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The Most Important Financial Advice You’ll Ever Get (Overcoming Underearning Series - Part 3!)

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Overcoming Underearning

Welcome back to the Overcoming Underearning series, inspired by my friend Barbara Stanny’s book Overcoming Underearning: A 5 Step Plan To a Richer Life. Now that you’ve figured out whether you’re an underearner and determined whether you’re a doer or a dawdler, I want to share with you what Barbara believes is the single most important piece of financial advice you’ll ever receive.

When I read this piece of advice, something in my gut went “PLUNK” because it resonated so completely with me. In fact, it’s what my new e-course Get Out Of Your Own Way: Free Yourself From Fear and Worry And Leap Into Your Dreams is all about.

And I’m right in the throes of it in my personal and professional life right now. Reading this bit of wisdom served as big, fat validation for everything I’m feeling and everything my intuition tells me is true.

But before I tell you what it is, let’s back up a second.

How do you feel when you’re about to do something big -- really big?

If you’re anything like me, you instantly start to shrink, even if the really big thing is something you desperately want. Why do we do this? Because doing something really big usually commands change, and change -- even awesome change -- is some friggin’ scary ass shit. So the tendency is to back away and get small, because smallness, while small, feels safe.

So spill it, Lissa: What’s The Most Important Financial Advice You’ll Ever Get?

Barbara Stanny says, “The number one requirement for financial success (or success in anything for that matter) is simply this: you’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable.”

Anxiety, fear, worry, freaking out -- these are natural reactions to doing something big and the best thing you can do is embrace them. Learn to feel the discomfort and keep right on chugging. If you can’t make peace with the fear and worry, you’ll never be able to leap into the life of your dreams. You’ll choose to stay small, because small is comfortable.

When Barbara’s students say, “But Barbara, this is so hard,” she responds, “No, it’s not hard. It’s easy. But it’s uncomfortable.”

Bingo, sister. That’s right where I am right now. What I’m doing in my life isn’t hard. But it is SO uncomfortable! After a series of professional disappointments, I crumbled into tears and literally curled up into a ball. Why? To make myself small so I could feel safe. Expanding isn’t hard, it’s uncomfortable. So the temptation is to pull back right when I need to push forward. I must sit with the fear, notice the anxiety, feel the worry -- but avoid the temptation to let them rule me.

And so must you.

Do you want to overcome underearning? Do you want to double your income while changing the world? Make peace with discomfort. Then report back and let us know how it goes in the Owning Pink Community.

What do you think? Can you resist the temptation to make yourself too small? Can you push forward into the discomfort? Can you take and chance and make a Pleap (Pink leap of faith)?

I’m doing it, baby. And I know you can too.

Comfortable with being uncomfortable,


PS: Reminder that for more on how you can overcome underearning, get out of your own way, and leap into your dreams, sign up for the free Get Out Of Your Own Way mini e-course.

Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.com, Change Catalyst coach, motivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.



Lissa Rankin's picture

Yes, life IS embarrassing

Especially when we tell the truth!

But you know what- with the embarrassment comes the joy.
Yup. That I know for sure...

Elissa's picture

Life is embarassing

It's not that I would wish this for you Lissa, but it IS nice to hear that someone else feels so vulnerable putting themselves out there, so thanks for saying it.

I tell my teen daughter all the time, LIFE IS EMBARRASSING. It's not like avoiding embarrassment is possible, so forget factoring it into your decisions trying to avoid it.

When you keep putting yourself out there, feeling the embarrassment and repeatedly surviving it, you do get a lot more powerful.

But getting through it is mortifying. Mortifying!

catherine's picture


This is of course, coming at the perfect time! I am not wealthy that's for sure but I have some assets that I am grateful for. I am washing off my worry and fears about scarcity and my limited beliefs. It just feels right. I am taking the bull by the balls and getting over this resistance to having it all!! I know I can do this.
Thank you Thank you!!

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