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Today’s Prescription For The Soul – Neglect

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Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglect.
- William Shakespeare

To neglect one’s self is a sin and a purposeless act of destruction. No matter what others have done to you, you are worth loving. To abuse yourself while you care for other living things makes no sense.

You are a child of God, as we all are. Jesus, in the Gospel of Saint Thomas, said, “If you know who you are, you will become as I am.” Invest in loving yourself. Begin to see yourself in a new way. It may be uncomfortable at first if you have never experienced love. But you are worth loving; I can assure you of that. It is not about ego inflation, it is about your true sense of worth.

Soulution of the Day

Notice the ways in which you neglect yourself.
Then make a list of small steps you can take to begin to nurture yourself.

- Bernie


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Neglect is what we do often.

Neglect is what we do often. Your analysis is interesting. I do neglect myself but feel sorry later on. Thanks for sharing your thought on this.

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