharing.

Thank you for putting your healing energy toward helping others on such a grand scale!

Here's my post link: http://roxannevise.com/2011/12/health-creativity/

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"You shine and I am richer for it."

Teresa, you have no idea how healing it is for me to hear that. Seriously. I have this old core wound that says that if shine too bright, people will get jealous and then reject me. So bless you.

Yes, it's true. When each of us shines, we are all richer for it.
With love

Christi's picture

Lissa, My core wound doesn't

My core wound doesn't even allow a glimmer or I fee others will notice me and then reject me. We have lots ot work on. Thanks for sharing that insight.

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I am so glad that Randi Buckley shared your Tedx Video! Throughout your talk I simply kept nodding, kept feeling the root of understanding just what you are saying, kept celebrating your amazing smile and your wholeness.

You shine and I'm richer for it!

Hugs and butterflies,

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Just listened to your

Just listened to your empowering talk and it is spectacular.Your message & platform so aligns with my beliefs and what I share with my clients in my Health & Wellness Coaching Practice. When I physician comes up to the plate with a powerful, truthful, heartfelt message it make a huge impact and garners a limitless ripple effect. Thank you! I would love to hear you speak in person.
With Gratitude, Judy

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Thank you!

Thank you for speaking your truth! I was pre-med in college, and am so glad my life went in another direction. After herniating a disc a few years ago, one thing lead to the next, and I discovered Energy Work. I have learned that disease and illness first manifests in our body's energy field before it is seen in the physical body. And looking at the body's energy field incorporates everything you talked about (our relationships with ourselves and others, our connection to spirit, our ability to speak our truth, and more). I am currently working with a local psychic to develop my intuition further, and to learn more about healing at the energetic level (before it becomes disease).

I hope your spark catches fire and takes off in the medical community!

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I am crying after watching

I am crying after watching this, because you have touched that "true" place inside me, where one breathes a sign of relief, from the knowing that this really is it. All the outward searching we do, and yet it really is an inside job. Thank you for such a moving talk, I will take this and use it to help me maximize my health and live the best life possible. So looking forward to your book coming out!

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Not just for women

A fantastic speech that has such import for men, women, children and seniors. The truth doesn't just set you free, it minimizes your stress and reduces the anxiety you carry with you. It enable you to focus on life, rather than the little lies that have been carelessly thrown about. it enables you to live your best.

Lissa - well done.


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healing the heart

I am holding you in my heart as you heal your own.

You can do this. ONLY you can do this.

I believe in you....
With love

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I am in a process of living my new life, and Its because after 27 years of blaming my husband, parents ,the people that sexually molested me, decided to find a way to fix me in a way and start to see the "Begging"of where I want to be . Well this day I posted a message on facebook "Good Morning ,anybody know where I can go to get a new brain so as to replace my old one with a more logical one , your help will be greatly appreciated ......-/" and I am a subscriber to Louise Hays pages ,lord behold she post this page and I heard you ,and it resonated in my head because its me my life .MY tears started rolling ,it saddens me because it starts with me and ends with me,I am not good in explaining myself and cant be understood, learning to love me,enjoy being and artist in believing that I can do what I put my mind to and release that anger ,resentment and judging me and move on .Thank you for your truth , gratefully Carmen.

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